Allergy Week!

Announcement post- Did you know that in the US,  there’s a week dedicated to allergies? Their is! Yea! More awareness and hopeful acceptance of them too.!  I’m excited. It’s March 14-19th! Now,  I just noticed UK has it this week too, But they address it for a couple weeks. Even better,  right?  If you live internationally and can comment on if your country has one or not below, for me and our readers,  I’m sure we all would greatly appreciate it.  That is knowing if and if so when, your country has it’s equivalent of this. And if your certain it doesn’t and no one has mentioned that country yet that’s helpful too! And yesterday, was the day it started. The official weeks atleast in the US, if not world wide ( it is World wide. Isn’t it?) start on Sunday, and end on the following Sat. But, back on topic. 

   Do you also know the difference between an allergy, an intolerance and a sensitivity? More about that in my next post today. Out of those 3 (Allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities,) do you know why allergies have been the most recognized and accepted in today’s society? And why intolerances and sensitives are often, unfortunetly,  NOT! Especially, among the less educated population. Well, I’ll include this in a post soon this week too. Or maybe it’ll get it’s own. I’m not sure yet. Unfortunetly to my knowledge their are no intolerance or sensitivity weeks exclusively so, I really should address this. 

Anyway, I just wanted to prep you all. I know it will defiantly help me stay focused. And those with ASD often are challenged with adapting to change (Not that a blog is a drastic change, but,) I think you get where I’m going with this, right? I’ll change the location of this,  or double it to a page with comment capability as soon as I can! 


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