Synesthesia Highlighted As a Gift on Episode 1, of Super Human

Did you see last weeks  debut episode of  the 1 hr show of Super Human? It aired at 9:01 pm EST on Fox. Right after, So You Think You Can Dance (One of my fav. shows).  I’m thrilled it displayed Synesthesia (A rare Sensory Processing Disorder sub type)  in a Gifted light.  You can learn more about Synesthesia via other posts on this blog, and that shows episode (Among other places).

You can watch an abbreviated version of Super Human, Kaityln Nova’s  impressive performance on the You Tube URL below. However, She is shown first on the season premier so, I’d see it on Fox NOW. Which includes a narrative video about her talent initially, also. But make sure to see who makes the top 3 in the last 4 minutes. And watch it to see who wins it as well!  Fox NOW only works in the google chrome or safari  search engine.

Nov 1, post on blog

On my update page on November first of this month I shared 1 of the stores that had/have great sales going on now that I’m a fan of. Since this blog caters to SPD and MCS reader’s I will say this. That store if you have MCS may not be a store environment you can handle. Especially while there incredible sales are on and if it’s a popular shopping time and day. Not only due to possible overwhelm. But, also for it’s scents/fragrances in the air. However, compared to a perfume/makeup/cologne store.  It’s a very low scent/fragrant/ chemically filled environment. It didn’t bother me much if at all. And I went to a store in a very popular part of Manhattan in NYC.  But, I’m the sensory solutions expert. So, I tolerate more then some. But, notice EVERYTHING.  If you have MCS and wear a mask however you’ll be likely fine. And your purchased merchandise will only leave slightly fragranced. Most NT’s won’t notice what I’m talking about.


You can always shop through their app or website!  And once you wash the clothing properly before wearing it (Which is a smart idea regardless of if it has fragrance in it or not) . The chemicals and smell will go away.  The clothes sold through this manufacturer were created with chemicals (Like most clothing).  If this is a problem for you. you already know who you are.


Now, wear are my Thank you’s!?   Leave them in the comments section below!


PS. – The sales are happening through at least the New Year as well! So go now, before you miss out on a potential steal!

2. I earn nothing but, your respect and trust for this recommendation.

Auto Immunity, Functional Medicine, and hope

Did you know Auto immunity is frequently seen in those with ASD or Sensory Processing Disorders? It is! And with 1 out of 5 people with it. You NEED to learn how to prevent it, identify it, and if need be reverse it. Therefore, PLEASE check out the series Betrayal FOR FREE! Now- next week. HERE- off of my conference blog



The Boy with the Incredible Brain- Extraordinary People- Documentary

On my Disability Advocate one dot com blog I recently sent you to a utube video with 10 possibly inspiring people with ASD highlighted in it. The first is a savant, who you can learn more about through this documentary on utube for free.  After watching it, please feel free to comment on what you thought about it, /what you learned in it.  The title of this 50 minute documentary is the title of this post.


Why an Adult Aspies health may improve as we AGE

  A lot of this to some degree affects other adults with sorta similiar diagnoses. Covered here. If you remember the post introducing the blog post from John Elder Robinson, a famous adult aspie. He states being an adult aspie is harder then being a child aspie. And as much as I can see and understand that. Their is anouther few ways too look at this topic. And these show the opposing side. 

1. Hopefully, how to survive in today’s day in age buy now is more figured out. For example- Do you need meds? If so, which? Why? And how to juggle them will be something your now used too. Instead of seaking a diagnosis which now is a fortune with no financial help. As an adult. Not to mention the DSM changes which can defiantly effect things.  How is your overall energy? What makes you tick? Hopefully, buy now these things are clearer to you. 

2. People are nicer (sorta). Meaning more mature and have less hang time. Not in your face as much. And if they are, you have more control and the right to fix that as an adult. 

3. Only one person too focus on, YOU! Independence is vital for this.   Eating on your own. For example, not juggling a family dish for 4 or more people.

4. Society invites you to be your best! At your career. Which should be your passion. Rather then go to school and fit in a mold there. With everyone else.  Trying to survive EVERYTHING.

Aspies rule Because

   My modesty typically wouldn’t allow this, BUT, this is one of the few safe places for us. That this can be internationally shared. We love sharing (Or atleast I Do!) , but, only if people off the spectrum, can respect this.

     I’m going to post this on my soon to be second actively live blog too. That one is I’ll post it on here when it’s live, with a link in the resourse section atleast. But, I felt those off the ASD spectrum especially could learn from this. And those with it could be inspired.  It can help prepare you for the theme of my Sensory book that I’m creating, too!  Even if just to verify what they already know. 

1Practicality beats ALL

2.  Comfort is KEY 

3.  Honesty RoCks

4. Vain Isin’t in our vocabulary 

5. Different is positive 

6. Thinking differently is our Norm! 

7.  Being always challenged is our goal! 

8. Curiosity is our friend, so is Disney ! 

9. Dedication and loyalty are our Motto. 

10. Modesty is our dictionary!? :() 😉 

11. And being professors is our speciality!

 Therefore were Unique! 

  Again feel free to comment below, doubt, or ask questions. I love being inquisitive! And answering questions.