Who Could Benefit from This Blog?

Do you have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyspraxia, allergies, sensitivities, rosacea, sensitive skin, or excema? If you don’t know what any of those things are, especially, please keep reading. If you take meds that make you sun sensitive, some of my advice is also geared towards you as well.

Do you have an autoimmune disorder that forces you to minimize sun exposure? Like psoriasis or Sjogren’s syndrome ? 


Learn more about psoriasis here- 

http://www.healthline.tow/5-psoriasis-triggers-avoid#9. for ex.

Or how about one of these instead?

http://voices.yahoo.com/how-avoid-sun-photosensitivity-reactions-5691972.html Systemic lupus erythematosis or SLE is an example of a disease that can cause a serious photosensitivity reaction. Another one is a metabolic condition called porphyria.” According to an article written buy Leong, Kristie, MD Published by Kristie Leong M.D. – A family physician with a strong interest in disease prevention and alternative medicine. This and the following paragraph was found at the last link above.

I’m a family physician with a strong interest in disease prevention and alternative medicine. I’m particularly interested in how diet plays a role in disease prevention. Hope I can inspire someone to lead a… View profile

None of the above linked issues are the biggest topics of concern on this blog. So, although if you have any of those things this blog will definitely help you, this isn’t going to be our main focus. But, most importantly, could you possibly have SPD.? Which stands for Sensory Processing Disorder. Unlike popular belief, sensory issues, are not caused by senses. Did you know that? It’s caused buy brain disorganization and recognition. Partly. Well, if you have ADHD and sensory issues, Roscia sometimes, or ASD atleast, that’s what is misinterpreted and where things go wrong. If you have any of the above, the likelihood that you have SPD is far greater then the regular public. Other folks who may have SPD or similar symptoms, could be folks with ADHD regardless of if the H is present or not, and some babies born way to early.

Certain pages or posts however, will defiantly if the advice is taken, HELP EVERYONE. So, I really hope you all stick around! I promise, if you take this info, to heart, I will have something for everyone. The information I’m going to share will make you happier, healthier, safer, possibly smarter, defiantly will be original, and alot will be backed buy research. This IS very serious stuff, and crucial to know, for a sensory friendly environment to take place.

This blog is written first and foremost with high functioning autistic spectrum adults with SPD in mind. I said this because they have the most significant PSD issues out of the bunch of all the diagnosis mentioned above. I couldn’t care less if you’re diagnosed, so everyone is welcome here. .

However, generally you will find the advice here is very helpful to a much wider audience then folks with the specific issues listed above.

Just so that we’re all on the same page. Let’s define the above diagnosis briefly.

Roscia is considered a dermatological skin issue. But, if you ask me, I think of it as a sensory one. Why? Well it’s caused buy the environment someones in, what they have/ r doing. Their mood, / the food or drink that they consume. If u ask me, that’s sensory. Right? Sure. The skin on their face etc, is off course where there symptoms are taken out on.. But, that’s not where the problem originates a lot of the time. And when it is, It’s due to careless product choices or harsh cleansing methods. Yes? Being naturally rosy cheeked isn’t healthy, as pretty as it maybe. Yet, someone with Roscia naturally, often is. This means that something internally isn’t allowing that individuals skin, ect, to respond or handle the env, food, stress, or whatever, appropriately. Agree? Will talk more about Roscia later.

Excema, is a pain. Trust me, I’ve had a moderate to severe case of it before. NOW mine is very mild, worst case scenario . Excema is when your skin can’t regulate temperature properly. On the surface or close to it. Someone with it there skin over reactes at times to whatever the temp. It feels is. So if it’s cold, and on that persons hands there hands are freezing. If there warm normally, that individuals hands will likely be literally burning. There skin could be cracking and cut. And bleeding and stinging all at the same time. If there hands are freezing there hands could get orange dots showing under the surface. And heavy moisturizer or typical dry hand cream like cortisone cream won’t help much if at all. Infact it could make it even worse. http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/eczema/basics/causes/con-20032073

And lastly for this post, let’s review Dyspraxia. http://www.ncld.org/types-learning-disabilities/dyspraxia/common-warning-signs-dyspraxia-in-college-students-and-adults

Others who could benefit some, would be diabetics, people with Celiac Disease, those with PTSD, or anxiety disorders, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, insomnia, hyper insomnia, asthmatics, or even those, with skin cancer, or an environmental cancer like Leukemia or Lymphoma.