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  Remember Alison Morris, the nutritionist with over a decade of experience specializing in special needs nutrition? I received the below e-mail YESTERDAY.  I copied and pasted it, and then edited it slightly for you below.  Well she had a great, week long Autism Summit Conference completely online! It was free, when it was live and 24 hrs after it OnlY. And all that week you could purchase all the recordings for the price you see below. Then it doubled in price. For 1 week only (And during it, I did purchase this, if your curious) and buy the way, I’ve heard other online week long conferences. And all though the others were good (Or atleast certain speakers in them) I didn’t buy the others.   I will be DEFIantly be posting more about Alison Morris’s efforts in the future. And I’m part of Full Parenting, already. Although, not a parent. And am NOT recommending her new Mindset, ( Taking time out for yourself) parenting course for all parents. The one she mentions below. ( I don’t recommend it to some, who aren’t NT’s. ( Neuro-typical).)  However, I’ve not taken it. And am atleast, not this year. 

    So, I highly suspect she’ll (Alison,) have another great week long online Summit next year that again will be free for a limited time. And off course, in my upcoming newsletter e-mails (As I learn of them),  I’ll deFinantly tell you of future online free conferences. Regardless, of if Alison Morris, hosts them or not. And I know of some coming up (Just not anytime super soon, yet- that I find worthy enough to tell you about, relevant to Sensory Solutions) Buy the way, some of the advice in her Summit ( And elsewhere to be honest) is GrEaT for populations that aren’t just Autistic.  Please note, the additional bonus from purchasing the Summit recordings too! 

    Although I defiantly,  recommend buying the summit recordings. This DOES NOT mean I recommend you do everything all the speakers say, for yourself, or someone you care about.  Purchasing this I believe will also put you on her mailing list automatically. However, you do NOT need to purchase anything to get on it. You can just go sign up for it hear.  And then ignore- parts of these posts I share, (Or future e- mails out about some of her stuff). Everything I edited or added to the e- mail below I have underlined for you. Feel free once on her mailing list to e-mail her if you need more info on her EFT class. Or to get the initial e-mail invite on it. She e-mailed me about that initially seperatly but, because this blog is what it is, I don’t feel comfortable at this time sharing that e- mail.  

   Tip- excluding the Summit package ( and possibly a couple other things), if you become a Full Potential Parenting Member which is 10$ a month or a reduced price option paid at once at an annual price. I think it’s 100$. You can get a discount on nearly everything else she sells/ offers. As long as you are a current, Full Potential Parenting, Member. 

Here’s her e-mail to me and all of you now too! 


Alexandrea.( that’s me!) , one year ago today I launched Full Potential Parenting to bring information and inspiration to parents of challenging children.

Over the last year, I’m proud to say that I’ve interviewed more than 45 practitioners, therapists, doctors, and parents about a wide range of approaches to healing — for our children and for ourselves.

I didn’t want other parents to have to work so hard to find information that could help them move forward on their healing journey with their child.

To celebrate, I’m offering the downloads of the interviews from the Healing our Children 2014 World Summit for one week only for the summit sale price of $49. The Summit featured interviews with amazing speakers like Dr. Martha Herbert, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Anju Usman, Bryan Post, Dr. Kendal Stewart, and many others. For a listing of all the speakers and the topics they covered, go here.  Purchase at the bottom of that page. 

  Free Bonus,  if you buy the Summit package !  All 27 interviews from the first three seasons of the Full Potential Parenting show will become available to you at no charge! I urge you to spend some time listening to those interviews on a wide range of topics, from Cranialsacral therapy to Essential Oils, from Audio-Visual Entrainment to Developmental Optometry, and from Homeopathy to Neurological Reorganization. Plus so many more.

(If you’d prefer to listen to those interviews on your own devices, the mp3s will be available to you as well!) 

Finally, just a reminder that registration is still open for my online EFT class: Stress Relief for Struggling Parents that starts next Thursday, May 22.

You can find out more about the class, including a week-by-week description of the course content, and why you should consider taking a class for yourself when your child still needs so much help here. I hope you’ll check it out and consider joining us to learn how tapping could transform your parenting and your life.

I’m excited about another year of insightful interviews with fabulous guests and hope you are too! (Coming up soon, Kelly Dorfman, author of Cure Your Child With Food, and Angelika Lemke – a homeopath who specializes in working with children on the autism spectrum, and with tricky issues like Lyme, PANDAs, and more.)

Thank you for going on this journey of discovery with me!

To hope and healing,





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