Holidays Like Thanksgiving

Here are a number of Websites that talk about customs and traditions for Holidays Similiar to Thanksgiving, around the world. Thangsgiving as many of you know is today in the US. I recommend, visiting the first one first one before any of the others, as it serves as a nice and brief overview.   Some, if not all of these, have somewhere in the US celebrations, for the immigrators and there families, from these places. However, wide knowledge of and celebration for them, are not present.



I know I said, in the other post this would be via a photo. My app won’t change to showing my post section right now. So, I’m on my chromebook. And haven’t figured out how to create and attach photos directly via my dashboard yet via the computer. sorry.


Happy Thanksgiving!


The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July, is fun, right? You get to relax, picnic, see fireworks, and light displays, hear blasting music and possibly see family or friends you often don’t see enough of. Right?

If you have PSD, and possibly roscia, or MCS ( Although, they often don’t react as badly as someone with SPD, ASD, dysgraphia, ADHD, or anouther sensory, or similiar issue.). Fun is sometimes often far from what the Fourth of July is. Between, schedule changes, unpredictability of outside crowds ( Like smokers, Yuck!), loud sounds, bright colors that produce pain in some of us, massive socializing, and possible food reactions. Fun is sometimes NEVER had.

However, what if, you eliminate some of that, some of the stuff that makes it hard for us. Then could we enjoy it? It depends on how you eliminate stuff and what you eliminate. I’m not going to lie.Very possibly, within the restrictions of this blog. And more importantly this post, I may not have all the answers for y’all. Esp. For those NT significant others, / the NT parents but, here’s some suggestions.

If all you or some of you want is after dinner entertainment and fireworks. Some of which are GREAT bye the way. With a pledge of legions to the flag, off course! To support our loyal dedicated troops. This should really fit the bill. It’s not that I’m unaware of or find other ideas bad. I just feel for this post, these are best.

If timing is an issue, and you have a DVR or any TV recording features I recommend for yourself/or the sp. people in your life. To record either or both the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular on the NBC channel. Or the Capitol Fourth on PBS from 8-930 this Friday. I’ve seen both atleast once before on previous years. There both, very good, to outstanding in my opinion. And common, you can’t expect anything less for the US president. Can you? That one was leaving me wanting more when I saw it, for certain.

If timing isn’t an issue, and you can make yourself available, watch it on the 4th. With or without the sensory sensitive individual, if possible. You can adjust the volume on the TV and you can easily leave the TV, if it becomes too much. And if your a parent without these issues or have a preferred preference like you love fireworks but your 6 yr old can’t stand them who has PSD. Then it shouldn’t be hard to find away to watch it in a different room in the house wile the 6 yr old does his own thing in his room, for example. As for food, off course take the time and effort to plan well enough to make sure you eat the proper foods, like always. When you have these kinds of issues splurging on typically forbidden foods should NEVER be an option.

The most important thing is this. If you don’t have these issues. You CANNOT assume the individual with them likes them or can handle them or things surrounding the fireworks or festivities. Just cause many people love them. Doesn’t mean everyone does. Just because something isn’t overwhelming, toxic, or painful to you. Doesn’t mean it is the same for them ( I’m not saying fireworks are safe for anyone either). Some of us could like them like I said in the right environment and context. Some more easily can enjoy fireworks. But, others really don’t, or can’t, so, don’t just NOT PUSH. Make sure they can tell you don’t resent them for missing them, if you actually do. If you push, the stress for them, of you being disappointed, they will see, and we REALLY don’t need that, do we?

Happy Fourth of July everyone! And thank you, for reading.