PSD people verse NT’s

This site is NOT present to cure anyone. But, after reading this post, can you see the problem here? And for once, folks with PSD aren’t part of it. Here’s some of the truth behind most people’s sensitivities verses those with sensory issues. No matter what causes there sensory issues. This site is NOT for the NT’s with the below mindset either. 

PSD people

The tiniest molecule of something they can’t have can be A MAJOR problem. 

Diversity is far less preferred if at all encouraged in certain ways. 

Being healthy is our priority.

The rules and expectations for PSD folks and sensitivities are often different then an NT’S. 

Toxic ingrediants are nearly everywhere.  


Everyone else 

They might not like it (If they notice), but, if it’s not a universal toxin (known to be or not), it won’t be an issue for them. 

Who said trying something new will make me sick?! I can handle ANYTHING in moderation! Want to test that? I didn’t think so! 

Fitting in is our manual to prioritize. 

Then we’d never have anything in common with folks with sensory issues.  And wouldn’t that be ridiculous! 

Toxic ingrediants?! You mean the FDA or government has no laws preventing my products to be healthy?! Really?! That’s pretty hard to believe. Check my resource section.  You’ll be disappointed, I promise.! 

Note- Number 4 under PSD people here is an example,  I can eat cooked asparagus just fine. It gives me no sensory issues or any other bad reactions. But, I don’t like it.  For people with certain food, smell, or touch sensory issues more likely then not. If they can’t eat something or wear it. It is most likely a sensory issue. Regardless of if they have roscia, excema, ASD, or anything else. But, sometimes (Although, it can be rare, it’s a preference, just like anyone else could have.) Many with PSD (Especially when young) won’t know the difference. 

  Also, if something’s normal for most people but, it’s uncomfortable and not a common enough feeling for someone with PSD. (Or anyone for that matter) can and often will associate the new reaction as bad because it’s not accurately processed or recognized as good or okay. Please see anouther post for an example of this and textures in edible form. 


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