A Review of a MCS Friendly Salon in Australia !?

  This post is about this blog post, the ideas around it. And my review of it. Which may never unfortunately post. On that posts blog site. 


  Without ? I LOVE what this salon is ATTEMPTING to do, But, without ?. It Is NOT sensory friendly.  I read this this morning and, found it via a Facebook link in one of my MCS Facebook group’s. It’s pretty disturbing. Unfortunetly, this is getting too common for me. Telling companies that claim they have great sensitive skin, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, or unscented products. When it’s the farthest from the truth in most cases. This one isn’t an exception. 


    First take what I’ve taught you and visit the product lines website. The companies products they only EXCLUSIVELY use. Without looking at ingrediants labeling, which I did mostly too not get sued, honestly. They say organic. What do we know about that?  We know that means, yes. There might not be synthetic fragrances but, that doesn’t eliminate everything else. Right? I know, I’m correct. And this has been proven many places elsewhere. 

   Now, I’m not saying there claiming to be completely toxic free,  because they aren’t. Nor am I saying that they are or aren’t less toxic then any other hair salons.  And I’m certainly not visiting! Atleast not that I’m aware of anyhow! 

   Let’s have an example shall we ?  Check out there “Sensitive- Skin– Gentle Face Cleanser”   It’s in parenthesis too show that’s what they claim it is. Not what we hopefully know it as . And if you don’t, you will soon if you do your research. 

http://www.lavitaorganics.com/Sensitive-Skin-Gentle-Face-Cleanser-p/fe-ssfw.htmSensitive-Skin- Gentle Face-Cleanser”.

Ignoring there first two ingrediants for a second. There third is this 


Or better yet try this ingrediant term explanation.  


   As for the rest of the ingredients in that particular product. OMG! Most are not sensory friendly. Do you see that?! Now, I’m afraid to see there non-sensitive skin products ingredient lists. Aren’t you?

   I really hope there entire establishment atleast seas my blog. Don’t you?

  I commented on the blog. If my comment is approved. I’ll take it down here. But, let’s be honest. You can’t honestly tell me AFTER reading it and the blog entry that you think they’ll accept it. Do you?!

  My Submitted Comment- 

 I’m a sensory solutions expert in the US! I have many diagnoses that effect my Sensory Processing Disorder, and other sensory effected diagnoses. I have a new blog that talks about sensory issues, MCS, ASD, and most importantly for you, ingredients. Even though it’s new, it has over 40 posts and at least nearly double that in comments. You can see it here! sensorysolutions1.com . I just researched the line of products you ONLY carry. I went on the La VITA Nuova company website. I saw all the ingredients for most of their Sensitive skin and unscented products. With the exception of possibly there organic Shea butter balm,. The others are NOT sensory friendly for everyone, sadly. I study ingredients. I should know. I love the idea that you want to be more customer friendly to those with negative reactions to many products. However, those don’t cut it.

  Any thoughts come from this post? Please share them, if so!  


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