Does ASD health increase or decrease as we age into adulthood?

Do you know who John Elder Robinson is?  He’s not as famous as Temple Grandin, but, he is a major ASD Advocate, best selling author, and international speaker, who is also an Aspie adult. He’s a dad too! And was the only Aspie adult previously allowed on the Autism Speaks board.  This board voted for Autism Speaks regulations and goals,  and directed this major organization. That many (Especially people in the ASD community) don’t support.   Meaning Autism Speaks.

   I may put this on my second blog too (not sure yet).  Anyway, this just came to my attention (Via one of my adult, online online only,  Aspie groups,  aren’t you glad I’m sharing it?! Don’t answer till you read it, please) and I felt I just had to share this interesting article he wrote on his blog.  Click on the link below to read his post backed buy research,  of course!  Titled – “Do Autistic Adults Have More Health Problems?” Sometime in the future,  I’ll write likely my own post or two on this. Talking about my thoughts on this, etc.

PS. Once on the blog scroll down the page for the FOURTH post. It has a photo of a clown in it. Oh, that reminds me, I use to be a clown! Lol. Anyway, enjoy, if possible.! 

P.S.S. I know it’s allergy week, my ADHD kiked in.  The beauty of a different mind! Right?.

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