Want Some Multiple Chemical Syndrome Inspiration?

 Update, this offer has now expired. However, if you own ANY Kindle, (Any Kindle reader or tablet meaning.) I’m happy to report, that you can have it loaned to you from any other Kindle owner who owns it, for free.  Also, if you have Amazon Prime. You may borrow it for free from Amazon. 

   I’m EXCITED,  I’m part of a MCS (Multiple Chemical Syndrome) support group on Facebook. Even though I don’t have it. Today, I saw a post from an author with MCS who is offering her story FOR FREE to everyone who needs encouragement and education about MCS. The book which is linked below, is called,

The Coach’s Daughter: A Journey Into God’s Faithfulness [Paperback]

and it is ONLY free for 4 days. I JUST bought it, recently, today.  It’s a Kindle book. But, if you don’t have a Kindle that’s okay. Just download the KINDLE reader icon on a computer, or the KINDLE APP on any Tablet,  ( Except for un-rooted NOOK’s), or download the app to any smartphone or iPod touch, for access to ALL kindle books FOR FREE.  You probably have to set up a Kindle account on Amazon if you don’t have one too. But, that’s quick, easy and free too! And has lots of benefits. 

     Also, if you don’t use the below link, the book WON’T be free, I checked. So, USE the RIGHT link.   If you read it you can comment about it on hear,  e-mail me about it IF your a subscriber to this blogs newsletter. As well as giving it a review, on Amazon. Learn more about MCS  today! Or find some hope, if you have it. 

  Thanks Jill Woodruff! 

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