Gluten Free Flour options!

   Did you know that a GF, dairy free, soy free, and and I personally think they should add sugar free too, diet is the newish ASD popular diet? It is!  And do you really know how many types of flours are actually GF?   I didn’t know this last one till today. However, sometimes you can’t use just one kind of flour. Looking at this list. For IBS, Dysgraphia, and ASD, stomachs, along with some ADHD ones I’d avoid the following types of flour all found with many more on the link below with descriptions of when to use them, ect.  This link has twelve below. But, I can think of three more, quinoa, almond, and arrowroot.   That’s 15! If you know off others please comment about them below.  

     Bye the way, when I say sugar, I mean no added sugar. Natural is okay if it’s from a fruit, vegetable, or oat. Even if there not all, naturally sensory friendly. And some aren’t. So, I would also say all sweeteners. So no maple syrup, honey, cinnamon, or several other sugar forms.   But, this is for other posts. 

 If Commenting– Also, if you have issues with other gluten flours regardless of if you follow a GF diet or not. Please say if you follow the diet in the comments section and then what other 1 or more types of flours you have issues with. It would be nice if you added why, if you know. As well. 

All purpose flour, cornmeal, coconut, and almond. Are the ones I don’t do well with.  And I don’t recommend for the above diagnosed mentioned individuals.  

Did you know that sugar cane flour actually doesn’t have sugar in it?  


    Or that those with celiac disease can’t have barley flour cause it has small amounts of gluten in it? 

Skip Barley flour if on a GF diet and have any of the bolded issues in this post.   Including gluten sensitivity. If your gluten sensitive only, ( and I’m not a doctor here)  you maybe, fine with barley. I’m educationally guessing, but, I think arrowroot could cause a problem in someone with more then a gluten sensitivity and with one of the above neurological differences, or IBS.

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