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On my update page on November first of this month I shared 1 of the stores that had/have great sales going on now that I’m a fan of. Since this blog caters to SPD and MCS reader’s I will say this. That store if you have MCS may not be a store environment you can handle. Especially while there incredible sales are on and if it’s a popular shopping time and day. Not only due to possible overwhelm. But, also for it’s scents/fragrances in the air. However, compared to a perfume/makeup/cologne store.  It’s a very low scent/fragrant/ chemically filled environment. It didn’t bother me much if at all. And I went to a store in a very popular part of Manhattan in NYC.  But, I’m the sensory solutions expert. So, I tolerate more then some. But, notice EVERYTHING.  If you have MCS and wear a mask however you’ll be likely fine. And your purchased merchandise will only leave slightly fragranced. Most NT’s won’t notice what I’m talking about.


You can always shop through their app or website!  And once you wash the clothing properly before wearing it (Which is a smart idea regardless of if it has fragrance in it or not) . The chemicals and smell will go away.  The clothes sold through this manufacturer were created with chemicals (Like most clothing).  If this is a problem for you. you already know who you are.


Now, wear are my Thank you’s!?   Leave them in the comments section below!


PS. – The sales are happening through at least the New Year as well! So go now, before you miss out on a potential steal!

2. I earn nothing but, your respect and trust for this recommendation.

Sensory Friendly Belts NEEDED

I always have had difficulty finding quality, sensory friendly belts.  Being poor (Like many of us.) This is especially important. How long they last, and the appearance quality matter especially going on interviews.   People with sensory issues (Even as adults) need great size selection.   We bloat more, have digestive issues more likely, and have a higher percentage of certain auto-immune conditions.  Many of which, can make weight fluctuate.  Similar to those with celiacs, colitis, or chron’s disease. Many I’m sure would appreciate high quality belts that fit this criteria.  Also, due to high stress- that also  sometimes have affected our bloats and distensions.

We need them more for practical reason’s not embellishment purposes. To keep slacks and some pants up.  Not to dress up a dress, etc- as much. But, at the same time they MUST be only 3 quarters of an inch wide. Not have a rough texture, and be stylish and affordable.  If you can create this or know someone who could. PLEASE do so ASAP and sell them online. Then contact me. And I promise if they meet the grade. I will buy and help you advertise them.

The female ones need to also be made to wear with low waist styled (Like hip location) pants. And make sure extra small’s and XL and possibly even XXL’s are available without a price increase.

In the past, my posts have influenced, supported/ if not help create.   Certain products. Besides those with disabilities. I also get many supporters visit my blogs as well. Visitors often that are NOT our parents or relatives. My hope. Is this post contributes in similar ways.

We thank you in advance for your concern(s)/efforts. Please contact me. If you need further creation feedback/guidelines.


VS clearance and free Shipping!

Victoria Secret’s clearance sale online, and via catalog started today. The catalog is valid till August 15, 2015, however shop ASAP for top design and size availability.  They sell out fast with 40-75% off tons of merchandise.  Also, because all purchases get a Secret Rewards card, if you ask for one at checkout.  But, only till March 13th. That’s right! Free VS money with your order. And guess what? 11 pm-3 am starting tonight, -3 am Tom EST.  All 25$ and up orders get free regular free shipping. No special code needed(or reduce your expedited shipping cost (useful, esp if- you can only buy one but, aren’t sure of the right size). Remember, returns are free if you return any of the mag. And online purchases to your closest VS store. And they will outbound ship you for free, an outbound exchanged item. 

   If your not an educated shopper, only some of their merchandise is of good too great quality. But, if they had no more sensory friendly merchandise left (Of good or great quality) this post wouldn’t be here.  I checked, today. If your not on their mailing catalog list you need their clearance catalog and to get on their snail mail list ASAP, for their best prices.  But, mags are NOT slowly delivered. There online prices often don’t resemble there clearance (much better prices.) Of numerous items. In this case, I’d buy (they call it Shop) via online, and via catalog. But, order over the phone. They’ll still e-mail you a receit this way. 

  Some popular items. If you pay full price or a sale price the color and size you need maybe avail (Just not at the clearance price).

   They have other deals online. You can go check them out. 

    I’m an Angel VIP, so if you order over the phone, tell them Alexandrea one of their VIP Angel card holders sent you please. Thank you !  I get no payments or rewards for this post. And feel free to mention this blog too! 

Victoria Secret Reminder UPDATED

It’s the LAST DAY to get for free, or from Victoria Secret purchases, via catalog, an in person store, or online, any Secret REWARDS that I spoke about in a prior post last month. Shopping at there outlet stores WON’t GET YOU ANY REWARD. Nore will you be able to use your reward at a Victoria Secret Outlet. Which now equals 10$, 50$, 100$, or 500$, of Free VS money to spend on WHATEVER you want. And like I previously mentioned. After this year, they’ll be far less desirable to have. Since they are seriously reducing there product lines, and to far less sensory friendly and ideal merchandise.

Additional sweepstake opportunities are still available through December 19th, however without the right smart phone they maybe more difficult, to obtain. Remember, this is only for US, Puerto Rico, and most Canadians (Minus Quebec) . When I went to the following address my registration wasn’t properly processed. So, I called and spoke to an agent. Who processed my registration. You may be put on hold briefly to get an agent. To register for these sweepstakes without an iPhone, go to,

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VS News for ALL Ladies

Have you heard Victoria’s Secret, an internationally famous female store, online and in there catalog are discontinuing many of their merchandise types? Due to sensory issues, and sizing, this might become a problem for me. Do you know how generous there clearance prices can be? To be honest, I was only going to mention VS and clothing in the book on Sensory issues I’m writing. And although I still will address this in the book in far more detail with other retail suggestions, ect. This forces me to talk a little about it now.   

   My latest purchase on there which is a repeat purchase (Which I highly recommend in there bone or black color especially. ) Is there VS skinny belt, that comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect sensory friendly belt!  Mine are all in black. It’s in there sale/ clearance section and is now discontinued. So, if you need one. Get it, before it’s gone. I have 3 now! 🙂 The bone color wasn’t avail. in my size. Once it went on clearance. 

   I’m somewhat saddened by this transition, because I’ve found VS to be pretty reliable to provide me with some of my clothing, and a belt. And I’m super picky when it comes to belts. And somewhat picky on clothing. And actually need and can wear low cut pant styles only. I also have a slightly long torso and slightly long arms, so the combo requires longer fitted tops, that are affordable and meet my other sensory requirements.  Not to mention, I’m an EX Small (Especially in tops) which is hard to find in other retailers.