Safer Cosmetics campaign doesn’t want ME!?

Do you remember my posts helping them recruit volunteers?  Well, when I volunteered and e-mailed them, I never got a reply. I followed up. And the same thing happened, NOTHING.! This I find interesting, perhaps. Or, am I shocked?! Or do I understand why? I may understand why. I guess perhaps, they don’t want someone sensitive to nearly every product. U think? It’s not like I can’t advocate AND generalize for them. I can, and was looking forward to proving it, ONCE I had the chance too. But, they don’t even REPLY.  REALLY!?

Is anyone else surprised buy this? I sent her my sensory solutions blog link, told her I was an aspie even too. Did this hurt me? I thought it would help. Am I missing anything? 

Thanks for any feedback. 

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