New FDA GF labeling ruling for the US

On August 5th, 2014, the FDA put into affect a new ruling for packaged (Mostly processed foods) GF, foods sold in all groceries, and to some restaurants. Finally the US’s FDA, is starting to take the needs of those with Celiac’s and GI (Gluten Intolerance) more seriously. Despite there claim of this just being for those with Celiac Disease. Infact, in some cases, this doesn’t help Celiac’s, or People with GI at all. Since they still allow a little gluten in some “GF labeled products.” So, if you have, may have, GI, ADHD, ASD, skitzophrenia,  or any other condition likely, to have issues with gluten. Please keep this in mind, and buy wisely at the grocery. For more details on the ruling, visit the FDA’s article on it, here.

Safer Cosmetics campaign doesn’t want ME!?

Do you remember my posts helping them recruit volunteers?  Well, when I volunteered and e-mailed them, I never got a reply. I followed up. And the same thing happened, NOTHING.! This I find interesting, perhaps. Or, am I shocked?! Or do I understand why? I may understand why. I guess perhaps, they don’t want someone sensitive to nearly every product. U think? It’s not like I can’t advocate AND generalize for them. I can, and was looking forward to proving it, ONCE I had the chance too. But, they don’t even REPLY.  REALLY!?

Is anyone else surprised buy this? I sent her my sensory solutions blog link, told her I was an aspie even too. Did this hurt me? I thought it would help. Am I missing anything? 

Thanks for any feedback. 

Movie- “Toxic Hot Seat!”

Would you like to lower your immunities? Or would you rather decrease, or prevent exposure to some, very dangerous, toxins? And EVERYONE else’s exposure, around you? Still with me?   Awesome! If you have Pyloria, MCS, or Sick Building Syndrome this could SAVE YOUR LIFE! But, people with impaired sensory defenses (Translation, with PSD), can also be especially, effected buy these chemicals/ toxic exposures. With that said, this effects EVERYONE.  Now go here, hereand then here.   


Then, if you figure out how to access this movie, possibly, before ME. Please do us ALL A FAVOR and share it in the COMMENTS section, ASAP.  Two of those links have MUST SEE trailers’.  If your setting up a showing near you (Even if I don’t live near you, other blog readers might.) if you know when it will be on HBO, or sold ANYWHERE, legally.  Even if it’s internationally. Although many of my readers are likely, US citizens.  PLEASE SHARE. Better yet, if you live somewhere with enough interest where you can access a showing venue. Set one UP! People will LOVE YOU for IT! And think about how good that would make you feel! Not to mention the free showing access for at least yourself! 


   Go! You can thank me, later! 

Tell Washington, DC to Cut Out Toxin’s ASAP, 3

Tell Washington DC and major chains to cut the toxin’s 3.   Here is an active,  fairly current link, that covers these two topics of that post.  The first post I created that this was introduced in is called,   “Tell Washington, DC to cut out Toxin’s” ASAP, 3. 

  Once you scroll down the pg, on this link,  you’ll see the article’s that belong with the following topics. The first topic listed below. Is also discussed in the movie linked in my NEXT post on here. Mentioned in the first post, of this series. I didn’t initially expect so many posts for this one e-mail share with you all. 

Would you Like Flame Retardents With That Couch? 

Walgreens We Need You to Lead on Toxic Chemicals! 

Have you been in a Walgreen’s lately? I defiantly have recently seen improvements in my local one, and some others too! It’s not my most frequent drugstore, but, so what! On the decrease for toxins, scale. It means it’s working. If your part of why, KEEP IT Up, and thank you! And regardless of if you are, or aren’t. Please support them in there positive baby steps, forward!  

click here By the way, if you go to additional pages (Accessible on the bottom of this linked page,) I think you might find other interesting/ helpful posts to read too. 

Tell Washington DC to Eliminate Toxin’s ASAP 2

Why does Planned Parenthood Care about Toxins?  (find via one of my recent posts on here)  here is a relevant, working link, on that last bolded topic just questioned.  I have not heard these talks yet. But, Kelly is a good speaker. It be best, if you got details about this via the CURRENTLY FREE Detox Summit talks from Kelly’s (Today) or Soram’s (Originally they posted his yesterday on day 1.). Which you can be accessed buy signing up, For free here. The talk was available on Day 1, but due to a technical glitch on there end, will remain avail. For about 23 more hrs.