Anxiety Summit, second helping

Trudy Scott is hosting her 2nd, FREE, online Summit coming up September 3rd-16 th 2014. She is a food, mood expert, and a nutritionist. She also, has Pyroluria. Certain supplement, and life style choices,  help tremendously those with ASD/ Certain ADHD types (Please see my other post on my other blog to know which types), and all of society.  Especially with sensory issues. Or things surrounding it. Like your mood.  I listened to her entire first Anxiety Summit. Infact, I bought it!  This time, she’s actually lowering the number of speakers, and giving you an additional 24 hrs to hear each set of speakers. Which means every two days or so you will have the option to hear a new set of speakers! One of whom, is Julie Matthew’s, her old boss!  Check it out here!

VS News for ALL Ladies

Have you heard Victoria’s Secret, an internationally famous female store, online and in there catalog are discontinuing many of their merchandise types? Due to sensory issues, and sizing, this might become a problem for me. Do you know how generous there clearance prices can be? To be honest, I was only going to mention VS and clothing in the book on Sensory issues I’m writing. And although I still will address this in the book in far more detail with other retail suggestions, ect. This forces me to talk a little about it now.   

   My latest purchase on there which is a repeat purchase (Which I highly recommend in there bone or black color especially. ) Is there VS skinny belt, that comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect sensory friendly belt!  Mine are all in black. It’s in there sale/ clearance section and is now discontinued. So, if you need one. Get it, before it’s gone. I have 3 now! 🙂 The bone color wasn’t avail. in my size. Once it went on clearance. 

   I’m somewhat saddened by this transition, because I’ve found VS to be pretty reliable to provide me with some of my clothing, and a belt. And I’m super picky when it comes to belts. And somewhat picky on clothing. And actually need and can wear low cut pant styles only. I also have a slightly long torso and slightly long arms, so the combo requires longer fitted tops, that are affordable and meet my other sensory requirements.  Not to mention, I’m an EX Small (Especially in tops) which is hard to find in other retailers. 




Invisible Disabilities week starts tomorrow!

Don’t you hate how your PSD, MCS, Lyme disease, or ASD even can be invisible?   I mean yes. We don’t need to announce to everyone we have it. But, if we did. Over time,  don’t you think due to my awareness there might be a more accommodation built in to today’s society? I’d hate wearing a sign. But, look at those in wheelchairs. There are many more ramps now because of there visible difference. Yes? And that physical difference is therefore then more cared for. And more attention is put to that need. I get it’s also cause the accommodation is more simple. But, we won’t get into that now. Anyway, learn more about the week here INVISIBLE DISABILITIES week.


Synesthesia is a rare sensory issue that very few of us with ASD have. However, along with being a psychology trained Aspie, Wendy Carson. Does. To be, perfectly honest,  Out of all the sensory issues one may have, this is the one I know the least about. So, after I heard this on this utube video, I was relieved someone with it actually could describe it to you, better then I.  So, if you wish to learn more, click here.  Seeing the World Differently: an Asperger’s Experience Cause, I certainly don’t have this! Thank goodness! 

It’s Domestic Violence month updated

  And if your a women on the spectrum you know how vulnerable we can be. Don’t we? I wanted to share this since this is the reality of the month and that I acknowledge it. Unfortunately, I have way to much on my plate right now to address it. But, next year, I promise to try to. When I should have more time to focus on it then.  I want to really give it the proper attention, it unfortunately DOSEN’T deserve?! Lol. Get it?  (Feel free to comment if your an Aspie if you think I should re-word that last part, I won’t be offended, I promise. But, I’ll go with the majority/ my gut instinct too)  But seriously, I haven’t forgotten about us. 

    I hope you all stay safe. I know how hard that can be, trust me on that at least. Okay? 


   Take Care, 


Sensory Overload Experience

       I’ve been encouraged, (And am excited to share this finally with you all!) at least a few times, mainly buy Aspies if not solely buy them – to share this. Every time I remembered to post it I would loose the link and forget how to find it again. Lol.! Can you ADHD’s or Aspies relate to that? Yea, I thought so! Sensory Overload link

     Although, this video displays an experience many of us have and is very real. All Aspies, despite their willingness to admit it.   Experience sensory overload. Understanding this, and that our overloads aren’t always displayed or experienced exactly this way. No matter how there experienced our Sensory Overloads can be just as painful, if not more so. Then this boy is in the video.   

     A sensory overload experience is uncomparable to most NT experience’s. And as shown (sorta). How we cope with it needs to differ too. Even if, how it’s presented, is somewhat differently or via different triggers, then the boy in this video.  

   Buy the way, the video highlights excellently some of our traditional sensory triggers. The thing is, some of us have gained coping mechanisms/skills (ect.) that make these experiences reduced if not diminished, often. I’m not saying these coping mechanisms make the situation great for us, but, there a big help.  This is EXACTLY what I’m writing my Sensory Solutions book, about. 

    This is a GREAT example of content shared with me, to share with the world. If any of you have,  or know of anymore. PLEASE E-MAIL me or have the owner of it due so, at or share it with me with a private message allowing me to post it on Facebook. I can’t promise to share everything or at a specific speed. Especially on the blogs, So, if the speed is required and not obvious please tell me this in your message. However, I’ll certainly respond to ALL your e-mails and keep you up to date, if I post it.  And off course, I’ll appreciate all of your efforts too! 

    Like always, feel free to ask any questions or comments below.  I love reading and replying. I especially like to know what you all LOVE, verse find just okay.

I hope this helps spread awareness/ make you feel less alone.

Sensory Overload, Vimeo Styled video!


Inside Asperger’s Looking Out

My top Sensory/PSD/ASD book is called, “Inside Asperger’s Looking Out”  but, can you guess from my last two book recommendations from my other blog who is the author of this book? If you guessed Kathy Hoopman, you’re right! Your so smart ! If not, no worries! 

    This is great for all ages and types of people. Except maybe your boss,  co-workers, or future potential employers.  This is a MUST read for anyone who is considering to accept they have it, to friends and family that support them.  To dates and boyfriends to help them get you in a POSITIVE but, realistic manner.  This book, along with the listed one below, are great at explaining what you have to other’s. I honestly, don’t understand, why it’s not a Bestseller like Kathy Hoopman’s,  “All Cat’s Have Asperger’s” book. These two are the ONLY ASD books, I bring on 1 of my first couple dates, so we can read them together, or I’ll read it to the guy. There always a big hit with everyone who I tell this too! Who share with me or a group what they think after buying it. And I’ve shared these recommendations to many others as well.   I only have 1 more ASD essential reading book to recommend that is of a generally considered broad ASD topic in my mind. I’ll share that one next month. Likely, on my other blog. 


    Please share like always, in the comments section what you think of any of my book recommendations, how they helped you, or anyone you bought any for. ( With there permission, off course! ) I’d love to hear about it! And I’m sure I’m not the only one.  However, please make sure if you comment after a post.  Make sure the book(s) you comment in,  are for the same diagnostic population as those the book was initially made for.   Thanks!


  Enjoy it! Take care. 

Organics Consumer’s Association e-mail

I received this email today. Please help if you CAN ASAP. Then tell everyone else you know who might too. If you don’t, those who don’t eat organic. May die even FASTER. Follow the guidelines below/ or do your own research. 




Tell President Obama: Stop the Toxic Madness!

Dear Readers,

Any day now, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is expected to approved Dow’s Enlist Duo, a highly toxic herbicide made from a combination of glyphosate (the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup) and 2,4-D (one of the chemicals used to make Agent Orange).

The herbicide is designed to be sprayed on Dow’s new Enlist-brand GMO corn and soy crops, which were recently approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)—despite more than 500,000 public comments, a letter signed by 60 Members of Congress, and letters from medical professionals and scientists asking the agency to reject the crops.

The USDA and the EPA have failed us. It’s time for President Obama to step in. Please send a letter to President Obama and ask him to stop the toxic madness!

After you send your letter, please take a moment to call the White House hotline at 202.456.1111 and leave a message. You can say something like:

“I’m calling to urge President Obama to stop the approval of Dow’s “Enlist Duo” herbicide and reverse USDA’s approval of 2,4-D-resistant corn and soybeans. Enlist Duo contains 2,4-D, a chemical that has been linked to cancer, Parkinson’s disease, endocrine disruption, and reproductive problems, and glyphosate, the focus of multiple recent studies linking the toxin to a host of illnesses. Please protect our health, and the health of the environment, by rejecting Dow’s latest request to escalate the use of this bee-killing pesticide.”

The USDA admits that if the new crops are approved, the annual use of 2,4-D would jump from 26 million pounds to 176 million pounds.

Independent scientists predict the spike in the use of 2,4-D would be even more dramatic.

The proliferation of Roundup Ready crops caused a 527-million-pound increase in the use of glyphosate in the first 16 years, between 1996 and 2011. If farmers start growing Dow’s Enlist brand corn and soy, experts estimate the use of 2,4-D could increase by up to 50 times.

Please ask President Obama to stop the toxic madness!

Thanks for taking action!

-Katherine for the OCA team