Will Walmart Improve Organic prices?

After Whole Foods declared that over half of the edible items in Walmart were/are forbidden in their stores. 


And some of Walmart grocery consumers told them if organic was cheaper they’d bye it!  Walmart decided to sell some organic food. 

Now there about too launch new organic options at a 25% discount then other groceries organics. WOW! The brand,  Wild Oats. You can check it out here! And starting this summer,  Wild Oats will launch at many Walmarts across the US. By the end of the year, I read they will try to expand there organic reduced priced selection. However, I couldn’t find what types of foods they’d be adding organically, or what brand it would be. 

From the link below, it sadely seams to not be all foods. However, if you have the time and a Walmart near you,  (I don’t) and Walmart doesn’t dramatize you sensory wise. I highly encourage you to go to your local Walmart once this brand is released. And encourage the manager. Too widen that brands organic selection of food items. Better yet. Get tons of people (people local to you) who would go there if they did expand there range of organics. And make a survey of those who would go there too buy organic foods, at reduced prices. Leaving (Atleast for some of there current groceries) to become walmart shoppers. 

Obviously, if Sensory Issues, make you hate Walmart. You can ignore most of the above.   Too bad they don’t deliver groceries for free. They should. 

Here’s more info on the Walmart change. Is Walmart changing lives soon? click here

If you go to utube you can watch a very brief video on why this could be bad.  Called “Be Skeptical of Walmarts Organic Food” it’s less then 3 minutes in length and on the video page it is also available to read if you prefer it over watching.. 


Why is this relevant to a sensory solutions site? 

Some food preservatives, additives, hormones, and other chemicals aren’t only cancerous, but, cause behavior changes, and increase your bodies inability to deal with incoming sensory input. Through it’s various forms.  

These chemicals are ONLY guaranteed to be out of (Or most of the chemicals) ALL organic foods.



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