New FDA GF labeling ruling for the US

On August 5th, 2014, the FDA put into affect a new ruling for packaged (Mostly processed foods) GF, foods sold in all groceries, and to some restaurants. Finally the US’s FDA, is starting to take the needs of those with Celiac’s and GI (Gluten Intolerance) more seriously. Despite there claim of this just being for those with Celiac Disease. Infact, in some cases, this doesn’t help Celiac’s, or People with GI at all. Since they still allow a little gluten in some “GF labeled products.” So, if you have, may have, GI, ADHD, ASD, skitzophrenia,  or any other condition likely, to have issues with gluten. Please keep this in mind, and buy wisely at the grocery. For more details on the ruling, visit the FDA’s article on it, here.

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