Gluten Free and Celiac Disease food resource page updated

This post is only food related resources. That are gluten free for those on a GF die (or are considering one). 

If you only click on 1 of the links below click on the last one!   But, be prepared for more links in that linked article. 

In the future,  I’ll make atleast 1 more GF resource post on other GF resources.  Buy, the way, I LOVE 

Everything in blue is a link. 

This first link is of a list of chain restaurants with GF menu options. And descriptions of them. It is very important to note. Most of these restaurants do not serve all natural, organic, or many, if any GF, and dairy free options. Plus there dishes at many of the restaurants also often have other sensory irritating ingrediants.   So, this list isn’t nearly as well suited for someone with MCS, ASD, ADHD, and some similar issues, as it is for someone with only a GF sensitivity or Celiac Disease.   Also, many chained restaurants already have prepared seasoning packets and sometimes already seasoned food. So, accommodating can be made harder if not impossible, because of this. 

chain restaurant options in the US

Does only 1 person in your house eat gluten free? Transitioning into a gluten free life? Check this out ! 

preventing gluten-cross-contamination

Ever at a restaurant without a GF menu? And your not sure what every kind of name means on the menu? You don’t know what is or isn’t always GF? Well off course, this list linked below, isn’t a complete list. But, it defiantly is a great start! 

Menu Terms decoded 

This next resource is the BEST one on this post, bar none. However, skip the third link in blue, and the last. Also, the GF delights link is under constructions the day this posted. 

Dining out and Travel! 


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