Sensory World

   Sensory World Organization, focuses mainly on sensory issues and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). Their organization is mainly for parents, teachers, children and teens with it, and caregivers that work with those with SPD.  However, some of it, also will help older individuals with these challenges and anyone who cares about them. They also, publish four times a year, the only internationally recognized magazine focusing only on SPD.  How great is it to have a MAGAZINE dedicated only too SPD struggles?! 

   Anyhow, the cheapest way to buy subscriptions to it, currently- is via this website.

   On that website (Just linked), you can also, find a couple free articles, to give you an idea of the magazine better.  Otherwise, I know the Apple, App Store has an app kinda, they place in there default, app newsstand app.   You can find it under the name of SF, which stands for it’s title, which is Sensory Focus. There cheapest digital subscription price is 15$ a yr. via iTunes it’s 21$ though and 7$ per issue.  The paperback, subscription price, starts at 25$ however.   Famous ASD authors sometimes write for SF, like Temple Grandin. 

   I hope this organization helps at least a couple of you, if only buy giving you hope that SPD, is actually, starting to get more recognition- world wide. 

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