Safe Cosmetics Advocacy Recruitment Review

To be honest, this blog wouldn’t exist if most cosmetics and sunscreens were both toxic free, and sensory friendly. But, sadly most aren’t. Last Wednesday, I watched this great 32 minute live broadcast on UTUBE called,  “Safe Cosmetics Activism” .  If you want to do only what I previously mentioned in anouther post buy signing up for there newsletter. To help change the cosmetic and sunscreen industry. 

Please just go here to sign up!

  However, if your willing to help the safe cosmetics organization, and EVERYONE with a much bigger impact, please go to your utube account, and watch the video. And then sign up for the team or teams you will volunteer in. This organization only has 1 full time employee. This organization sometimes works with the Breast Cancer Fund, EWG, and others. 

As a volunteer you can spend as little or as much time as you want volunteering. And they have three teams. Team Build Up, Team Act Up, and Team Power Up. There literally is a job for every type of person. From a social butterfly, website designesr, researcher’s, online social media types, to politician types, and even letter writers. These are only some of the volunteer positions.  With the combination of my education here, and what they offer. I guarantee, you will have more then enough know how to make an impact. 

The contact info to get started immediately is here and in the broadcast.  (no capitals in the address) the speaker on the video. There general e-mail.

There website to review their previous campaigns –

The first half of the video reviews a bit about chemicals and campaigns they have done or are working on/ towards. The last half Saranda tells you of their volunteer cosmetic advocate roles they have available prior to answering some brief questions. 

I’m going to be on the first two teams. Will you join us? 

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