What u must buy that’s organic or basically

 Below, I’ve added 15 other editable ingrediants beyond what the Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean 15 list. Along with some of what I can’t eat like, or dislike. However, if you want the bran spanking new 2014 dirty dozen plus and Clean 15 list with individual visual photos of each fruit or vege.  Please go here.   http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/

   You don’t have to sign up to see the visuals. Nor do you have to donate. But, I highly recommend you atleast sign up your e-mail address and then verify it immediately after.   If you already signed up to the Environmental Working Group via my post titled “Help Us All Be Healthier”. Formally titled ” Help Us Fit in Better” No need to do it again.  But, check the link anyway to see the updates to the list. Or to get a visual! 

  Off course, Europe ‘s fruits and veges are healthier with less pesticides then our non organic versions on the dirty dozen list.  I have added and edited the info below slightly, to be more clear and accurate, with this update.  I don’t know if you need to buy organic in England. But, if you can, I probably would. Buy the way, you don’t need to sign up your e-mail to see the full report. If you have time. I’d skim it. Otherwise, no biggy. I’ll cover it. 

I’m going to add atleast 1 more post soon, that I’ll share with everyone on organic edibles. 

Please Note- Sometimes the way you consume certain ingredients. (like if it’s cooked or not), where you buy them, the dense population and grocer turn over of them, or the way they are sold, may make certain ingrediants or foods okay in non organic form. For ex; peaches that are canned have far less pesticides then fresh whole ones that aren’t organic. Also, this is a general guide created partially from the dirty dozen list that is available for free online. And annually updated.   Also, where ingrediants come from can also determine if organic is a necessity or not. For example, imported grapes should be organic but, if grown in the US the all natural ones should be fine. 

Tomatoes sometimes, otherwise try vine ripe or very high quality.   Medium too large sizes  of any color only. The small cherry ones only organic. 

Lettuce,  kale, spinach, mixed greens,  Boke Chou,   Organic however, if it’s not prewashed it is more likely to be buggy however. 

celery,  potatoes,  strawberries, cherries^, peaches canned and fresh, raspberries, 

pears! (Not Asian types, only sweet ones) , grapes!, lemons*, limes*, mushrooms*, carrot! , *blueberries,  zucchini ( I might be guessing on this one) , and cucumber.

apricots! (Dried and fresh only, or in Ceres branded all natural juice) , apples!  (Red Delicious Only) olives! ( most I can’t eat in any form, minimal olive hot dressing of some kind might be okay) ,   *bell peppers,  or *nectarines.   *Blackberries guessing on organic 

Pomegranate  not sure if it should be organic or not but! I can’t have it. 

Non organic is fine for 

– peas, corn, eggplant-, *grapefruit, kiwis, *mangoes, *orange, *nectarines, tangerines, sweet potatoe, watermelon, 

-asparagus, avocado, onion! ( white not red) , anise! ( but, guessing), *pineapple.

 * coconut, I can’t imagine organic a necessity. 

* means I don’t eat it !   “!”  Means I eat some kinds or the fruit or vege in cooked form only. If it’s not just cooked or not ( ) explain the rest.  Sometimes ! Doesn’t mean it has to be cooked. If it doesn’t, it should be obvious.   – before it, excluding peas means I can it but, don’t like it. To be perfectly clear,  I like sweet peas.


All nuts should be organic. In a butter form they need to be atleast all natural with no added sugar, high  fructose corn syrup, or anything else unhealthy  in a butter form.  As for the nuts I don’t do peanut or cashew butter. But, I can eat unsalted roasted cashews that aren’t super dry. Or with small amounts of sea salt in the summer only.   If the all natural almond butter or peanut butter isn’t high enough quality there may be small amounts of dairy/ soy in it from where it’s manufactured. These are frequent issue ingredients for many of us.   Especially those with ASD. So, please keep in mind paying ridiculous amounts may be your only option.   Also for the butters keep in mind the less ingredients the better, and be careful on the texture. I NeVEr do chunky. 

Wine and raisins need to be organic. 


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