Manufacturers goals and product basics

For the most part, let’s look at the main goals of manufactures that make cosmetics, tioletries, some drugs, and hair products in the US. 


Sell them      

Possibly impress you     

And achieve to some degree there main purpose. Wheater that’s making you look prettier, keeping sun away, cleaning you, etc. 

To hire marketing experts to display the product in there most glamorous light. 


They are not   

To keep you healthy.        

Improve whatever part of you greatly     

 Or to make a product super affordable 

To be honest with you

 I wish I could put those to lists above side buy side for you as a comparison.   Please read them again. This time, reading there first goal then the first goal there NOT focused on. 

Now that we’ve covered that.  Some of my goals minus making products unaffordable off course ! Are exactly what we just covered aren’t there’s.


So let’s continue, shall we? 


Most marketing I have found to always have some truth to it. Many products do what they claim (I didn’t say well). Many products have atleast 1 very good ingrediant in it, if not more then one. The problem isn’t any of that. The problems I have with most products. Excluding my thoughts on the marketing. Is they nearly all have some VERY bad and toxic ingrediants or by products in them.  And if they don’t. You can’t 99.% of the time tell because it has atleast 1 ingrediant in it that could have unknown unhealthy by products in it.  Talk about sneaky! On top of this, many products have contradictory ingrediants in it. Like, it will have 1 or more amazing moisturizing ingrediant(s) but, then it will have 1 or more super drying ingrediants too.! What’s up with that?! Or it will have broad spectrum UPF coverage ingrediants. Which should be great. Right?! But, then you realize a different ingrediant makes you more sun sensitive encouraging a sun burn ! Hello!  What genius combined those ingredients?   Again, there goal, to get you to buy more. They really don’t care about you.  

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk about marketing terms, shall we? If you haven’t yet read my other post, I will tell you the FDA in America has very little control in making sure cosmetics, skin products, and toiletries do not have dangerous ingredients and byproducts in them. Do they find it too complicated and too hard to regulate, maybe?   I think you know what I think about that.  There’s no other agency or government company in the US that I know of that can control these manufacturers. And there assumption that the average joe understands product labels I feel should be embarrassing. And the cosmetics industry should feel slimy buy trying to hide bad ingrediants in there products. Again, there goal $$. How do they do it legally? They list ingrediants most people can’t even pronounce, let alone comprehend! Oh, and 1 last thing. Did you know there is often more then 1 way to list an ingrediant? Their is! Many ingrediants have more then 1 name. 

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