Aspies rule Because !

My modesty typically wouldn’t allow this, BUT, this is one of the few safe places for us. That this can be internationally shared. We love sharing (Or atleast I Do!), but, only if people off the spectrum, can respect this.  Few trully can to be honest. That’s partly where we run into most of our problems. 

I’m going to post this on my soon to be second actively live blog too. That one is I’ll post it on here when it’s live, with a link in the resourse section atleast. But, I felt those off the ASD spectrum especially could learn from this. And those with it could be inspired. It can help prepare you for the theme of my sensory book that I’m creating, too! Even if just to verify what you already know.

1. Practicality beats ALL

2. Comfort is KEY

3. Honesty RoCks

4. Vain is not in our vocabulary

5. Different is PoSitiVe, NOT UNCOMFortable! 

6. Thinking differently is our Norm!

7. Being always challenged is our goal!

8. Curiosity is our friend, so is Disney !

9. Dedication and loyalty are our MoTTo.

10. Modesty is our dictionary!? :() 😉

11. And being professors is our speciality!

Therefore,  were UniQue!  YeA! 

Again, feel free to comment below, doubt, or ask questions. I love being inquisitive! And answering questions.