Going to plays with SPD.

Some theater performances, and specific matinee movie showings are now specifically trying to cater to those with Sensory Processing Disorder.  Some of whom may be patrons with ADHD or Down Syndrome too. But, do you know how? And would there allowances and accommodations best suite you? Or inconvenience you?

   This means the following.

The lights are on

The volume is low or lower.

Standing up and making noise during the film or play is allowed. 

Leaving the theater early is permitted and so is exiting the seated area for a break. Before you return back to your seats.

Therefore, going to a sensory theater production is different. I for one, typically prefer the non sensory friendly versions ( most of the time). And yes, I’ve tried a sensory friendly play before. I only tried it for the experience and the play not cause I needed the accomodation that time.

However, one time I went to the normal viewing of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” on Broadway. The first play Broadway level play to my knowledge, focused on Asperger’s. It had a sensory friendly couple of performances too. And sadly my sensory issue with air conditioner seriously dampened my experience. The AC was on WAY TO High (Especially for the fall in NYC) . And I was SO cold. It put me to sleep through out a good amount of the show ūüôĀ .

In two or three other plays I’ve gone too none of which had sensory friendly performances. There was smoke used for effects/ 1/ more actor smoked cigarettes on stage. In all cases. The smoke made my SPD symptoms react. And I remember in 1 case I got light headed and nearly passed out. Theaters need to tell audiences even for regular performances when’s scents, fragrances, and smoke will be used in the production or cleaned areas of there theaters. Example; the ladies bathroom.

Which proves Sensory friendly accomodation differences need to be expanded upon. And also, companies and theaters need to be aware of ways to ALWAYS make their customers happy. Many NT’s commented to the ushers that they need to turn the AC down/ off. Prior to the play starting. Then some of the NT’s went home and back before the play started to get their down vests and fleeces. It was NOT even hot outside. Geez Louis !

Here’s a URL to a New York Times Article about the Sensory Friendly version of the play, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”. That came from a classic, best selling, book written buy an ASD author, who wrote under the same title, “The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time.”


Here’s an article from the NY Times about the Loin Kings Sensory friendly play on Broadway.


A few more more Sensory Friendly performances that you can verify on utube

The Big Apple Circus
The Nutcracker
The Blue Man Group in Las Vegas
Havana Hop, at Playhouse Square

This post is buy no means a complete list of Sensory friendly plays.


SPD and SID myths

Sensory Processing Disorder/ Sensory Integration disorder myths and truths. Keep in mind. These are SPD and SID specific except for the second. So, we can obviously have other diagnosis’s too. 

 We very likely have food sensitivities (Which are medically routed). But, we defiantly DON’T have Eating Disorders. 

We don’t have empathy. (This is actually an ASD myth) That doesn’t mean we know how or when to express the empathy appropriately, that we feel it like an NT, or that we seam to have it when we should. 

We may be depressed, but, it’s core routes on why, and representation differ frequently. 

Our structure, need to be right, and critical nature,  aren’t mood related or negative based. At ALL. 

We have allergies. Well, we could have them too. Our avoidance or negative reactions to things AREN’T allergies at all. 


Corn and GF Meds

¬† ¬†Although this is rare. I’m pretty sick, yesterday both on and off anti-nausea meds I threw up 11 times. And the anti nausea meds provided at a clinic, were given through an IV. Yesterday, most of my day was at an urgent care clinic. Which is kinda like a small ER. Without 24 hr service. And isn’t connected to a hospital. This clinic, has a very small bed for all their patients. And off course fluorescent lighting, they just HAD to keep on. ¬†I was so glad my light sensitivity wasn’t significantly effected buy it.¬†

¬† ¬†Anyway, I have a stomach bug. With added excruciating sharp belly pain which till today, wasn’t given any meds that help that. ¬†That started Friday night. I’ve been in bed most of today. ¬†And pedialyte unflavored is my only drink option, for now.¬†

¬† ¬† Anyway, I have a rice intolerance, am GF, and have recently developed a corn intolerance. Sadly, Tylenol (which most are GF) aren’t rice or corn free. My mother is trying to get me not care about if foods or meds have any of my intolerances in them. Which off course, isn’t helping.¬†

¬† ¬†So, since some of us are GF, and corn free. I found this link to find meds we can take. I haven’t checked out her GF Meds link. ¬†But, she has one on this page.¬†

Meds that are free of gluten and corn

Synesthesia “An Eyeful of Sound” from the Spectrum blog

This film about Synesthesia is called “An Eyeful of Sound”.¬†

An Eyeful of Sound

This is a very rare form of SPD that only about 4% of humans worldwide are known to have. At points, this approximately 10 minute video can be a little loud. So, this maybe sensory difficult for some with SPD however. ¬†In it, you’ll see and here about synesthesia. This is not on utube. ¬†This isn’t a Ted talk (Unlike my last Synesthesia post, with a video linked.). It is VERY different. And there are different forms of Synesthesia too. Interesting, right?¬†

   Enjoy! I did! 

Spectrum, the film’s blog

The upcoming films blog (of the Spectrum documentary) has some very good videos/ posts. ¬†I haven’t seen all the videos on it. Nore have I read and remember all the interviews. And some are Vimeo video’s not utube based. But, a few, I saw before today. And I just saw many of the videos as well. There not ALL SPD related. And in this post (If at all) I’m not going to cover all of the videos I like on this blog page. But, the first video I believe it is, with the little boy is very good. Also, there’s a trailer of a family with an autistic son called Mabul (The Flood) it’s not in English nore available for US or Canadian DVD players. Only for DVD players from region 2, countries. ¬†And I don’t believe it’s sub-titled in English either, the trailer wasn’t. ¬†


¬†In my next post I’ll highlight one more video I liked a lot from this link. However, it will have a different link.¬†

Main blog for Spectrum, the Film page on tumblr

Spectrum, a documentary about Sensory Perception

Want to see an upcoming documentary trailer for a film about Sensory Perception and Autism? Temple Grandin is in it.  You do!? Great! It’s called Spectrum, and if you figure out how and when to see the full documentary before I post how here. Please DO SHARE buy commenting or e-mailing me.  Here’s the link to the trailer. I’ll share anouther to a blog with interviews on it. In my next mini-post. 


Spectrum’s Vimeo trailer 

Happy New Year!