Exception responses for Sensitive people

    Here’s an example of a sensitivity food reaction that partially in atleast America, are considered severe enough to come closer too an allergic response reaction medically. Meaning in the medically severe enough department.  People with sensitivities react to certain ingrediants now differently then more typical folks and those with allergies, intolerances (only), ect.  These people have PSD, like we’ve covered elsewhere.  This you know.  

 Well, have you ever heard of Vaso Vagal Syncope?  It’s when someone with PSD ( Weather they know it or not)  are in situations that may involve food reactions as a trigger, that then cause them to pass out due to the missed or inaccurate signaling in the brain causeing the passing out episode. Therefore, the nervous system in your brain causes, the individual for example, to have their anxiety too peak rapidly to overwhelming proportions, dehydration too occur, and immediate light headedness often within tops a couple minutes.   Which often leads to blacking out.  1 of my food triggers is too much regular. salt. That’s partly why most of my salt intake is at small quantities and organic sea salt only. It makes me too hot. That alone won’t cause a black out for me, however, within reasonable quantities.  It will contribute to it big time though. Passing out like I said above is when the individual gets overwhelmed in more then 1 way ( meaning due too more then 1 cause) to a point there body hasn’t a clue on what to do about it. And therefore it has no other choice but, too collapse, to have time to get out of the situation, and recover. It knows at that point. That it’s being forced to deal with something it can’t.  

   As for stories, and more in depth explanation on this and other topics, wait for my book. It will have plenty, I promise. 

   Vaso Vagal Syncope defined, is someone who passes out/ gets dizzy/ lightheaded from 1 or more neurologically based sensory effected diagnosis’s. The most common (I believe) is ASD. And someone who has passed out too many times in their life.  Other then avoidance there are a few ( at Best) other then non medication techniques too live with this unfortunate condition.   However, these techniques do not cure nor do they eliminate the need for avoidance. They can however, help in certain environments. To make a black out episode just become a stressful one with prior blackout out symptoms and partial recovery. Rather then a full recovery after a collapse and actual black out situation. 

  I know these techniques very well. Partially, because, I have this. Someone who has this after waking from it, and they usually do within a not too long period after blacking out- May not need much recovery time after. Provided they are out of the situation that caused it. And you or they fix any of the triggers immediately. If they are still in the trigger environment that caused it they may not wake up fairly quickly, however. A wake up a long time after is very uncommon. If you remain I. If however you stay in the environment that contributed to it, then it’s likely to repeat itself. 

  It is very important to note this is not a complete (if Even partial,) ASD shut down even if it appears as such, nore is it an epileptic seizure prior to it .    Someone in an ASD complete shut down ( Despite my own lack of occurrence of this ever happening to me personally)  can be aware to some degree off the conscious world. And hear what’s going on, sometimes. He or she can also breate and remain a pulse continually. Even if it seams there kinda passed out. He or she therefore does not have a cardiology issue. Then it’s an ASD one that only some ever experience personally. An ASD shut down is therefore not a sensory issue, nor a sensitivity food exception response. And will be discussed on my next blog in more depth for sure, However, ASD shut downs can and often are caused partially buy sensory overload/ issues. 

    Vaso Vagul Syncope is a cardiology issue and it is, often, in a situation someone can be totally unaware of what’s happening until they wake up. This can be life threatening if not taken care of exceptionally well, if controlled very well however,  it’s certainly manageable with certain techniques, alterations to your lifestyle, ect.  Mine so far, have been manageable. They have never caused me extreme, immediate, danger. 


     This supports. That sensory issues should be addressed and focused on more. People need to be more educated about and accommodating to those with it, And that this is a very serious, but, partially different, condition. This is exactly a huge part of why I do, what I do. 




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