Why an Adult Aspies health may improve as we AGE

  A lot of this to some degree affects other adults with sorta similiar diagnoses. Covered here. If you remember the post introducing the blog post from John Elder Robinson, a famous adult aspie. He states being an adult aspie is harder then being a child aspie. And as much as I can see and understand that. Their is anouther few ways too look at this topic. And these show the opposing side. 

1. Hopefully, how to survive in today’s day in age buy now is more figured out. For example- Do you need meds? If so, which? Why? And how to juggle them will be something your now used too. Instead of seaking a diagnosis which now is a fortune with no financial help. As an adult. Not to mention the DSM changes which can defiantly effect things.  How is your overall energy? What makes you tick? Hopefully, buy now these things are clearer to you. 

2. People are nicer (sorta). Meaning more mature and have less hang time. Not in your face as much. And if they are, you have more control and the right to fix that as an adult. 

3. Only one person too focus on, YOU! Independence is vital for this.   Eating on your own. For example, not juggling a family dish for 4 or more people.

4. Society invites you to be your best! At your career. Which should be your passion. Rather then go to school and fit in a mold there. With everyone else.  Trying to survive EVERYTHING.

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