Tell Washington, DC to Cut Out Toxin’s ASAP, 3

Tell Washington DC and major chains to cut the toxin’s 3.   Here is an active,  fairly current link, that covers these two topics of that post.  The first post I created that this was introduced in is called,   “Tell Washington, DC to cut out Toxin’s” ASAP, 3. 

  Once you scroll down the pg, on this link,  you’ll see the article’s that belong with the following topics. The first topic listed below. Is also discussed in the movie linked in my NEXT post on here. Mentioned in the first post, of this series. I didn’t initially expect so many posts for this one e-mail share with you all. 

Would you Like Flame Retardents With That Couch? 

Walgreens We Need You to Lead on Toxic Chemicals! 

Have you been in a Walgreen’s lately? I defiantly have recently seen improvements in my local one, and some others too! It’s not my most frequent drugstore, but, so what! On the decrease for toxins, scale. It means it’s working. If your part of why, KEEP IT Up, and thank you! And regardless of if you are, or aren’t. Please support them in there positive baby steps, forward!  

click here By the way, if you go to additional pages (Accessible on the bottom of this linked page,) I think you might find other interesting/ helpful posts to read too. 

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