Sensory Friendly Broth or Stock requested

Today I created a petition so that people with SPD, Roscia, ASD, IBS, / and a number of other conditions could live healthier more easily.  Making your own soups are not hard at all. IF you have already the right broth or base for them.  Making other dishes more appetizing or possible will also be a possibility then.  Allot of stock or broth isn’t very healthy for people who can’t tolerate any of the unnecessary added ingredients in all created stocks and broths on the market that are pre-made. Most of which has onion/high sodium. Both of which aren’t sensory friendly. And in some cases are highly unhealthy.  Creating your own is very time-consuming. And you create with it allot of extra poultry, meat, veggies/seafood at times with it.  Which you may then eventually throw out especially if your only cooking for 1/2 people. So,  if I get enough signatures. I will try to get a manufacturer to create for us 1/more broths that work for us. Please go here for more details. To sign, possibly comment on, and certainly share. Thanks!

GF with Sensory Issues added

Do you know the base of many GF flours? Some are nut based, soy based, dairy based, /rice based.  Folks with ASD, complex neurological and neurobiological issues,  / complex/ multiple food intolerances, will especially benefit from the below link and this post.  Because, this population often,  if not always,  is sensitive too one (/ often more then 1) of those GF flour alternative bases. Although, these links and posts mentioned or linked below have some similarity, the angle of the information, and supporting information is somewhat different,  and vital to know, for certain populations. 


I recently found this page. And felt, I had to share it. It’s titled, “Rice and GF Intolerance.” Although, I’m defiantly endorsing the linked page (Obviously) I’m NOT endorsing any of her books,  I haven’t read yet. I’m just not like that. Although, a couple I will look into more, to see if I want any of them.

If you haven’t read yet my post titled, “Gluten Free Flour options”. Or you need a review, look for it buy the title in the search box above.    I highly recommend you atleast skim it prior to preceding with this post. It will help you really see the pain staking detail involved here. And more specifically possibly what is or isn’t needed in your diet. Among other things. Even if you can have rice but, not gluten, giladin,  barley, oat, wheat, malt, rye, or barley intolerance(s)/ as an allergy.  There WILL be working alternatives for you. The link below AND the previous post mentioned above. Will start you on your way to finding alternative baking options. For the healthiest, bread, pasta, and baked good alternatives, for those with super sp. nutritional needs.   some very good food intolerance, advice.