Aspies rule Because

   My modesty typically wouldn’t allow this, BUT, this is one of the few safe places for us. That this can be internationally shared. We love sharing (Or atleast I Do!) , but, only if people off the spectrum, can respect this.

     I’m going to post this on my soon to be second actively live blog too. That one is I’ll post it on here when it’s live, with a link in the resourse section atleast. But, I felt those off the ASD spectrum especially could learn from this. And those with it could be inspired.  It can help prepare you for the theme of my Sensory book that I’m creating, too!  Even if just to verify what they already know. 

1Practicality beats ALL

2.  Comfort is KEY 

3.  Honesty RoCks

4. Vain Isin’t in our vocabulary 

5. Different is positive 

6. Thinking differently is our Norm! 

7.  Being always challenged is our goal! 

8. Curiosity is our friend, so is Disney ! 

9. Dedication and loyalty are our Motto. 

10. Modesty is our dictionary!? :() 😉 

11. And being professors is our speciality!

 Therefore were Unique! 

  Again feel free to comment below, doubt, or ask questions. I love being inquisitive! And answering questions. 



The Sickening Truth of Cosmetics

Some of what I’m going to say in this post is extremely disturbing. I feel uncomfortable even stating it. But, will be relieved once it’s out. So, if your having a bad day you MiGht want to come back to it. However, it’s all ( for better or for wOrSe) life changing info too.  

Let’s cut to the chase. Their is less then 1 % of cosmetics that are not toxic and completely sensory friendly, that actually work in the way they claim too. Don’t worry I know them. ! 🙂 The bad news is there are 0 products sold in the US and that I’ve found sold elsewhere ( that means there could be a product avail for example in China that fits this, but, I have no knowledge of it- and I highly doubt it) that is completely sensory friendly and NON toxic completely in every ESSENTIAL cosmetic and household cleaner type. Yes, I’ve looked at cosmetics sold in other countries. Via the internet. And no, English is my ownly fluent language.  The same might likely be true for laundry cleaners. I’ll remind myself of this soon and get back to you with the results if it is actually different in that product area. 

   To make things even worse, many cosmetics that aren’t known to be used to kill acne, prevent it, exfoliate (2 of the harshest cosmetic categories below), or keep you safe in the wilderness, have harsh household ingrediants in them at times, or main ingrediants that are used in any or any combo of those 4 other categories.  Do you really want an ingrediant from your bug spray for example in your moisturizer!? I surely don’t! Need a hug yet!? I do! 

    What does this mean? 

That means, in some of the essential categories below. What is possible, and I will do this in my book. (Among a lot of other things too) Will be recommending products that if they aren’t free of them completely. They will have at most, hopefully only a couple of them. ( I already know all the products, and have already studied all the ingrediant labels). They will all be the most current, healthiest, super sensitive, cosmetic products,  sold in the US.  This should go without saying but, it also means that I have used atleast once, everything I will recommend minus a couple at most. And that NONE ( except for 1/2 and there very mild reactions) of them give me any known sensory problems. And remember, I have numerous very serious sensory issues. I CAN guarantee to you, atleast that.

Essential Cosmetic/drugs types in my mind are the following

Soap/  body washes. 




Hair dryer 

Sunscreen/ sunblock 

Baby products diapers baby wipes pacifiers etc. 


Outdoor Protection products like bug spray 

Acne killers and protection from it. 

Non- essential cosmetics are the following 

Most, possibly all Nail care         

Serums                 Sprays                        Hair coloring products 

Toners.           Uncomfortable headbands     Taning lotion 

Gels          Some hair dryers            Perfumes             Cologne         

Scented clothing, particularly spa socks         Scented beauty masks