Natural and Organic growth expected!

We all know Walmart will not come close to Whole Foods organic offerings anytime soon. Especially, in the GF department. However, did you know what major retailer is ahead of Walmart in reduced prices and better selection of organics?  It’s Target! And guess what? It’s not only in food items! Yes, I have Targets near me, and YES, I’ve checked. I checked online too. 

      Want to know something equally as awesome? According to the “Data from Pensons New Hope Natural News Media” the natural products industry was a 150$ billion industry in 2013. And in 2018 it is expected to become a 226$ billion dollar industry! Which is an 8.4 % compound growth rate!  I found this on They have a free app too, if your interested. 

    Do you think with Target, Walmart, and other groceries/ supermarkets organics/ all natural selection we could conquer that 226$ billion dollar industry prediction?! I think we can, and quite honestly, don’t you think we NEED too? If we do, I’m sure, it will demand higher quality restaurant food quality. Sadly, most of the US restaurants DON’T serve all natural or organic ingrediants.  And in NYC and most of the rest of the country. I can totally with great confidence say. We SERIOUSLY should demand that. Don’t you agree?  

   The date of the article of this next link was LAST SUMMER. Check THIS OUT have you checked targets return policy too?! It’s pretty sweet if you don’t pay with cash! 

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