SPD commute in NYC!

    Rachel Simone is the admin of the best SPD adults who have it support group on Facebook. She has it too off course. But, unlike me, she doesn’t have ASD or ADHD. But, for this utube video she shared today (And she knows I’m sharing it here too, off course) the fact that we both have SPD is enough.  According to recent research.  (see spdfoundation.net/otherdisorders.html) Most people with ASD have SPD. However, most with SPD DON’T have ASD. 

  As you should know, some with ADHD have SPD. But, she doesn’t have that either. Which is living proof you don’t need either to have SPD. 

   Anyway. I like her SPD experience’s demo- so, you can get a better taste of what life with it is like. I recommend watching it atleast twice. Especially if you are different. However, if you have SPD, make sure your ready for about a 5 minute commute, in one bustling, major city! And for you. Turn the sound slightly down.

   Do, I relate to her experience? Somewhat. Do I understand it in a very real way. Yes. But, the details for that, is for anouther time.   And my next post will have a link to her blog! Which is all about SPD research and stories.  

Allergic Living, US and Canada only IMPROVED

For a limited time, Allergic Living Magazine is offering year and two year gift subscriptions for there best rate yet! . The special rate is only available this month. Each year they publish 4 magazines. This is the ONLY SPD/ Environmental Illness, somewhat related magazine, I’m currently highly considering a renewal for at the moment. And the GF and More Food Sensitivities mag. I’m NOT renewing.

I’m looking to renew Allergic Living Mag. now, not only due to the holidays/ great temporary discount, if I can get it gifted to me. It’s also do to the fact that when I called them. And suggested improvements, and told them I wanted to cancel my subscription. Among other info. They not only changed my mind to try it longer, they promised they’d incorporate my suggestions into there future magazines immediately. And after recently getting there latest one. (The first one published that was created after our discussion) thus far, they have delivered some on that promise! Do you know how hard it is to change my mind and please me sometimes? This one, being some of those times.

However, I must say, most magazines I’m not that found of. And I’ve tried SEVERAL in different categories. Regardless of there topics. I also should say, that a lot of the info found in magazines (With a few exceptions at most) repeat tons of info you can find elsewhere, or info you can come up with not too much difficultly on your own. A lot of which, can be accessed for FREE.

But, back to this magazine. Their single, listed, issue price is 5.95 each. There CURRENT normal prices for subscriptions are, 19.99 for 1 yr, and 29.99 for two years, 8 issues. As a gift you can give it or receive a 2 yr subscription for about 27.$ and a 1 yr for about 18$ normally. This is in US currency only. However, for a limited time you can gift give or receive it for 19.99 for two years or 14.99 for 1 year. Which is atleast 50% off when purchasing the two yr plan! The two yr plan is 2.50 per issue which is under there production costs to make and send you each magazine. The 1 year discounted cost is a little under 3.50 an issue with tax. See the description below in the link below for more details. This is one of a very small number of magazines (That I can tell) sold in the US, that address MCS/ mold issues sometimes. I’d love for some of you effected buy MCS who subscribe, to contact there editor to include more about these issues in any of there magazines. However, before doing so, you need to learn first what they have already covered along those lines. But, you probably knew that. Now didn’t you?

The only other way to access this magazine is buying it before they sell out. At certain Whole Foods across the country and possibly in Canada. However, they price it above 5$ a magazine.

Best price for allergy magazine

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Check my other blog

Today I posted 2 posts on my other blog some of you may be interested in. The first post on my other blog is about a book that helps parents with sp. Needs kids. It’s free to a couple dollars but, for a limited time. Tip, Julie’s other book is also Kindle avail. And available via the Amazons new, Kindle reading program now two!

The 2nd post was for a GI, Celiacs, live or recorded event hosted tonight online for Americans and Canadians, that must be paid in for in US or Canadian currency for 5$. However, if you know when to get free knowledge of this ( Like via Tom in the present Free online Origins conference) , are beyond the basics, or can’t attend this. I wouldn’t worry to much about it.

That blog is disabilityadvocate1.com

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MCS Online Support Group, Research Survey

Do you have, or know of anyone with Multiple Chemical Syndrome who has been part of ANY online support group(s)? Or someone with issues with wireless signals, electro magnetic data? Or who has a metal sensitivity? If not, are you in a support group that supports anyone online with these issues? If you are, then your help (Buy completing a maybe 10-20 minute survey.) Could contribute to further help, the professionals, find answers for these communities. Or atleast help them understand your supports. Your personal info will of course be kept confidential. You may also, find ways to improve your condition as well! Wouldn’t that be AWESOME!?

I took it yesterday. After, you start it, your allowed to skip any uncomfortable questions, or pause it, to complete it later.

Doctor Tarryn Phillips, from La Trobe University ( A major university throughout Australia). conducts this study. And (His ?) contact info can be found via the article on Planet Thrive and via the intro of the following link. Which is a link to the survey you or your friend or loved one can check out, and participate in.


Resource for this post came from-

I found this, under articles, on the Planet Thrive website. I found the Planet Thrive website linked from a website found from a post, from an admin, in my Fragrance Free group on Facebook.

PS. I checked out the University’s website. They have some interesting looking programs indeed.

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Glyphosate herbicide is IN ORGANIC

Organic is not always safe. This is hot off the press, atleast exposing those in the US who eat it. And was found thanks to one of my Fragrance Free Facebook group posts today.

I’m sorry, but, if I write amazing posts for everything, I’ll shut down and get nearly nothing else done. Theirs just way to much, coming in way to quickly. All the time. For me to do that. Not to mention this blog would literally, quickly, become several hundred pages or posts long. Or both. So, just read at least the first two articles at this URL. As it is, I have to limit a lot of resources to everyone, just to not overwhelm anyone.


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Keep Non GMO labeling in the US

In the US, this Tuesday/ Wednesday numerous buses all over the country are traveling to the DC area for free, filled with US citizens, hoping to convince congress and the capital to keep Non GMO labeling on our grocery products all over the country. Isn’t outrageous that the countries government would even consider abolishing this? ! It is! If you want to learn more check out the organic site ASAP. And follow the directions on what to do on their. Or wait for a better post on me about it. But, no promises it will be posted shortly. http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50865/p/salsa/event/common/public/?event_KEY=80143

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Victoria Secret Reminder UPDATED

It’s the LAST DAY to get for free, or from Victoria Secret purchases, via catalog, an in person store, or online, any Secret REWARDS that I spoke about in a prior post last month. Shopping at there outlet stores WON’t GET YOU ANY REWARD. Nore will you be able to use your reward at a Victoria Secret Outlet. Which now equals 10$, 50$, 100$, or 500$, of Free VS money to spend on WHATEVER you want. And like I previously mentioned. After this year, they’ll be far less desirable to have. Since they are seriously reducing there product lines, and to far less sensory friendly and ideal merchandise.

Additional sweepstake opportunities are still available through December 19th, however without the right smart phone they maybe more difficult, to obtain. Remember, this is only for US, Puerto Rico, and most Canadians (Minus Quebec) . When I went to the following address my registration wasn’t properly processed. So, I called and spoke to an agent. Who processed my registration. You may be put on hold briefly to get an agent. To register for these sweepstakes without an iPhone, go to,


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“Sensory Treat” for kids with SPD and who have an Occupational Therapist

For optimal reduction of some sensory issues, you (The parent) and the young child with SPD. Should work with an Occupational therapist, and possibly a physical therapist too. I recently found a new app created buy OT’s, that is recommended obviously by occupational therapists to parents with young children in Sensory Integration Therapy, who are on a Sensory Diet. Those who are looking for an OT are more then welcome as well. However, the apple app hasn’t yet gotten there directory of OT’s available yet.

The app is free to download. The costs of the app, (which are not included in the Apple, App Store, description) required after your 1 week free trial, are 15$ for 3 months, 30$ for 6 months and 36$ for 12 months all rounded to the nearest dollar. The app has very limited access, on a free trial. I’ll let you check it out via the Apple App Store (or Google Play Store) for yourself, The various activity categories have one therapeutic activity, unlocked, each- during your trial. The categories are vestibular, oral, heavy work, jumping, deep pressure, and make your own. Except for the create your own category off course. However, on the trial you can only access one preset activity, that is the first one listed, in each category. So, even on a free trial you can’t see the full use capabilities of the app. I downloaded it for you all. But, obviously won’t be using it, or paying for it. So, I can’t really recommend it, just inform you of it’s presence.

In the Apple Store it’s called “Sensory Treat”, in the Google play App Store, it’s called, “Sensory Integration Therapy.”

If you know enough about SPD, or have read enough of this blog. You’d know the app above, isn’t covering all the areas those with Sensory issues may, and often, struggle with. This supports, that even OT’s don’t have all the answers either. However, I hope, with both the support from me (If you choose to accept it) , an OT, (If that’s an option for your child), and certain other professionals/ parents/ advocates/services. That in the future, all the areas will be covered and assisted to there max. Creating the healthiest, and happiest environment, for as many people, as possible.

If you use this app, after trying it for awhile I, and I’m sure, other readers would LOVE a review of it, ( good or bad, but, fair regardless) in the comments section below. Not just in the App Store of your choice.

Watch “Toxic Hot Seat” documentary FOR FREE

In the beginning of this past August I posted, to give you all a heads up, about a documentary that looks very good, but, off topic, called, “Toxic Hot Seat”. It is about the dangers of flame retardants in the US. In my previous post called “Movie, “Toxic Hot Seat”” I link you to the documentaries website, which remains to still have it’s trailer, among other things. I will be editing that post title to say documentary soon. There is also a very brief trailer on u tube (slightly over 2 mins to be exact) along with a 10 minute and 25 second, Filmmakers Q and A session on u tube about the documentary. Last August, I didn’t know how anyone, including me, could see the movie, realistically.