your mouth AND your partners

Sharing air is intimate, we could say it’s even sexy. Right?   Off course! 


However, sharing the spice from there dinner,  or the chocolate, from there dessert. No matter how delicious it is our how romantic sharing it might be. Is NOT! Did I mention tongue rings, your toothpaste, or your mouth wash could also be an issue? Ever think of that? Although, rare, if you do this with certain people with PSD, they could end up in the ER. You think that’s outrageous!? You need to think, AGAIN.! 

 Being with someone with PSD isn’t just about you letting them be different and being okay with that. It’s not about allowing an accommodation or two for them to cope. It’s about you changing your life for the better for you BOTH to be healthier. Not about inconveniencing you or forcing you to change. NT’s can self doubt and be negative. When your with someone with PSD you need to be realistic, understanding, and confident.   Now isn’t THAT sexy? 

           Does tasting someone else’s spice, sugar, salt, dairy, gum, toothpaste, or alcohol matter?  You betcha! Off course, common courtesy when dating says too brush then kiss. But, what if that’s not possible? Or what if your beyond just dating? You really need someone who won’t resent you for their extra or different efforts needed to be with you. The last thing you need is some guilt trip for something you can’t help. And toothpaste sharing isn’t the only thing you need to share if you live tog. To clarify with toothpaste were talking about taste. So for example, if Ben and Lucy were engaged and living tog. And Lucy had SPD issues effecting her mouth or sense of taste. And they both used different toothpaste.  When the too of them lip locked for a smooch Ben’s toothpaste ingrediants could then be shared with Lucy’s SPD causing her a negative sensory episode.  So yes, sharing the same toothpaste or toothpaste you can both handle ( but, different-) is crucial. 
        Listerine and the type matters, and so does the type of whitening products, floss flavor, mints, type of toothbrush, tongue cleaner, and having a brush head sanitizer. ! Who would have thunk ?


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  1. Keith Murfee-DeConcini May 5, 2014 at 11:31 pm

    “Sharing air is intimate, we could say it’s even sexy. Right?”

    This is a great way to start off a post. No one (or very few) would expect it

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