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  I know subtly is supposed to be seen as king over my posts,  rather then bluntness. But, let be honest, shall we?   1. This has to be understood buy adults with High Functioning (or HF) ASD. Right. ? Off course! And let’s be frank, do you really think my posts like “The Sickening Truth of Cosmetics!” Or “The Marketing Terms verse Realities ” (Which I know are some of your favorites here!)  would really be all that good without my honesty? Off course not! 

So, here we go!  

My blog is unique for atleast a couple GREAT reasons. And I wouldn’t have it ANY other way. 

1. The uniqueness of the niche area

2. My open, direct, and hopefully warm style.  ( Feel free to comment on this one especially below!) 

3. The factual info behind a lot of the info. 

4. The ability to connect with a varied audience, (From those with MCS, to excema, dysgraphia, and everything applicable in between!) with specific causes in mind.) 

Feel free to suggest others in the comments below. 

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