The Truth About Vaccines

People with SPD, ADHD, ASD, and diagnosis’s that significantly effect one’s nervous systems. Are at the biggest risks to be negatively effected buy vaccine ingredients.  And you might have been effected buy them and not know it.  Weather you believe the ingredients caused your disability (ies/challenges or not)   That is why it’s imperative you watch this series. And it won’t be free for to much longer. So go here NOW to sign up. Warning- the info you will learn could make you REALLY mad/uncomfortable.  If you’ve missed some of it sign up anyway. Trust me. It’s worth it.


You will learn about way more then vaccines. Some of the episodes are intense- just being real.  So prepare for getting allot of energy and effort taken to watch them.


PS. This in my opinion (If you can afford it) Is worth buying too on it’s current sale prices.

Auto Immunity, Functional Medicine, and hope

Did you know Auto immunity is frequently seen in those with ASD or Sensory Processing Disorders? It is! And with 1 out of 5 people with it. You NEED to learn how to prevent it, identify it, and if need be reverse it. Therefore, PLEASE check out the series Betrayal FOR FREE! Now- next week. HERE- off of my conference blog



Medicinal Supplements Summit

I posted about a Summit I Very HIGHLY recommend!  It’s on my  . That applies to everyone and it started today for FREE! It’s only free for 6-8 days.   So go sign up for it/pay for it  NOW.


This does NOT mean I recommend everything the speakers say.



Watch “Toxic Hot Seat” documentary FOR FREE

In the beginning of this past August I posted, to give you all a heads up, about a documentary that looks very good, but, off topic, called, “Toxic Hot Seat”. It is about the dangers of flame retardants in the US. In my previous post called “Movie, “Toxic Hot Seat”” I link you to the documentaries website, which remains to still have it’s trailer, among other things. I will be editing that post title to say documentary soon. There is also a very brief trailer on u tube (slightly over 2 mins to be exact) along with a 10 minute and 25 second, Filmmakers Q and A session on u tube about the documentary. Last August, I didn’t know how anyone, including me, could see the movie, realistically.

Anxiety Summit, second helping

Trudy Scott is hosting her 2nd, FREE, online Summit coming up September 3rd-16 th 2014. She is a food, mood expert, and a nutritionist. She also, has Pyroluria. Certain supplement, and life style choices,  help tremendously those with ASD/ Certain ADHD types (Please see my other post on my other blog to know which types), and all of society.  Especially with sensory issues. Or things surrounding it. Like your mood.  I listened to her entire first Anxiety Summit. Infact, I bought it!  This time, she’s actually lowering the number of speakers, and giving you an additional 24 hrs to hear each set of speakers. Which means every two days or so you will have the option to hear a new set of speakers! One of whom, is Julie Matthew’s, her old boss!  Check it out here!


Synesthesia is a rare sensory issue that very few of us with ASD have. However, along with being a psychology trained Aspie, Wendy Carson. Does. To be, perfectly honest,  Out of all the sensory issues one may have, this is the one I know the least about. So, after I heard this on this utube video, I was relieved someone with it actually could describe it to you, better then I.  So, if you wish to learn more, click here.  Seeing the World Differently: an Asperger’s Experience Cause, I certainly don’t have this! Thank goodness! 

It’s Domestic Violence month updated

  And if your a women on the spectrum you know how vulnerable we can be. Don’t we? I wanted to share this since this is the reality of the month and that I acknowledge it. Unfortunately, I have way to much on my plate right now to address it. But, next year, I promise to try to. When I should have more time to focus on it then.  I want to really give it the proper attention, it unfortunately DOSEN’T deserve?! Lol. Get it?  (Feel free to comment if your an Aspie if you think I should re-word that last part, I won’t be offended, I promise. But, I’ll go with the majority/ my gut instinct too)  But seriously, I haven’t forgotten about us. 

    I hope you all stay safe. I know how hard that can be, trust me on that at least. Okay? 


   Take Care, 


Organics Consumer’s Association e-mail

I received this email today. Please help if you CAN ASAP. Then tell everyone else you know who might too. If you don’t, those who don’t eat organic. May die even FASTER. Follow the guidelines below/ or do your own research. 




Tell President Obama: Stop the Toxic Madness!

Dear Readers,

Any day now, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is expected to approved Dow’s Enlist Duo, a highly toxic herbicide made from a combination of glyphosate (the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup) and 2,4-D (one of the chemicals used to make Agent Orange).

The herbicide is designed to be sprayed on Dow’s new Enlist-brand GMO corn and soy crops, which were recently approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)—despite more than 500,000 public comments, a letter signed by 60 Members of Congress, and letters from medical professionals and scientists asking the agency to reject the crops.

The USDA and the EPA have failed us. It’s time for President Obama to step in. Please send a letter to President Obama and ask him to stop the toxic madness!

After you send your letter, please take a moment to call the White House hotline at 202.456.1111 and leave a message. You can say something like:

“I’m calling to urge President Obama to stop the approval of Dow’s “Enlist Duo” herbicide and reverse USDA’s approval of 2,4-D-resistant corn and soybeans. Enlist Duo contains 2,4-D, a chemical that has been linked to cancer, Parkinson’s disease, endocrine disruption, and reproductive problems, and glyphosate, the focus of multiple recent studies linking the toxin to a host of illnesses. Please protect our health, and the health of the environment, by rejecting Dow’s latest request to escalate the use of this bee-killing pesticide.”

The USDA admits that if the new crops are approved, the annual use of 2,4-D would jump from 26 million pounds to 176 million pounds.

Independent scientists predict the spike in the use of 2,4-D would be even more dramatic.

The proliferation of Roundup Ready crops caused a 527-million-pound increase in the use of glyphosate in the first 16 years, between 1996 and 2011. If farmers start growing Dow’s Enlist brand corn and soy, experts estimate the use of 2,4-D could increase by up to 50 times.

Please ask President Obama to stop the toxic madness!

Thanks for taking action!

-Katherine for the OCA team

Multiple MCS and EI Resources.

First off, I’d share this in my Facebook MCS community. But, I’m not sure how it be received since the admin might see it as competition. 

I have looked at this somewhat already. However, I haven’t joined yet any of there options. Not sure, if I will either. But, it seams like it could be great if you need anything like ANY of what they offer. Even, if it’s more international, MCS friends!.  At the very least you’ll see your community GROWING in awareness and acceptance. That’s always great! Right? 

   There are basically 4 options. 2 of which are paid, and the others are free. They have a thread formatted sharing/ support group, and it seams very large and somewhat active, a magazine, another support group,  a pen pal service, (and I have seen there sample magazine which seamed pretty good in my opinion.)   And a newsletter. Really cool, right!?  They also say they have special coupons and such but, that seams to possibly be only for members living in the UK possibly. Hope, I didn’t miss any of it’s several services!. Anyway, if your interested in checking it out. And you have MCS, or care for/ help someone who does.  Check it out here- Internationally MCS Focused, CLICK HERE

Do you know one of the main reason’s for a leaky gut?

If you’ve been hear long enough, you might. But, are you a women, or in love with one? Do you have (Even if only possibly) gluten intolerance or celiac disease? Anyone with Celiac’s, gluten intolerance, or wheat allergy, needs support and a positive community of like minded educated people to have the BEST healthy lifestyle, they can have, to be at there best 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Eliminating gluten, very likely, won’t need to be your only step to achieve your optimum functioning. However, it should be one of your first steps. If you have ADHD, schizophrenia, ASD, pyroluria, or are part of the majority of my readers. And are a women, or supports one who has any of the above. You need to check out this FREE online conference which is hosted buy a best selling, GF author, who is an international speaker on GF, and who even has a GF online school. Her name, is Jennifer Fugo!

“The Women’s Gluten Free” online conference is free, only till September 12th. And literally just started. Every day there are assigned speakers. About 4, each speaker jam packs there advice into 30 minutes. So your guaranteed, to have more time in your day!
Not only that, I even asked her to arrange the “Could Leaky Gut Be the Reason Your Still Sick?” speaker for my reader’s! She chose the title, I chose the topic, and suggested a speaker for it. I also suggested to her, to address some other food sensitivities in her summit! And now she has, with more then 1 speaker! Which you’ll see if you click the below link and sign up. This topic seriously, (Outside of auto-immune disease and GI,) is not addressed enough in free online conferences. Jennifer and I would love to have you! I’ve teamed up with her team for this, as an affiliate. Don’t you want the right advice to be at your best daily? If so, please click here.

Thank you! And see you there!

Tell Washington, DC to Cut Out Toxin’s ASAP, 3

Tell Washington DC and major chains to cut the toxin’s 3.   Here is an active,  fairly current link, that covers these two topics of that post.  The first post I created that this was introduced in is called,   “Tell Washington, DC to cut out Toxin’s” ASAP, 3. 

  Once you scroll down the pg, on this link,  you’ll see the article’s that belong with the following topics. The first topic listed below. Is also discussed in the movie linked in my NEXT post on here. Mentioned in the first post, of this series. I didn’t initially expect so many posts for this one e-mail share with you all. 

Would you Like Flame Retardents With That Couch? 

Walgreens We Need You to Lead on Toxic Chemicals! 

Have you been in a Walgreen’s lately? I defiantly have recently seen improvements in my local one, and some others too! It’s not my most frequent drugstore, but, so what! On the decrease for toxins, scale. It means it’s working. If your part of why, KEEP IT Up, and thank you! And regardless of if you are, or aren’t. Please support them in there positive baby steps, forward!  

click here By the way, if you go to additional pages (Accessible on the bottom of this linked page,) I think you might find other interesting/ helpful posts to read too. 

Tell Washington DC to Eliminate Toxin’s ASAP 2

Why does Planned Parenthood Care about Toxins?  (find via one of my recent posts on here)  here is a relevant, working link, on that last bolded topic just questioned.  I have not heard these talks yet. But, Kelly is a good speaker. It be best, if you got details about this via the CURRENTLY FREE Detox Summit talks from Kelly’s (Today) or Soram’s (Originally they posted his yesterday on day 1.). Which you can be accessed buy signing up, For free here. The talk was available on Day 1, but due to a technical glitch on there end, will remain avail. For about 23 more hrs.  

Foods Getting a Bad Rep. Esp. in the Food Sensitivity Community

  Some of these foods are only getting a bad rep. Within the food sensitivity/ allergy department, / communities While others, aren’t doing well mainly among the general society as ingrediants, foods,/ drinks. However, with so many people now having some form of food allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity now a days. Including a possible chemical/ additive allergy/intolerance. Maybe one day. There won’t be the seperate communities disliking or having issues only with certain drinks, ingrediants, and foods. Right? One can hope. 

Milk wheat corn and soy. Is that it? 

Milk- mainly were talking about dairy cows milk of any percent. 

Most of it’s bad press is only towards the conventional pasteurized version. The organic version doesn’t apply for most of it. And the raw version, even if pasteurized. I know some specialists rave about it. As great. But, I certainly don’t. And yes, I tried it,  in an organic 1 or 2% version.   

   This doesn’t mostly count for the lactose free version either. 

    What do I drink? I drink some (not a lot daily) of the lactose free, organic 1% or 2%. Preferably the 1%.  If I drink the 2% it fills me up to much. Limiting the rest of my meals nutritional variety. And preventing me from having the option of a 2 nd or tops third glass of it daily. And also, preventing my body from getting too use to it. I drink no other type regularly and never drink ANY non organic milk. When I drink the regular organic ( which tastes different to me in a not as an ideal or healthy way) I take FAST ACT lactate pills which are unflavored and over the counter for my lactose intolerance.

    Without the fast act the dairy does give me abnormal reactions like inflammation.  This is the only common, bad press,  that applies to ALL typical dairy. That isn’t casein allergy related. 

     I believe, and it’s kinda been proven too. That a lot of people esp. if children begin with traditional not organic, lactose free, or “all natural” milk.  Although,  the all natural isn’t great either. Esp. With milk. Especially people with ASD, SPD, roscia, and some other similiar diagnosis’s. And then when reactions are seen it’s caused buy the lactose, additives, chemicals, ect.   If they had the right other combo. Like just organic or lactose free and organic. And not too much of it daily. Unless there is a casein allergy, they should be fine. 

    And although, I haven’t seen research to back all of this paragraph up yet, I bet if someone with Roscia with NO, casein allergy, has inflammation from dairy. If they follow the same procedures, I said above. It would diminish, or atleast greatly improve the inflammation issue. And if the inflammation remained it’s probably caused buy other sources. Including the way you wash your skin. NOT just what you put on it. 

 As for soy, honestly. I’d seriously skip it. It’s not good.  For allot of reasons. Which might get atleast one of it’s own posts. Esp. If neurological issues, or roscia is in the picture. 

  Corn, the bad press is about the NON organic version ONLY. So, get it organic! It’s not a lot of $ frozen, in season. Also, if frozen it’s cooked better and off the cob witch can make it cleaner. Plus it’s in season now. So, enjoy! Did I remind you, no shucking required!?  Yea! 

   1 more thing,  the GMO practice, some traditional corn gets is forbidden in the organic practices.    This doesn’t mean you or your loved one with food sensitivities won’t have a sensitivity to the corn. But, it defiantly, makes it a lot less likely. And if purchased fresh or frozen but, served off the cob. The texture maybe better tolerated or may become not even a problem anymore. I never had issues with it’s texture on or off the cob. But, if someone is very texture picky (Or it’s too much of a pain to get stuck corn or accidental shuck out between the teeth.) Again cooked previously frozen, or fresh off the cob, serving methods. Are ideal with ORGANIC, corn.

 Wheat! And the GF debate – 

Hello! GF, is probably the most popular American diet now. I won’t be shocked if it becomes the new most common American Diet eventually. Especially now, with best selling books out, like,  “Wheat Belly.” Have you seen the number of books and cook books on GF, on Amazon!? It’s impressive,  on how many there are! My take, and reality is. Wheat is a mixed bag. Which would take atleast a couple more posts. I understand it’s gluten issues, and other problems. But, I see it’s good too. Not to mention, all of the most popular, GF flour and bread alternatives aren’t great, either. Having a lot of almond and coconut flour is bad. Not too mention the sugars, soy,/ Xantham gum, (ect.) found in most GF convenient sold products. Like GF breads. Oh, and have you seen the other unhealthy ingrediants in most GF products? Or unhealthy in great quantity. Remember, if you have too much of mostly anything it’s bad. But, a lot of rice or some rice products expose you to a lot of arsenic. You really want a lot of rat poison !?  Other problematic ingrediants in tons of GF products are table salt. ( Did you hear, it’s a known toxin!?  It is! ), tons of rice dependance,  sugar, and Xantham gum. That gum will get on here atleast 1 seperate post. Don’t even get me started on unhealthy GF ingrediants. So many of us have toxicity too/ sensory issues with some of the GF ingrediants. 



Environmental Illness Conference’s For the one in CANADA happening today. 

Coming up this summer there is one on July 7-10th in Las Vegas, Nevada. This one is an annual conference and isn’t likely in the same location every year.  For this one there are a variety of full scholarships available. The scholarships cover the conference a small spending money stipend. Most don’t seam to cover the hotel, travel expenses, and possibly some spending money.

More info about this international conference can be found here !

Around that time they also have a seperate training time block for students in the EI field and it’s surrounding career areas. Sadly, I can’t afford to attend anything like this . Even if on a full scholarship.

Scholarship info can be found here, for this upcoming conference-

A US EI conference in 2009 conference called “Healthy People in a Healthy Environment” in Atlanta Georgia. Done buy. the CDC ( Center of Disease Control) had a count of 1,30O nationally recognized attendees. Wow! To see the type of workshop detail they covered go here.

This one was last year in Mass. In the US. I show you past ones, partly, to help you see that environmental health is a huge and real topic, so, you can see the importance of these problems. And to help you find future ones if you can attend them, and they might apply to you, or those around you. Their are others. But, I highly recommend you look at the details of each before signing up. Not all of them will be at your level of understanding, or cover the exact smaller area within environmental health concerns that you may need to know more about.

I have not yet attended any of these.



The Sickening Truth of Cosmetics

Some of what I’m going to say in this post is extremely disturbing. I feel uncomfortable even stating it. But, will be relieved once it’s out. So, if your having a bad day you MiGht want to come back to it. However, it’s all ( for better or for wOrSe) life changing info too.  

Let’s cut to the chase. Their is less then 1 % of cosmetics that are not toxic and completely sensory friendly, that actually work in the way they claim too. Don’t worry I know them. ! 🙂 The bad news is there are 0 products sold in the US and that I’ve found sold elsewhere ( that means there could be a product avail for example in China that fits this, but, I have no knowledge of it- and I highly doubt it) that is completely sensory friendly and NON toxic completely in every ESSENTIAL cosmetic and household cleaner type. Yes, I’ve looked at cosmetics sold in other countries. Via the internet. And no, English is my ownly fluent language.  The same might likely be true for laundry cleaners. I’ll remind myself of this soon and get back to you with the results if it is actually different in that product area. 

   To make things even worse, many cosmetics that aren’t known to be used to kill acne, prevent it, exfoliate (2 of the harshest cosmetic categories below), or keep you safe in the wilderness, have harsh household ingrediants in them at times, or main ingrediants that are used in any or any combo of those 4 other categories.  Do you really want an ingrediant from your bug spray for example in your moisturizer!? I surely don’t! Need a hug yet!? I do! 

    What does this mean? 

That means, in some of the essential categories below. What is possible, and I will do this in my book. (Among a lot of other things too) Will be recommending products that if they aren’t free of them completely. They will have at most, hopefully only a couple of them. ( I already know all the products, and have already studied all the ingrediant labels). They will all be the most current, healthiest, super sensitive, cosmetic products,  sold in the US.  This should go without saying but, it also means that I have used atleast once, everything I will recommend minus a couple at most. And that NONE ( except for 1/2 and there very mild reactions) of them give me any known sensory problems. And remember, I have numerous very serious sensory issues. I CAN guarantee to you, atleast that.

Essential Cosmetic/drugs types in my mind are the following

Soap/  body washes. 




Hair dryer 

Sunscreen/ sunblock 

Baby products diapers baby wipes pacifiers etc. 


Outdoor Protection products like bug spray 

Acne killers and protection from it. 

Non- essential cosmetics are the following 

Most, possibly all Nail care         

Serums                 Sprays                        Hair coloring products 

Toners.           Uncomfortable headbands     Taning lotion 

Gels          Some hair dryers            Perfumes             Cologne         

Scented clothing, particularly spa socks         Scented beauty masks   


excellent resource for food ISSUES

This is entirely Julie Matthews speaking after this paragraph ! Sign up if this applies to you or anyone you care about. 

Having trouble viewing this email? Click here
OPEN Online Session Today – REGISTER BELOW

April 30, 2014
By Julie Matthews

In today’s fast paced world, with little rest, overloaded with toxins, and devoid of nutrients, inflammation is very common. Once triggered, it can be hard to shut off – and if certain biochemical processes persist, chronic inflammation can ensue.

Inflammation acts like a fire in the body, literally burning up many of our necessary nutrients. Inflammation can be triggered by infections, irritants, and biochemical processes that have gone awry. It creates pain, and can lead to cellular damage and a cascade of health problems.

In fact, inflammation is underlying most neurological and chronic disorders in children and adults. All of following conditions have been linked to inflammation:

Autism • Asthma • Allergies • ADHD • Autoimmune conditions • Depression Anxiety • Inflammatory Bowel disorders • Eczema • Schizophrenia

Inflammation is a necessary process for the immune system. When the body can’t shut it off however, it can cause serious problems. Inflammation in linked to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, as well as the myriad of mental health and mood conditions described above.

And some substances that people use to “help” inflammation, like over the counter anti-inflammatories and cortisone creams, are generally ineffective in the long run and can have harmful side effects.

So what can you do? Prevention is a good start; take charge of avoiding common causes of inflammation – things you can influence, like food choices and toxic exposures.

Gluten, dairy, and soy are major food sources of inflammation. Alcohol, processed foods, caffeine, and sugar are also inflammatory. Pesticides can trigger asthma (inflammation) in people, so eat organically whenever possible. Fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, as are a variety of herbal supplements. Phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables, and spices have anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful; however, for some people the salicylates and other food chemicals can cause inflammation.

Also, talk with your integrative physician about inflammatory lab markers, and appropriate medical treatment. Sometimes the inflammatory process needs to be stopped, and there are useful methods/meditations that can help. As you are exploring and working on this, I suggest beginning with the food, toxin and lifestyle factors that you can address at home. This may provide you some relief (mild to major) and help you and your doctor determine next steps.

Inflammation is the topic of the April Session of my Nourishing Hope Support Club, a monthly Membership Club for parents and clinicians actively employing specialized diets and nutrition. This April Session is OPEN for ANYONE to attend…member or not!

You will learn more about:
What causes inflammation
Which conditions have an underlying inflammation
Foods that cause and calm inflammation
How to address it: food, supplements, toxins and lifestyle factors
Avoiding common “anti-inflammatory” foods…that actually create inflammation in some people
Try out my Support Club …CLICK TO REGISTER to attend the April Session on Inflammation today!

The Session begins at 5pm, Wednesday April 30th!

See you online!


Contact me at:

Nourishing Hope Sponsors

SUPPORT CLUB – 2013 Recap

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AUG: EMFs and Toxins in your Home and How to Avoid Them
SEPT: Following any Diet in Six Easy Steps
OCT: Grain Free Diets
NOV: Low Oxalate Cooking
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JAN: Behavior Challenges and Food
FEB: Food and Mood, Guest Trudy Scott
MAR: The Microbiome in Autism, Guest Jack Gilbert, Ph.D.

If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the link below:
Nourishing Hope P.O. Box 170061 San Francisco, California 94117-0061 United States (415) 235-2960

Common Categories of Irritating Ingredients

Did you know that fragrances aren’t the only thing people with SPD ( Sensory Processing Disorder)  are irritated by in skin hair and actually food products too? It’s true! And now I’m going to share with you some of the other types of ingredients/byproducts that can irritate people with sensory issues regardless of if they have rosacea,  ASD, or any other special need. 

Many of the ingrediants below can be toxic no matter how natural they are. Many will cause issues ( even if unknown at first or on the surface don’t)  to most people.  Not everyone with PSD will have sensory issues with all of the below ingrediants.   Just like having additives and preservatives in food aren’t ideal. Same idea with your skin and hair products too.   Not every ingrediant in each and every category is unhealthy. Certain categories however have a lot more irritants and problematic ingrediants then others. 

Just because 1 person with ASD/ SPD can eat something doesn’t mean they can tolerate it in all forms.  That’s part of what makes SPD so unique.  For example; I can eat organic olive oil just fine. If it’s the main ingrediant in my soap bar with no other ingrediant. The scent of it overwhelms me and gives me sensory issues. Now if I lessen the amount of olive oil in a bar of soap, I can be fine, if the other ingrediants are good for me.  ( Your welcome!  😉 ) 


ex’s; hidden formaldehyde, 

even milder ones like the parabens,  

Borax,   DMDM Hydantoin,  and Kathon CG. 




soap ( possibly NoT Always) and NoT the ones I recommend. Dove sensitive skin bar unfortunetly counts even if there is no fragrant or scent that will bother you. 

Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate may be derived from coconut. Among other ingrediants and additives that are also derived from coconut. Did u know some are allergic or sensitive to coconut?  

 scrub agents,   This does mean that people with serious enough sensory issues or PSD issues should definitely avoid at all costs most forms of exfoliation.

Skin Repairing Ingrediants, 

example- Aspirin

Plant Extracts 

 Balm Mint Extract  


 Bloodwort or Yarrow Extract



CITRUS AURANTIFOLIA or known as Lime oil or extract anything citrus is very bad for you. 

Benzoin extract 



Essential oil

Corriander oil 

Fern oil 


Bay Leaf Oil



Irritant examples of these are


dicetyl-phosphate an ing. With byproducts and cetyl alcohol a known irritant. 


Do you know two of the most absolute worst ingrediants sometimes formed into oils that are anti-irritants? 

Unfortunately, there two of the most popular smelling tempted ingredients in cleaners, hair products, and skin products combined. 

Lavender otherwise known as.  

Lavendar Extract and Oil 

Lemongrass Oil 

Here are some very bad additional ingredients I would stay away from, no matter who you are.

Denatured alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, Daisy Flower Extract, Ethanol, Camphor, cinnamon, citrus-aurantium or orange blossom,   Acetic acid, Ylang ylang, calamine ( remember, Calamine Lotion?) , anise (also a vegetable) can cause skin sun sensitivity too. 

Aloe Vera and Caprylyl Glycol,  (although very rare) some are allergic too. From my little research of it, it doesn’t seam to be people with “normal SPD issues”. If there is such a thing.! It seams to be NT’s with an allergy to it.  But, I’m not allergic or sensitive too it either. If your not allergic to it,  Aloe can be great . The 2nd ingrediant, I’m still researching. However, aloe is super moisturizing, so don’t use if your skin is a combo skin type or oily unless soothing a sun burn.