Earth Day with SPD, MCS, Mold Issues, sensitive skin, roscia, etc.

As someone always concerned about nature and animals I can’t forget what today is. Can you? Do you even know what today is? Today is a day to remember that many animals share our space. And that nature was here first. Infact, if nature wasn’t here. We wouldn’t be. Yes? I mean think about it. Healthy water is essential to live and not loose our eyesight. Oxygen comes from trees. That’s how we can breath.

If you haven’t figured it out yet It’s Earth Day! I want to remind you that SPD friendly preferred things, can be, (Are), or sometimes should be very earth friendly. SPD people’s often needs/ preferences (Sometimes unconsciously so) are more environmentally sound then those without SPD, MCS, and the like.

1. Walking/Running. Not the alternative of Driving to a Gym for Example/ or needing one. Which can be stress producing too.
2. Biking ( Non electrical) verse the loud polluting motorcycle
3. Hiking Way smarter then a stair master. Right?
4. Listening to nature/ your OWN music when outdoors. Verse bringing your smart phone- killing your battery- and going crazy to find data signal for your PANDORA stations. And then scaring all the animals away.
5. When truly backpacking in the wilderness. Our unscented and fragrance free soaps. Lack of perfume, cell phones on, electronics mostly, and no campfires, are all things Mother Nature truly appreciates. And your luggage will too! Trust me on that.

Unless off course you want a highly stressful vacation with a bear eating your strong smelling (Non SPD friendly food= strong smelling, ) food left overs. Unless the bear destroys your toiletries and while your trying to sleep.! Yea! ? I’m sure you’d LOVE that. Now wouldn’t you!?

1 Lesson take away here is, we don’t need the scents or fragrances. The Bears might be your only friends when backpacking otherwise.

I encourage you to think about (Appreciate what is already done) and at least rhetorically ask yourself the following. . What other things do people like us do, can do, or could need? That harms Mother Nature the least/ better yet helps it. Can you/ do you incorporate it into your regular routine? If not. Maybe you should.

Happy Earth Day! Don’t forget it’s where life all began, and humans were NOT here first.

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Happy Easter/ Passover !

   Do you celebrate Easter or Passover? If so, which one?

  I celebrate Easter! But, without the sweets, alcohol, spices, food intolerances, and gluten. Unlike most of my family. My family celebrates mostly with all the above. Why I won’t say, to copy me (Even if that’s the smartest thing to do, I’m sure some of you might laugh if I did). I will say, keep in mind your health, sensory needs, addiction factors, routines, and how those things will effect you both short and long term.   Not just how they effect you. But, how your actions, delivery of actions, and the lack of them. How they effect, or  may influence other’s as well. Even if it isn’t always obvious, when someone else notices them and let’s your actions change theirs. (Children are very easily influenced.)  But, so are some adults with certain disabilities as well. Like some with ASD. 

   But, if your an adult. Most of all. Don’t get unwound from alcohol. That’s key no matter what extra differences you have, true. But, those who celebrate with you should appreciate you for you. And not for what alcohol makes you become.  ( Same is true for any other toxin that may just be one for you and not them) If this isn’t true, there toxic. And you need, an untoxic family or group of close friends to celebrate with. If you celebrate at all. 

    If you need to/ should stay sober, in routine,  and avoid what’s toxic, DO SO.  Stay strong.  And please know. You are SO not alone. But, do it tactfully. 


Hush Hat

Hush hats are for all babies (Since they don’t wear earplugs). And have far greater sensitivity to noise. Especially if they were a preme or have colic.  They actually soften noise from loud, sharp noises threw custom absorbing foam. I heard about these today from my adult SPD group on Facebook. It received 22 likes thus far and 16 commentors about the post. I shared the only link to it however, which you’ll get shortly.  The reason the poster posted it was because she wanted to know if others agreed with her that we should contact the company to have them make them for adults. The name suggested was “the shut up hat”. It would be to aid in our auditory, sensory issues. Because like babies. We too, are sensitive to noise.  I was one of those 16 commentors.  I mentioned comfy earplugs, asked how’d it be better then  comfortable earplugs? And said there is an appropriateness factor concern,  if the weather isn’t that cold. And that it could make us too hot if indoors or outside when it’s warm or hot out. Nearly all the commentors thus far are female,  and a couple said they didn’t care if others found it appropriate or not.  Not one of the commentors didn’t want an adult version. (Except maybe me).

However, if they can make them not hot in ANY environment. Socially appropriate. And take away the law that in public buildings wearing hats is illegal. I’d be ALL for it. !  It might help some ADD kids from distraction in elementary school too. Or middle school. Right? Especially during test time. They might not need a seperate room them.  What do you all think?   Want to get signatures ? Or do you prefer comfy earplugs? Trust me, they do exist (for some people,) if you wear them properly. Put your comments below. Here’s the URL Cute Hush Hats .