August 2018

I started my first FB  group today March 5, 2017- It’s called-  Empowering the Neurologically Disabled  . And it’s a closed group.  It’s for people with Invisible disabilities as well as some of those who support us. Please read the group rules and Mission first. And if you feel you might benefit from being there and might fit the accepting community it’s developing to be –  answer a couple questions, in order to be approved to join.  If someone’s recommended you to the group and you feel your not a fit. Obviously, don’t accept being in it. But, telling them no thanks could defiantly be appreciated to their invite.

If you join and the group gets massive in size I may request volunteer admins to help me- so if your interested,  once in it.   Pm me and let me know.   You DON’T have to be my friend anymore on there to pm me. IF your in that group.


May 2017

Some reasons I haven’t updated this page yet.

  1. This is a free blog and NO ONE here warrants it or even asked for it. I have NO obligation too.
  2. It could distract from the importance of last June’s updates which are ongoing and critically important.
  3. The political disaster/devastation (Haven’t you noticed I became a HUGE Clinton advocate/volunteer)
  4. Less updates can equal more value and can also really see who my true long time readers are better.
  5. There are others but, hopefully you can see that I shouldn’t have to list them all.


As for this months update thus far. I didn’t win a scholarship to FBS  (See the recent post(s) if your confused). But, that could be a great gift after all.   And I’m still most certainly qualified to be a very successful Health Coach.


I’ve been struggling with my health and trying my best to survive. In a world were traditional medicine often blame the easiest causes to problems. That’s very hard to deal with.

It’s important for you to know this because occasionally my issues might not be yours. Therefore, what I need may not be what you need. For example, I NEED to gain weight. I need frequent enough bowel movements.

Yes. Being thin can certainly be healthy. But, there is a difference between thin and VERY thin.

There is a difference between other fine detail comparisons too. Even if others fail to acknowledge those differences.

End of Jan 2016

Keeping buzzy like before.

Also, Sat. I sliced the tip of my left middle finger. So now I have a finger cast on it. I was peeling an apple in the kitchen to have with my breakfast with a new very sharp peeler and that’s how it happened. It was early in the morning. I lost ALLOT of blood. It made me pass out briefly. Luckily, I got to my bed, before blacking out. After awhile, and later that morning, I actually eat breakfast. But, at the time of it happening it was somewhat dramatic. I went to urgent care to get it temporarily taken care of before preceding with my day.

Have gotten to posting a few more posts on my various blogs. 🙂 And will try to do more tomorrow.

Good Night.

Jan 14, 2016

My birthday is coming up!  The 21 rst. I’ll be 35.

My health is okay. Still de-toxing/recovering from last years horror. Some of which my parents are along elongating unfortunetly (meaning stunting or slowing down the process.) 🙁 Not helping.  This stunts employment and much more too. 🙁

My ipad is completely dead now and unable to be re-fixed so, my contact e-mail for my blogs will be changing. Don’t e-mail me at my address anymore. I’ll update on my blog when I have a new e-mail.

I ordered at 8 inch HD Kindle Fire to replace it and am on their lowest interest free payment plan that they have for it.  It arrives tomorrow.  Getting use to it will take time. Luckily I’m a prime member already.

I really wish I had the time and energy to post more on some of the blogs. Which would also mean making more progress on the books. But, surviving is coming first and isn’t leaving much opportunity too.

I have a part time 2nd volunteer job now though. 1 of which gets me out of the house and state weekly. So that’s good.  More about that later in a post or two hear or on my non-toxic blog.

Other stuff will be mentioned elsewhere soon, if it hasn’t been yet.

November 29th

I added a donate post on this blog.

Because this blog is a domain WP doesn’t permit an actual button as a footer, or in my sidebar (Where I’d and I’m sure you’d rather have it). It allows a page like my my post but, I’m not allowed any additional pages.

Tomorrow, I’ll add another one for my blog and it’s sub domain

Donations will first go to funding all my maintenance costs for these blogs. They will become nicer if I get enough money through this means. And after those costs are met donations for the costs related to publishing my books will be where the rest goes.   These blogs are not free to maintain. And creating books cost a decent amount as well. Especially when your Dyslexic/ have ample to share that isn’t all on the blogs.

So I’ll be greatful for any donation big or small. And it will tell me you really value my content and hard work also.

So, thanks in advance if you donate!

October 29th

Since what happened to me earlier this yr medically didn’t kill me. (Which in my case it didn’t) It is a long term issue(s). However, it has had it’s really bad times, and it’s more improved moments. Now, it’s somewhat going up.   What is really screwed up partly, is standard medicine. Which has harmed me allot more then helped me, especially this year. Which unfortunately, I can’t afford to get out of, and my insurance doesn’t cover Functional Medicine at all.  I’m hoping standard medical protocol is finished harming me this year. But sadly, only time will tell.  At least, I know Functional Medicine some, to care for myself. After all. That is part of the goal of this entire Functional Medicine- Natural Healing Movement.


October 7, 2015

It seams like I’ll be able to stay out of the hospital this week. This buy no means makes me better. Just not in urgent critical care in a way only hospitals can provide. You might be surprised how much can be medically done now a days at home and in doctors offices, ect.

October 3rd, 2015

I was discharged from one of my local hospitals (Which is excellent buy the way) at about 1130 am EST this morning. I maybe going inpatient however this coming week to a larger hospital in NYC. For follow up care from the same/ related concerns. This hospital would be closely connected to my GI specialist in NYC. I was in the hospital 8 days.

September 30, 2015

I’ve been in the hospital since 2 am EST this past Friday night. 9/26/15

I don’t know when I’ll be discharged yet however, this is my fourth admission to a hospital within this year. The last 2 forbid technology so, I’m VERY grateful this one does not.

Previous monthly updates –

Within the next month or two tops I’m defiantly going to start 2 more blogs. I’ve already started planning for there setup. A small number of the posts on this blog, and some from my other current blog ( disabilityadvocate1) will be transferred over to these 2 new blogs. And off course I’ll add new posts to them both as well.

1 of these upcoming blogs, overall , will be about non toxic living or just healthy living. That one will defiantly be more geared towards people with disabilities, diseases, or long term illness.

The second upcoming blog will be for mostly conference notifications along with anything else I can’t otherwise categorize at the moment.

Third update. For a number of reasons, I have decided. That my sensory solutions book is now going to be split up -re-organized some, and continued to be created, as 2 digital books . Which should come out at the same time. 1 of the reasons I choose to do this. Was to accept a lower purchase price. To hopefully make more sales and effect more people. Even if the cost of both of them may not be any lower. This will also strengthen them both. And make them more unique then my original plan. Allowing me to possibly expand on certain things too. Among other benefits. Unfortunately, for me this likely will increase my publishing costs. But, little worth having is free these days. Right?

As it looks at the moment, the first will feed into the second very nicely. The first will be kinda more basic with a major awareness focus, of the conditions mentioned on this blog. Especially ASD, MCS, ADHD, and SPD. With personal stories. While the second will be for those who have read the first book already, ideally. Or are already at (Or ready for) a complete intermediate level of knowledge and acceptance of the conditions addressed. The second one will focus more on the solutions one needs to use. And who else, should also use them.

There going to be digital only, atleast at first. Because, digital. Is the cheapest to create. Without the quality suffering, possibly dramatically. To be honest, the publishing costs, scare me. And finding steals is my speciality. If any of you have any great ideas for finding that funding. PLEASE let me know.

 I use to  have a subscriber list. And I might in the future again. However, sadly I had to end it over the summer due to  unforseen circumstances. I will certainly repost about 1 in the future. If I try to restart it back up again. If your very interested in having one your more then welcome to tell me at   Right now, I need to focus on writing and the blogs however.

     If there’s a white space that means on this page only that there is type there but, at the moment, it’s not applicable (Known as N/A) to any of you yet. Or not anymore. It might be later will see.if it is, obviously I’ll then make it readable. Yes, I know, I’m uniquely odd. But, creative! Yea? 


 I add to existing posts frequently.  That’s just how my brain works. A post I may add to frequently is the resource post, unless I create a new post of resources. 

  I recently lost most of the use of my computer substitute. It wont access online at all. I knw. Right! No worries though, this coming up week, I promise to post more. Miss me? Lol. you so don’t have to answer that.!

I’ll share some of what I’ve been up too a little too. Which is ALOT and I hope you know, alot of it is for you guys and my Sensory Advice/guidance.

Told ya, I wouldn’t go away.


I have added an organization in the post called  “Help Us ALL Be Healthier” recently that does similiar work to what the Safety Cosmetics group has. However, there work focuses on making our desperately needed household cleaners safer for those with MCS, PSD, and similiar needs. And our outside yard chemicals too. Along with everyone else’s health. Cause let’s be honest, who really needs a toxic cleaner- Or a toxic life!? 


My newsletter ONLY will now have some of the additional resources. Thanks for reading!

More later, and SooN!

Your Sensory Solutions Expert,