The Big Short

A few months ago I watched The Big Short in movie theaters.  It’s about the housing crises in the mid 2000’s and   it shares real stories. But, with very good explanations so many can understand it.  It’s an important film for adults to see. However, there were a couple brief parts in the movie that could trigger sensory reactions visually/in an auditory fashion.  So, I recommend if you see it, to do so, where you can control the sound. And are comfortable in a home like environment to minimize sensory reactions.


You can learn more about the movie here.

Episcopal church warning

I do NOT recommend going to church tonight for Christmas Eve. Sorry for the delay EST and PST time zone (Among others). Between the fragrant chemicals that are especially festive on adults. And incense throughout the parish. It’s a MCS, mold sensitive, and sensory hell. People with mold sensitivity can react extremely poorly to chemicals, weather, and even clothing without mold on or in it. And no one to my knowledge likes the incense smell. But, it’s especially bad for people with these issues.

Instead go during the day on Christmas. It will be a far better service too.

I’m going to be effected buy my exposures from tonight and tomorrow at least for the next week. Ugg! Society. When will they obey for improved health?

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The Bowel Movement – That get’s STUCK

Need a visual of what constipation inside of you looks like?  No prob!  Want to see what keeps it moving? Or why you might get constipated?  (There ARE other root causes to what causes the constipation-not mentioned, here as well) .

Constipation and IBS are two reasons to eat healthy and possibly consider/be on 1/more special diets.  Can you think of other reasons too?

For a complete picture make sure to check out my last two IBS Digestion posts on here as well. Including their brief videos. And don’t forget to tell me what you think in the comments section below!

Brain Gut Visual

Need to see the IBS  (Irratible Bowel Syndrome) Brain Gut connection? No Problem!  Check this couple minute u tube video out. After watching this do you see how SPD and IBS are both sensory related now? In SPD your brain gets miscommunication regarding your sensory triggers too.  The triggers don’t just come in through your gut with SPD though.  And in SPD your body doesn’t react normal or in a healthy way regarding incoming triggering information either.

However, your IBS symptoms defiantly don’t only have to be coming from your gut/stomach however. But, that’s for another discussion.   This can be caused buy Stress, Food sensitivities, lack of good bacteria, and more.

Thanks Nathan Devery!


Understand? To get a more complete understanding make sure to see my two additional recent Irratible Bowel Syndrome Visual posts and there utube videos on this blog.

Irratible Bowel Syndrome IS a REAL issue – Here’s your FIRST Visual

Research shows IBS (Otherwise known as Irratible Bowel Syndrome)  effects 58 million people in the US.  With a 2 to 1 Women to man ratio. Most people with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Autism have it. And numerous others with a large variety of other conditions also do.  From MCS, Celiacs, ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety disorder’s, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia, Intestinal permeability (Otherwise known as Leaky Gut), Candida,  SIBO, Neurological Differences, Gut Dysbiosis, Gulf War Syndrome, Depression, and  many more.


Watch this  video only till the host is done showing you the insides of a colon. Although, the host is accurate that typically IBS and it’s symptoms don’t kill people. It can. 1 example of how it could kill someone (And Did)  is shown in an article on my nontoxic4us  blog post called, “Pooping is no laughing matter!”  IBS symptoms include internal inflammation that may or may not be seen or felt inside of you/externally (However,  often, it is felt).  Enough internal inflammation can cause all kinds of problems- especially if it hangs around too long.  Including Cancer. An external common symptom/consequence (Especially if Constipated/and most likely if you have ASD too) is bloating.

What’s up with Processed foods?

You hopefully here allot if you’ve been following me and the conferences I’ve invited you too (via my Onlineconferences4us blog) to eat real and whole foods. And possibly to skip the processed stuff. But do you know why that is? And is all processed food bad for you? Or simply just not good for you? And if not, what is safe? And what isn’t? Here are the answers.

But first. There are two definitions of processed foods. One is any food that isn’t required to be and cooked before consuming. The second definition is the one this post and most people mean when saying anything about real food. Which is any food that isn’t fresh nuts, fruits, meat, poultry, or veggies. And anything with more then 1/2 ingredients. So, frozen veggies don’t count as processed food even though the veggies have changed to a frozen state and are slightly less nutritious possibly then there fresh refrigerated equivalents.

Whole, real foods ARE ideal for you to have as much as possible. Few processed foods are really good for you. And everything is dependent on your individual needs. And what you’d otherwise be eating. So relative partly due to lifestyle.

Assuming any possible processed food item( s) don’t have any nasty sprays added on them like glyphosate/ GMO and no unhealthy ingredients like dyes, sugar, corn syrup, preservatives, ect. Processed food is well, processed. Meaning taken out of nature’s original state and mixed up some if not a lot already for you. So, some of your digestive work was done for you prior to ingesting it. Which of course helps you since it’s often pre cooked or prepped for you at least some if not entirely. Making your prepared time possibly allot easier if not non existent.

Keeping in mind that sometimes

But, often. Especially with those with weakened or challenged immune systems. Processed food in at-least 1 way is actually harder to digest. Because,- your body has a more difficult time identifying the ingredients and then not knowing sometimes what to do with the food item(s). It can be tricked if certain ingredients are present or if you have a sensitivity to 1 of the ingredients in that food item as well.

Other reason’s they state to avoid these processed foods are the following.

It’s disabling your advanced digestion capabilities (Not stretching them another words).

You don’t know everything going into your body. Even if your a pro at reading labels. And who is now a days!?

Sometimes there more expensive due to the convenience.

They discourage u from having real cooking skills. An important life skill.

U miss out on natures candy./ the taste and benefits of real food.

Your money supports the wrong causes. Not farmers but, packing and manufacturing companies. And possibly being indirectly pro GMO. Even if the item is GMO free. For the most part. Occasionally to convenience prep services.

Higher likelihood you’ll have or get health problems immediately, later on, or both. Sometimes u won’t identify with till later on.

There are a few (at MOST) partial to complete product exceptions to this rule.

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Evie Newbold KNOWS SPD

Want to learn about Sensory Processing Disorder from a female’s perspective? Not any female either. A cute 4 year old named Evie Newbold! The needs and challenges she face are the same as an adult with it. I must say out of all the SPD videos on U tube. Her’s easily is one of my favorites. If not my favorite. It’s positive, accurate, thorough,  short, and really easy too watch.  Check it out! It’s only 4 minutes long.

And if on facebook. Like her too!  (That tells her you appreciated it and want more to come).


SPD With and Without Autism, Differences Exist

Many of my readers here know SPD isn’t only found among those with Autism/ADHD/Dyspraxia. But, did you know there’s now proof? Did you also know that SPD presents differently in those on the ASD spectrum? You can have just a Sensory Processing Disorder too. Go to this article to see brain images showing some of this. In this article the images can enlarge if you click on them.

See this URL for those differences.

SPD Differences among different populations

PS. I saw this two yrs ago.

Sensory Processing Disorder Proof

Ever wonder why SPD (or Sensory Integration Disorder) use to never be in the diagnostic statistical manual? Or DSM? Which is the bible for psychiatrists and psychologists. It’s partly because they didn’t have any brain pictures of those with it too compare with those who don’t have it. Now there’s actual scientific proof it exists. Two years ago University of California researchers used an advanced MRI technique and found the first biological evidence (And therefore, proof) that SPD exists. They also, saw differences among people with it who did vs. did not have Autism.

What to see the article and some of the brain images showing this scientific evidence? In the website address there should be no space between disorders- and kidsi at the end. So correct it if you copy and paste it in a search engine. Auto correct wouldn’t let me spell it correctly when I put no space.

SPD Proof

PS. I saw these two yrs ago.

Movie Theater Chain, with SPD Friendly Matina’s

The US mega Movie Theater chain AMC, now has several theaters across the country that show matinee shows in a SPD  friendly way. At least, for some of our sensory issues.  To see which theaters and possibly which movies go here/ also contact AMC or the AMC participating theater nearest to you.     To see what makes a sensory friendly movie different however, check out on here my Jan post (That I just posted) called, Going to Plays with SPD.

Sensory-friendly-films and Movie theaters

Are Sensory Friendly Cities in our Future?

In Denver, Colorado at the Lone Tree Arts Center on June 16, 2015 their was the first ever, Sensory Friendly Summit. Hosting 50 organizations and 80 participants. The STAR (Sensory Therapies and Research Center) joined the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation (SPDF) to prepare Denver to be the FIRST city in the country to be the most Sensory friendly to people with these challenges= us. If it’s successful, the hope is that other cities will follow.

What changes this entails is not yet publicly shared. Which means if you or someone you care a lot about or work for. Would benefit from this (Or would if your area also did it) NOW is the time to speak up and contact the Movements leaders from the Lone Tree Arts Center or PHAMALY (For the Denver Area) or STAR or the SPDF area for the rest of the nation.

The SPDF and STAR Center this fall will be launching the first Sensory Friendly Certification nationwide for businesses and organizations joining in the movement. If you ask me. ( and there not :(. ) Scents and fragrances in places, as well as restaurant food quality, and many options for sensitive tummies should DEFIANTLY be encouraged. INCLUDING in hospitals. And enforced, for sensory friendly certification approval. If you could help this be focused on adults as well as children’s sensory needs. I’m certain far more then people with SPD, Autism, and Down Syndrome would be greatly positively effected and grateful. Think of all the extra business! People with MCS, autoimmune food issues, diabetics, ADHD, IBD, IBS, GF diets, and others would also come. Some who can’t now. Wouldn’t that be GREAT?!

First SPD live Summit in Denver!   Scroll down the page slightly for the Sensory Processing Disorder’s Foundations  July Newsletter.

I first learned about this via someone else’s post on a SPD Facebook group. Isn’t this exciting? SPD is going to hopefully be more widely accepted as a legit need. One that society will have to at least accept and somewhat understand.

We already have some plays and movies getting sensory friendly showings and performances. But, let’s expand the number offered. And increase the ways, and places, society should assist us. Who’s with me on this? Comment below if you are.

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Supplements great for those with ASD and normal blood work?

First off supplements unlike prescription meds rarely if ever are covered in the U.S. under health insurance plans. There sometimes very expensive. Especially the most natural, GMO free, Gluten free, and dairy free ones with no artificial colors, dies, flavors, or any other bad stuff including extra unneeded intolerant ingredients. Making them out of reach cost wise for many of us. Especially adults without parental or partner payment assistance for them.

They also take a little extra work to find the right one if a nutritionist or other holistically trained individual doesn’t advise you specifically on the right brand, or form of the supplement that will work for you. Tip- the Holistic Practitioners and or Amazon may only have the higher quality version of each supplement that could be ideal for you or your loved one. ( Same is true for other stuff too like Protein Powder)

However, the effectiveness of them on the SPD, ASD, sensitive community is discussed on Julie Matthew’s blog where she shares new research studies on the effects of Supplements and Vitamins on children and adults with ASD. Her blog entry is interesting and I recommend you check it out here Julie Matthew’s on Supplement need with ASD

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The Boy with the Incredible Brain- Extraordinary People- Documentary

On my Disability Advocate one dot com blog I recently sent you to a utube video with 10 possibly inspiring people with ASD highlighted in it. The first is a savant, who you can learn more about through this documentary on utube for free.  After watching it, please feel free to comment on what you thought about it, /what you learned in it.  The title of this 50 minute documentary is the title of this post.


Earth Day with SPD, MCS, Mold Issues, sensitive skin, roscia, etc.

As someone always concerned about nature and animals I can’t forget what today is. Can you? Do you even know what today is? Today is a day to remember that many animals share our space. And that nature was here first. Infact, if nature wasn’t here. We wouldn’t be. Yes? I mean think about it. Healthy water is essential to live and not loose our eyesight. Oxygen comes from trees. That’s how we can breath.

If you haven’t figured it out yet It’s Earth Day! I want to remind you that SPD friendly preferred things, can be, (Are), or sometimes should be very earth friendly. SPD people’s often needs/ preferences (Sometimes unconsciously so) are more environmentally sound then those without SPD, MCS, and the like.

1. Walking/Running. Not the alternative of Driving to a Gym for Example/ or needing one. Which can be stress producing too.
2. Biking ( Non electrical) verse the loud polluting motorcycle
3. Hiking Way smarter then a stair master. Right?
4. Listening to nature/ your OWN music when outdoors. Verse bringing your smart phone- killing your battery- and going crazy to find data signal for your PANDORA stations. And then scaring all the animals away.
5. When truly backpacking in the wilderness. Our unscented and fragrance free soaps. Lack of perfume, cell phones on, electronics mostly, and no campfires, are all things Mother Nature truly appreciates. And your luggage will too! Trust me on that.

Unless off course you want a highly stressful vacation with a bear eating your strong smelling (Non SPD friendly food= strong smelling, ) food left overs. Unless the bear destroys your toiletries and while your trying to sleep.! Yea! ? I’m sure you’d LOVE that. Now wouldn’t you!?

1 Lesson take away here is, we don’t need the scents or fragrances. The Bears might be your only friends when backpacking otherwise.

I encourage you to think about (Appreciate what is already done) and at least rhetorically ask yourself the following. . What other things do people like us do, can do, or could need? That harms Mother Nature the least/ better yet helps it. Can you/ do you incorporate it into your regular routine? If not. Maybe you should.

Happy Earth Day! Don’t forget it’s where life all began, and humans were NOT here first.

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Happy Easter/ Passover !

   Do you celebrate Easter or Passover? If so, which one?

  I celebrate Easter! But, without the sweets, alcohol, spices, food intolerances, and gluten. Unlike most of my family. My family celebrates mostly with all the above. Why I won’t say, to copy me (Even if that’s the smartest thing to do, I’m sure some of you might laugh if I did). I will say, keep in mind your health, sensory needs, addiction factors, routines, and how those things will effect you both short and long term.   Not just how they effect you. But, how your actions, delivery of actions, and the lack of them. How they effect, or  may influence other’s as well. Even if it isn’t always obvious, when someone else notices them and let’s your actions change theirs. (Children are very easily influenced.)  But, so are some adults with certain disabilities as well. Like some with ASD. 

   But, if your an adult. Most of all. Don’t get unwound from alcohol. That’s key no matter what extra differences you have, true. But, those who celebrate with you should appreciate you for you. And not for what alcohol makes you become.  ( Same is true for any other toxin that may just be one for you and not them) If this isn’t true, there toxic. And you need, an untoxic family or group of close friends to celebrate with. If you celebrate at all. 

    If you need to/ should stay sober, in routine,  and avoid what’s toxic, DO SO.  Stay strong.  And please know. You are SO not alone. But, do it tactfully. 


Hush Hat

Hush hats are for all babies (Since they don’t wear earplugs). And have far greater sensitivity to noise. Especially if they were a preme or have colic.  They actually soften noise from loud, sharp noises threw custom absorbing foam. I heard about these today from my adult SPD group on Facebook. It received 22 likes thus far and 16 commentors about the post. I shared the only link to it however, which you’ll get shortly.  The reason the poster posted it was because she wanted to know if others agreed with her that we should contact the company to have them make them for adults. The name suggested was “the shut up hat”. It would be to aid in our auditory, sensory issues. Because like babies. We too, are sensitive to noise.  I was one of those 16 commentors.  I mentioned comfy earplugs, asked how’d it be better then  comfortable earplugs? And said there is an appropriateness factor concern,  if the weather isn’t that cold. And that it could make us too hot if indoors or outside when it’s warm or hot out. Nearly all the commentors thus far are female,  and a couple said they didn’t care if others found it appropriate or not.  Not one of the commentors didn’t want an adult version. (Except maybe me).

However, if they can make them not hot in ANY environment. Socially appropriate. And take away the law that in public buildings wearing hats is illegal. I’d be ALL for it. !  It might help some ADD kids from distraction in elementary school too. Or middle school. Right? Especially during test time. They might not need a seperate room them.  What do you all think?   Want to get signatures ? Or do you prefer comfy earplugs? Trust me, they do exist (for some people,) if you wear them properly. Put your comments below. Here’s the URL Cute Hush Hats .

VS clearance and free Shipping!

Victoria Secret’s clearance sale online, and via catalog started today. The catalog is valid till August 15, 2015, however shop ASAP for top design and size availability.  They sell out fast with 40-75% off tons of merchandise.  Also, because all purchases get a Secret Rewards card, if you ask for one at checkout.  But, only till March 13th. That’s right! Free VS money with your order. And guess what? 11 pm-3 am starting tonight, -3 am Tom EST.  All 25$ and up orders get free regular free shipping. No special code needed(or reduce your expedited shipping cost (useful, esp if- you can only buy one but, aren’t sure of the right size). Remember, returns are free if you return any of the mag. And online purchases to your closest VS store. And they will outbound ship you for free, an outbound exchanged item. 

   If your not an educated shopper, only some of their merchandise is of good too great quality. But, if they had no more sensory friendly merchandise left (Of good or great quality) this post wouldn’t be here.  I checked, today. If your not on their mailing catalog list you need their clearance catalog and to get on their snail mail list ASAP, for their best prices.  But, mags are NOT slowly delivered. There online prices often don’t resemble there clearance (much better prices.) Of numerous items. In this case, I’d buy (they call it Shop) via online, and via catalog. But, order over the phone. They’ll still e-mail you a receit this way. 

  Some popular items. If you pay full price or a sale price the color and size you need maybe avail (Just not at the clearance price).

   They have other deals online. You can go check them out. 

    I’m an Angel VIP, so if you order over the phone, tell them Alexandrea one of their VIP Angel card holders sent you please. Thank you !  I get no payments or rewards for this post. And feel free to mention this blog too! 

Going to plays with SPD.

Some theater performances, and specific matinee movie showings are now specifically trying to cater to those with Sensory Processing Disorder.  Some of whom may be patrons with ADHD or Down Syndrome too. But, do you know how? And would there allowances and accommodations best suite you? Or inconvenience you?

   This means the following.

The lights are on

The volume is low or lower.

Standing up and making noise during the film or play is allowed. 

Leaving the theater early is permitted and so is exiting the seated area for a break. Before you return back to your seats.

Therefore, going to a sensory theater production is different. I for one, typically prefer the non sensory friendly versions ( most of the time). And yes, I’ve tried a sensory friendly play before. I only tried it for the experience and the play not cause I needed the accomodation that time.

However, one time I went to the normal viewing of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” on Broadway. The first play Broadway level play to my knowledge, focused on Asperger’s. It had a sensory friendly couple of performances too. And sadly my sensory issue with air conditioner seriously dampened my experience. The AC was on WAY TO High (Especially for the fall in NYC) . And I was SO cold. It put me to sleep through out a good amount of the show 🙁 .

In two or three other plays I’ve gone too none of which had sensory friendly performances. There was smoke used for effects/ 1/ more actor smoked cigarettes on stage. In all cases. The smoke made my SPD symptoms react. And I remember in 1 case I got light headed and nearly passed out. Theaters need to tell audiences even for regular performances when’s scents, fragrances, and smoke will be used in the production or cleaned areas of there theaters. Example; the ladies bathroom.

Which proves Sensory friendly accomodation differences need to be expanded upon. And also, companies and theaters need to be aware of ways to ALWAYS make their customers happy. Many NT’s commented to the ushers that they need to turn the AC down/ off. Prior to the play starting. Then some of the NT’s went home and back before the play started to get their down vests and fleeces. It was NOT even hot outside. Geez Louis !

Here’s a URL to a New York Times Article about the Sensory Friendly version of the play, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”. That came from a classic, best selling, book written buy an ASD author, who wrote under the same title, “The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time.”

Here’s an article from the NY Times about the Loin Kings Sensory friendly play on Broadway.

A few more more Sensory Friendly performances that you can verify on utube

The Big Apple Circus
The Nutcracker
The Blue Man Group in Las Vegas
Havana Hop, at Playhouse Square

This post is buy no means a complete list of Sensory friendly plays.