Who am I ? & Why do I care ?

I’m 33 and have SPD among other diagnosis. However, as of this writing SPD isn’t a separate diagnosis yet. Some of my other issues are ASD ( although, I prefer to refer to it as Asperger’s), Dyslexia, hyperinsomnia, IBS, and ADD. I’m only sharing this with you so you could see part of what has driven me to become an expert in what I know. But, like I said, this was only part of it, and off course, this blog is about helping YOU all . And me secondary. That and societies desperately needed time to catch up more with dealing better with the challenges tackled within this site, is a big reason on why it’s taken so long to publish it.

And still with all that waiting, although, I’m proud of societies progress that we’ve made in creating sensory solutions. We still have a ways to go, unfortunately.

As for why else do I care? If you haven’t noticed, as a whole, Aspies are the kindest high functioning folks bare none. And therefore, my desire to help you grow and improve ( IF you take appropriate action) is at an all time high. And I REALLY want feedback and constructive criticism.

Thank you!

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Formatting- Reading is Optional

Lol!   I mean isn’t this whole blog optional !?   :/   I hope not. But, this is. 

Okay, I seriously don’t think you need to read this but, since part of this blogs mission is to be aspie honest, here we go. 

When in creation or edit mode this blog is not formatted in the way that you see it entirely. The lines are longer for the most part. 

Also, highlighting, coloring, styling, and font type is far from easy to set. And I can never set any of it to automatically to be that way. Because of that it takes a long time to get it to look how you see it. So I recognize that sometimes the words are on two lines. 

The spacing is awkward,  the font looks bold when it shouldn’t be,  or too much of it looks bold,  and the font just suddenly changes. 

Although the app, which this is created in (due to being on the iPad)  is a steal and I do kinda recommend it,  (It is the only way I can afford to make the font a decent size, and the color options there,)  there are some incredibly annoying, and difficult features of it. And doing things often like font changing and color altering is nearly impossible to alter. 

My computer savyness level. If an advanced computer tech with an American bachelors degree would be rated at a 10. I would say my skills are at best a 7.  

 So, please know I’m aware of all of this. And am working on it as much as I can. But, I felt sharing the content, etc, was far more important then perfecting the blogs format and weirdness.  Now don’t you agree;) ? That takes priority to some degree. 

  As for the color choices please see my post on post color. If you didn’t see my initial speal for my guest blog entry on Facebook or via email.