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         1. I’m working on a book that’s topic is Sensory Solutions. The book will have some of  the blog info. plus, much more! You’ll be the first to hear about when it’s published and the general free details I’ll share with you about it. I’m very excited for that to complete. 

    2. If you have a writing, or an editing background, and am farmiliar enough with SPD topics and are willing to assist me with it as an editor. You”ll be able to contact me directly, and privately. And I’ll consider your service. 

3. I attend conferences, webcasts, and summits regularly. Some live, some aren’t. I mean ones not in person that I need to travel too. Most are recorded and saved to listen to later if there live. Most are free, but only for a limited time.  I’ll hook you up to join me. I will no longer be sharing the links to these via Facebook support groups,  or other ASD or disability groups that are online. These blogs/ websites are partly created to make sharing things like this much less time consuming. 

4. Sometimes,  I find some great info,  article, or group that is sensory related. Sometimes I may share it on this blog. I ALWAYS will share it with my subscribers. 

5. You’ll be part of a community with atleast some of the same issues as you or your loved one. 

6. You’ll learn more about me! 

7. You’ll hear about any in person conferences that I attend that have speakers or workshops on Sensory Topics.  And what I thought about them after words.   I live right outside of NYC in NJ so there are several. I don’t attend them all. 

8.  You can contact me, and possibly help me mold, or perfect,  the newsletter content,  blog, or my upcoming book! 

9. More will defiantly come out in my e-mails as situations and things come up.