Who should or shouldn’t subscribe?

Feel free to laugh when appropriate. 

I off course can’t force anyone to do anything.  However, 


Who should subscribe? 

You read ALL my posts. And if I link something you atleast skim that too. 

You read most of my posts/pages/ atleast those you feel apply to your situation along with the links. I didn’t say quickly, necessarily. 

You have any ideas on how or what I should or shouldn’t share and you can tell me. In ENglish. I’m fully aware there are translation programs but, I’m not downloading them asap. This includes info that you DON’t see the content of already.

You have a great resource or more you want to share with the community through my blog(s).  I may, love to share it giving you as much or as little credit for it as you like. If it isn’t closely related to sensory solutions I may put in on my other site. More about this later.

I have helped you and you want too show your support even if it’s silently. I’ll notice, even if I won’t know you. (I can promise you atleast that.)  

You need to directly reach me, in private. No guarantee, I’ll reply privately, but, I just might! 😉 I want to be accessible. 

Your a real person! 

You could help me in anyway. For FREE. 

International subscriber’s. – you have no idea how much I want you too! 

You love my advice and want/need as much of it as possible. 


Who shouldn’t subscribe


People with bad attitudes.

People who are addicted, to preferably, anything.

People who want my spam box too increase. ! lol! 

Skeptics who feel my honesty will never change anything.

People who are going to criticize my imperfections (And I have MANY).

People who bearly know English and won’t get there own translator.   

People who still feel SPD doesn’t exist! And requires the DSM to officialize it.  I mean, really!? Why do you even read my blog then? 







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