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Did you know that 1/2 of the US men in the US have had or are expected to get cancer in their life? Or how about that 1 third of women are exposed to get it in there life as well.  Signing up to these will put you on a free Breast Cancer Fund mailing list you can unsubscribe to at any time.

Who knows about this? And is joining me? In making our products less toxic with few to no carcinogens in them.  I just received this today from the Campaign from the Safe Cosmetics newsletter, (Go to my resource post for the sign up link)  I recommend so highly. If you don’t get it, you really should.   Anyway, if you want to help be a super hero to so many, I recommend atleast checking this out!

Supporter, are you so passionate about cosmetics safety that you want to become an even more committed safe cosmetics activist? Then join us next Wednesday for a web chat to learn how to give the cosmetics industry a much-needed safety makeover!

What: Safe Cosmetics Activism, a fun, interactive web chat
When: Wednesday, May 21
3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern
Click here! Register today!

You’ve heard us say it a million times: We can’t shop our way out of this problem. It shouldn’t matter who you are, where you live, where you shop, or what you buy. Cosmetics and personal care products should be safe for everyone! Learn about toxic chemicals in cosmetics and the outrageous things companies say and do to justify their continued use of them! Whether you’re passionate about mobilizing your friends and neighbors, holding cosmetics companies accountable, or demanding elected officials overhaul cosmetics safety laws, this web chat will fire you up and inspire you to be an even more effective safe cosmetics superstar!

Twitter users: Live tweet your questions and comments using #safecosmetics!

You won’t want to miss this video!

An interview with Bruce Lourie, co-author of the new book TOXIN TOXOUT: Getting Harmful Chemicals Out of Our Bodies and Our World. Toxin Toxout gets in a lather over the use of toxic chemicals by the self-regulated $71 billion cosmetics industry, and takes a look at the companies and cosmetics makers working to fill the safe cosmetics void to satisfy a growing number of consumers who want greener personal care products.

It may be true that toxic chemicals are driving increased rates of serious disease such as breast and prostate cancer, but the solutions to the crisis are within our grasp. Our efforts have gotten major companies like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Avon and Walmart to eliminate toxic chemicals from their products and their inventories. Jurisdictions around the world are making progress to eliminate chemicals from different aspects of our lives, such as the FDA’s new study of the health effects of triclosan. And millions of consumers across the US are getting educated like never before.

Together, we’re cleaning up the beauty aisle!

Sarada, Margie, Janet, Jamie, Cindy and all of us at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics works to protect our health by securing the corporate, regulatory and legislative reforms necessary to eliminate dangerous chemicals from cosmetics and personal care products. Make a donation to support our efforts today!


Neurological and Environmental Toxins. *

Neurological issues and environmental effects from toxins have been studied for over 33 years. Here’s proof. (if your interested, I was 1 yrs old for the first conference) in the US on neurotoxicity. See the history of them here.   Download (No need to save)  and then look at pg 1-5. I promise it’s very easy to understand and not at all overwhelming.  I have added 1 paragraph on May 14th to the very bottom of this post ONLy. 

MCS however, has much more recently become a known and somewhat accepted diagnosis. Thanks (Unfortunately, in part due too the 911 tragedy in NYC) and the effected war veterans coming back from overseas.  There are people who obviously get it outside of those times/ experiences. However, they seam to be, very possibly, the minority. 

The first movie I recommend is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Life Altering Condition (go here watch thito access to versions and the digital documented versions of them)to you shows mostly MCS individuals who got it in one of those environments initially. The second is called, 

Homesick: Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.     

Which highlights those with it who got it from other means. The first movie,(Regardless of which length you choose) has any where from a couple to atleast a few professionals who work for those with MCS. Some of the professionals with it have it also, but, not most. The Homesick movie shows 1 researcher, and no other professionals. How better to learn about a condition then through those who live with it day in and day out?  Also, the 2nd movie highlights how architecture and where you live can make a difference. 

  The first movie highlights more how fragrances effect those with this moderate to severe allergic or environmental MCS reaction to chemicals.  If you have the time, I’d watch the full 1 hr and 10 minute version. Even if you have to watch it broken up in smaller timed chunks. When I did this I hit pause/ stop. Then I’d go do my laundry or cook dinner and then came back too it not to much later. I did NOT close my browser and stop it. If your watching the free version of this I don’t recommend closing the window and coming back to it, anouther day for example.  I only watched the free version thus far. If you can’t, watch the shorter version (I haven’t seen those yet). / read the digital documents. Reviewing with the documents after watching any version of the video, can also be useful too.

    I don’t have MCS, but, I’m very glad I saw the videos I have. 

    Newer ad to this post – the 911 movies good but, I like the top two above much better. The 911 one is free and can be found on utube/ or the first MCS movie link page above. I saw it a couple weeks ago. But, just now decided to add here. 


PSD people verse NT’s

This site is NOT present to cure anyone. But, after reading this post, can you see the problem here? And for once, folks with PSD aren’t part of it. Here’s some of the truth behind most people’s sensitivities verses those with sensory issues. No matter what causes there sensory issues. This site is NOT for the NT’s with the below mindset either. 

PSD people

The tiniest molecule of something they can’t have can be A MAJOR problem. 

Diversity is far less preferred if at all encouraged in certain ways. 

Being healthy is our priority.

The rules and expectations for PSD folks and sensitivities are often different then an NT’S. 

Toxic ingrediants are nearly everywhere.  


Everyone else 

They might not like it (If they notice), but, if it’s not a universal toxin (known to be or not), it won’t be an issue for them. 

Who said trying something new will make me sick?! I can handle ANYTHING in moderation! Want to test that? I didn’t think so! 

Fitting in is our manual to prioritize. 

Then we’d never have anything in common with folks with sensory issues.  And wouldn’t that be ridiculous! 

Toxic ingrediants?! You mean the FDA or government has no laws preventing my products to be healthy?! Really?! That’s pretty hard to believe. Check my resource section.  You’ll be disappointed, I promise.! 

Note- Number 4 under PSD people here is an example,  I can eat cooked asparagus just fine. It gives me no sensory issues or any other bad reactions. But, I don’t like it.  For people with certain food, smell, or touch sensory issues more likely then not. If they can’t eat something or wear it. It is most likely a sensory issue. Regardless of if they have roscia, excema, ASD, or anything else. But, sometimes (Although, it can be rare, it’s a preference, just like anyone else could have.) Many with PSD (Especially when young) won’t know the difference. 

  Also, if something’s normal for most people but, it’s uncomfortable and not a common enough feeling for someone with PSD. (Or anyone for that matter) can and often will associate the new reaction as bad because it’s not accurately processed or recognized as good or okay. Please see anouther post for an example of this and textures in edible form. 


The Importance of Understanding Food Labels

Below you will find a link to an intelligent comic. The comics are created buy Dan Berger. With the ideas and written explanation buy Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger”. For the most part these can be understood by most teens and adult Aspie’s. Along with others. I say Aspies cause jokes and comics aren’t always well understood buy this population,  especially. But, these are different. Partly because, the majority of them have articles beneath them.  Mike Adams is a non-traditional doctor/ health researcher, So, take some of what he says with a grain of salt. I don’t support everything he says. However, this comic, I particularly love and it’s defiantly sensory educational! I hope you like it as much as I do! In the future,  I’ll share a few more of this sites comics. This comic is called “Honest Food Labels!” Possibly, my favorite comic on this site. 


 Natural News

Canadians Organic Lies

According to this Canadian women with EI today’s Canadian Environmental Sensitivities Day in Quebec! Pretty cool, right? They even have in Quebec an EI conference about EI illnesses today. More women have it then men buy the way. ( But, in the videos I recommend they show a good mix of both sexe’s with it. Sadly (and inexcusable if you ask me, as of of Jan 2014 she also found out that 50% Canadians organic groceries aren’t really all organic.  But, those companies and farmers reap the benifits of getting to label their grocery ingrediants as such! How awful is that!? 

   Here is the link to her blog. Talking briefly about that, and other MCS and EI concerns. I’m so glad, I don’t live there! I live in the US.

Environmental Illnesses and MCS

 Do you know which diagnoses has 33 million people with it in the US alone? Did you know that that’s way more than the population of people in at least a few states?  The diagnosis’s are Environmental Illnesses (EI),  and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). 

  I’m sure many of you’ve heard of autism and autism awareness month which just ended in April.  You may know with that diagnosis and other neurological or neorobiological diagnoses with sensory issues,  there is very often environmental triggers that are identical to those with MCS. The same is true, comparing some of our symptoms as well.  The cure, when possible, sometimes is the same as those who have MCS or EI . Therefore, those with MCS and EI have and will help even more, society, to accept our sensory needs better. 

If you do not now what environmental illnesses are or how they can effect those with it. You will soon, if you read my posts, some of what I link you too, and watch atleast 1, if not more, of the videos that I HIghly recommend, and have seen. Thus far, two are free with digital documents read options, and the other is 3$ to rent digitally for a week on amazon. However, all three are able to be purchased as well for non digital copies.  EI and MCS have there own awareness month too! It’s in May, this Month! . And many of the sensory issues people have with MCS, need the same or similar accomodation that someone with ASD, Asperger’s, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Lymphoma, Leukemia, and certain other environmental issues would.  

   Although, many with ASD,  Aspergers, dyspraxia and ADHD do have many negative environmental triggers, that cause some of our issues. We do not have an environmental illness. However, someone with any of those non EI diagnosis’s can get an environmental illness from environmental dangerous exposures. And some with any of the above neurological and neurobiological conditions are more susceptible or likely to get MCS as well. However, there are numerous individuals (And they are the only ones shown in the videos) who never had any other diagnoses prior to getting MCS or EI.  

   There are several environmental illnesses, some are the following, MCS, altimers, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction System, Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Multiple Sclerosis.  Buy the way,  Leukemia and Lymphoma are cancers, that numerous people all over the world have died from. Some types of Lymphoma, now, have cures. But, you have to survive them, and afford them. Which are a fortune with and without health insurance. Not to mention, not get another cancer, from it’s treatment, later on in life.   

I’ll post more about these issues mostly this month.

Environmental Illness Conference’s For the one in CANADA happening today. 

Coming up this summer there is one on July 7-10th in Las Vegas, Nevada. This one is an annual conference and isn’t likely in the same location every year.  For this one there are a variety of full scholarships available. The scholarships cover the conference a small spending money stipend. Most don’t seam to cover the hotel, travel expenses, and possibly some spending money.

More info about this international conference can be found here !

Around that time they also have a seperate training time block for students in the EI field and it’s surrounding career areas. Sadly, I can’t afford to attend anything like this . Even if on a full scholarship.

Scholarship info can be found here, for this upcoming conference-

A US EI conference in 2009 conference called “Healthy People in a Healthy Environment” in Atlanta Georgia. Done buy. the CDC ( Center of Disease Control) had a count of 1,30O nationally recognized attendees. Wow! To see the type of workshop detail they covered go here.

This one was last year in Mass. In the US. I show you past ones, partly, to help you see that environmental health is a huge and real topic, so, you can see the importance of these problems. And to help you find future ones if you can attend them, and they might apply to you, or those around you. Their are others. But, I highly recommend you look at the details of each before signing up. Not all of them will be at your level of understanding, or cover the exact smaller area within environmental health concerns that you may need to know more about.

I have not yet attended any of these.



Free Gut Health Webinar May 13th in the evening

First off, if your a Mother, happy Mother’s Day. If your not, don’t forget to tell your mom! 

I’m part of an online gluten free school for you all. (As you may know, I can eat Gluten!) Today, I got the following e-mail from Jennifer. Who’s a major gluten free speaker and an author!  I haven’t yet read her book yet. But, I have read her website, and have heard her speak. She’s a good speaker. And the boss of this Gluten Free school. She’s gluten free, herself! She’s spoken for Julie Matthews atleast a couple times. (Which is how I first discovered her this yr for you all). If you want to no more about Julie go to my resource post or anouther about her recent webinar. 

  Her friends who are leading this webinar, I unfortunetly haven’t heard speak before. So, I will be joining the webinar or hearing it’s replay. If you are gluten free, have certain digestive issues, like Celiac Disease, or certain immune diseases. Or your close to someone who has these sorts of issues. I recommend you sign up.If it is really good, I guarantee you’ll be hearing about what I think about there work. 

  If you listen to it, I’d love a comment of what you think in the comments section!  And if many of you aren’t interested in this sorta thing. Feel free to share that too, and why. Does it not apply to you, for example? 

E-mail starts below! 

First… Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

Now… I get a lot of emails about Leaky Gut Syndrome and my articles about the gut consistency have the highest traffic… so I know this topic is very important to our community.
If you’re curious whether or not you have leaky gut and how to heal it, I’ve got some really cool news to share with you.

My friends Jordan and Steve, who’ve been helping others with this condition for several years, are hosting a free presentation on Leaky Gut.

Since I’ll also be tuning in, I wanted to tell you about it too. It’s called “How to Heal A Leaky Gut” and they’ll discuss:

Your top leaky gut risk factors (that could explain why your gut won’t heal)
19 Common Leaky Gut Triggers to Avoid
The 3 Step Proven Approach to Healing a Leaky Gut
They’re also going to share 2 live ‘Hot Seat’ case reviews from people who are on the call.


What: Free Webinar Presentation “How to Solve Your Leaky Gut”

When: Tuesday May 13th at 9:00PM EST

Where: Register to attend here

Cost: Free to attend

To join me and attend the free “How to Solve Your Leaky Gut” presentation sign up at the link below.


Have a lovely day!!!


PS – Yes the webinar will be recorded. But you’ll want to attend live to be able to interact with other attendees and ask the guys questions in real time. Go and get signed up for the free event here:

100 W. Fornance St., Norristown, PA, 19401, USA

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“Could a Widespread Fragrance Ban Happen?”

Thanks to a variety of allergies and issues one may have with scents, fragrances, and chemicals. It seems some public places are starting to try to accommodate us. Until very recently,  I didn’t know that the public banned scents and fragrances anywhere (Except at 2 week long adult Autism conference’s for mainly if not solely only for those with it). Did you know that before now? I think it’s great for those with ASD who are effected buy it (Including myself), SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), ADHD, allergies, and all the other types of sensory issues one may have. In some ways it’s great for those without it too. Due to the toxins and other dangerous additives and ingrediants even those without the issues would otherwise be exposed too. However, we both know, there’s almost no truly fragrance free and unscented products out their. And I’m certain those in those banned areas. Few, if any use the few products I will recommend in my book. Or the ones I don’t, that fit that bill. So, although less fragrance is better then more. I highly doubt, especially with how many benifit from certain aspects of scents. That society will ever be trully fragrance free and unscented. There in nearly everything, and I think there’s no way to be 100% free of them anywhere. Even if everyone did only use the products I know of that fit that bill.  What do you think? These articles consider this, or state places that are now trying to enforce this. Atleast if your in them, and they need too.

Even Canada has something to say about this. I like that this addresses plants and trees too!

Here is what some NT’s think of this last linked article. I’d love to see your comments to this post. Also, scroll down a bit on the below link to get to the better comments.


These aren’t the only links I found addressing this. However, that’s enough articles for 1 post.   Hope you find this useful. 

The Sickening Truth of Cosmetics

Some of what I’m going to say in this post is extremely disturbing. I feel uncomfortable even stating it. But, will be relieved once it’s out. So, if your having a bad day you MiGht want to come back to it. However, it’s all ( for better or for wOrSe) life changing info too.  

Let’s cut to the chase. Their is less then 1 % of cosmetics that are not toxic and completely sensory friendly, that actually work in the way they claim too. Don’t worry I know them. ! 🙂 The bad news is there are 0 products sold in the US and that I’ve found sold elsewhere ( that means there could be a product avail for example in China that fits this, but, I have no knowledge of it- and I highly doubt it) that is completely sensory friendly and NON toxic completely in every ESSENTIAL cosmetic and household cleaner type. Yes, I’ve looked at cosmetics sold in other countries. Via the internet. And no, English is my ownly fluent language.  The same might likely be true for laundry cleaners. I’ll remind myself of this soon and get back to you with the results if it is actually different in that product area. 

   To make things even worse, many cosmetics that aren’t known to be used to kill acne, prevent it, exfoliate (2 of the harshest cosmetic categories below), or keep you safe in the wilderness, have harsh household ingrediants in them at times, or main ingrediants that are used in any or any combo of those 4 other categories.  Do you really want an ingrediant from your bug spray for example in your moisturizer!? I surely don’t! Need a hug yet!? I do! 

    What does this mean? 

That means, in some of the essential categories below. What is possible, and I will do this in my book. (Among a lot of other things too) Will be recommending products that if they aren’t free of them completely. They will have at most, hopefully only a couple of them. ( I already know all the products, and have already studied all the ingrediant labels). They will all be the most current, healthiest, super sensitive, cosmetic products,  sold in the US.  This should go without saying but, it also means that I have used atleast once, everything I will recommend minus a couple at most. And that NONE ( except for 1/2 and there very mild reactions) of them give me any known sensory problems. And remember, I have numerous very serious sensory issues. I CAN guarantee to you, atleast that.

Essential Cosmetic/drugs types in my mind are the following

Soap/  body washes. 




Hair dryer 

Sunscreen/ sunblock 

Baby products diapers baby wipes pacifiers etc. 


Outdoor Protection products like bug spray 

Acne killers and protection from it. 

Non- essential cosmetics are the following 

Most, possibly all Nail care         

Serums                 Sprays                        Hair coloring products 

Toners.           Uncomfortable headbands     Taning lotion 

Gels          Some hair dryers            Perfumes             Cologne         

Scented clothing, particularly spa socks         Scented beauty masks