IE explorer and comments

  My premium theme will be replaced with a new one soon.  As for readers having issues reading it in the IE browser, I can’t do anything about that. I’ve been told.  If you can’t view it there, use anouther search engine please. IE scripts are too old and not updated enough.

   My subscription page will go back up with the new premium theme. It may not happen till mid June. If you’ve connected with me already elsewhere. ( Facebook,  a different support group online, 1 offline, ect,)  and you wish to subscribe. Let me know live, or via e- mail, and I’ll happily manually add you. And send you a welcome e- mail, ect. 

   Once that’s completed and I’ve gotten use to it.  I’ll look into RSS feeding options and such after my more important formatting and tech issues are completed,nand I have adjusted to them. .  Which if used properly buy the reader will update them every time I post whatever new. Atleast I think that’s part of it’s use. 

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