BioIndividual Nutrition Institute.

Although, at the moment, I’m farmiliar with and know of several types of different diets. Many of which HFA’s and sensory sensitive folks go on. And some, I know a decent amount about. I’m not an expert on any of them. And unless you call a no additive, low preservative, very low seasonings, no sugar sweets,  no soda or bubble drinks,  and a limited dairy intake alone, a diet. I’ve been on none of them.  I do know/ know of experts in many of them however. That I can put you in contact with. If needed. Julie Matthew’s can too. And she is more connected with them at this point on a professional level.   

 So, Julie Matthew’s now has a number of programs. Some are bran new. Some older ones, I’ve already introduced you too. The new ones she has just opened up for sign ups for the new “Bioindividual Nutrition Institute” that she will be running. These are exciting programs that she’s about to launch at the training level. As someone seeking her training in one of these new program which are completely done online. Depending on the level of membership you can get a professional internationally universal certificate. I’m not going to lie though. Every level of the training program is far from cheap.  We’re talking hundreads to thousands of dollars.  But, she does have a monthly payment option! 🙂 These programs are mainly for doctors. However, researchers, future and present health coaches, nutritionists, and others, can benefit from them greatly.  There goal this year is to help Practitioners, Researchers, families, and individuals in nutrition based solutions and hold a detailed proper,  computerized, patient, recording databases of patient or client info.  Once her first program is done all the patients of the doctors, ect. Can access some of it, for free. It will also hold individual patient histories.  I’m signed up as a researcher and individual for more info then what I’m about to lead you too. To get more info on both.  One thing I’ve always liked about Julie is her individual menu recommendation focus. She doesn’t say one diet is best, and the others are well, bad. 

Go on you you tube and watch her Bioindividual Nutrition Institute video which is less then 5 mins long. Then get your doctors on board. And get excited with me, for far more sensitivity food awareness internationally!  Coming soon! Perfect for allergy week, ! Right? 

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