Healthy at Home

Healthy at Home is a 4 week paid course focused on non toxic living. Starting on April 3rd. How to make your living space non toxic will make your sensory issues challenging or calmer and more manageable.  While Meghan  and Josh certainly aren’t sensory solution or ASD experts. Nor are they MCS experts. So, there will be suggestions that won’t work for you. They know how to live non toxic lives.   To learn more go here now

Once on the above website scroll down a little to Healthy at Home. Then click learn more, for the details and an intro video.


I’m taking this course.  To make sure I know everything I can on this topic. (In case I don’t know it all already). Also, for other reasons- that if you sign up you could learn. But, NOT because I don’t know how to live non-toxict.



Nov 1, post on blog

On my update page on November first of this month I shared 1 of the stores that had/have great sales going on now that I’m a fan of. Since this blog caters to SPD and MCS reader’s I will say this. That store if you have MCS may not be a store environment you can handle. Especially while there incredible sales are on and if it’s a popular shopping time and day. Not only due to possible overwhelm. But, also for it’s scents/fragrances in the air. However, compared to a perfume/makeup/cologne store.  It’s a very low scent/fragrant/ chemically filled environment. It didn’t bother me much if at all. And I went to a store in a very popular part of Manhattan in NYC.  But, I’m the sensory solutions expert. So, I tolerate more then some. But, notice EVERYTHING.  If you have MCS and wear a mask however you’ll be likely fine. And your purchased merchandise will only leave slightly fragranced. Most NT’s won’t notice what I’m talking about.


You can always shop through their app or website!  And once you wash the clothing properly before wearing it (Which is a smart idea regardless of if it has fragrance in it or not) . The chemicals and smell will go away.  The clothes sold through this manufacturer were created with chemicals (Like most clothing).  If this is a problem for you. you already know who you are.


Now, wear are my Thank you’s!?   Leave them in the comments section below!


PS. – The sales are happening through at least the New Year as well! So go now, before you miss out on a potential steal!

2. I earn nothing but, your respect and trust for this recommendation.

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Donations will first go to this blog and my non toxic4us blog unless I add another donation option on that one.  Blogs like mine are far from free to maintain so anything you give will help allot. Please tell others who benefit or could from my blogs or future books. That now they can donate. Whether you can or not. Spreading the word helps.

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IE explorer and comments

  My premium theme will be replaced with a new one soon.  As for readers having issues reading it in the IE browser, I can’t do anything about that. I’ve been told.  If you can’t view it there, use anouther search engine please. IE scripts are too old and not updated enough.

   My subscription page will go back up with the new premium theme. It may not happen till mid June. If you’ve connected with me already elsewhere. ( Facebook,  a different support group online, 1 offline, ect,)  and you wish to subscribe. Let me know live, or via e- mail, and I’ll happily manually add you. And send you a welcome e- mail, ect. 

   Once that’s completed and I’ve gotten use to it.  I’ll look into RSS feeding options and such after my more important formatting and tech issues are completed,nand I have adjusted to them. .  Which if used properly buy the reader will update them every time I post whatever new. Atleast I think that’s part of it’s use. 

Who should or shouldn’t subscribe?

Feel free to laugh when appropriate. 

I off course can’t force anyone to do anything.  However, 


Who should subscribe? 

You read ALL my posts. And if I link something you atleast skim that too. 

You read most of my posts/pages/ atleast those you feel apply to your situation along with the links. I didn’t say quickly, necessarily. 

You have any ideas on how or what I should or shouldn’t share and you can tell me. In ENglish. I’m fully aware there are translation programs but, I’m not downloading them asap. This includes info that you DON’t see the content of already.

You have a great resource or more you want to share with the community through my blog(s).  I may, love to share it giving you as much or as little credit for it as you like. If it isn’t closely related to sensory solutions I may put in on my other site. More about this later.

I have helped you and you want too show your support even if it’s silently. I’ll notice, even if I won’t know you. (I can promise you atleast that.)  

You need to directly reach me, in private. No guarantee, I’ll reply privately, but, I just might! 😉 I want to be accessible. 

Your a real person! 

You could help me in anyway. For FREE. 

International subscriber’s. – you have no idea how much I want you too! 

You love my advice and want/need as much of it as possible. 


Who shouldn’t subscribe


People with bad attitudes.

People who are addicted, to preferably, anything.

People who want my spam box too increase. ! lol! 

Skeptics who feel my honesty will never change anything.

People who are going to criticize my imperfections (And I have MANY).

People who bearly know English and won’t get there own translator.   

People who still feel SPD doesn’t exist! And requires the DSM to officialize it.  I mean, really!? Why do you even read my blog then? 








I add to existing posts frequently.   The post I will add to the most frequently is the resource post unless I create a new post of resources.  I’m about to post new content in a new resource section too! My newsletter ONLY will now have some of the additional resources in my e-mail newsletters.  Thanks for reading! 

 Do to unknown causes no one can post anymore. :(. I realized this this past Sat. Please be assured since late yesterday afternoon, someone is working to resolve this. Once it is, I will delete this part of this post.   In the meantime, if your not a subscriber hold on to your comment(s) if your a real person. And then once it’s fixed add them to the appropriate post (s) or pages. Thank you!

How I’m going to set this up

Most blogs you see posts in the order there created. That won’t be entirely the case on this blog. I have and will be again be ordering the posts in a fairly specific manner so, that it makes my life and everyone else’s easier. It will be easier to understand provided you either already know tons or can read them in the order I will be completely trying to reorder them in shortly. Let me know what you think. It makes both of us more responsibile too. You less depend on each post individually, and me to provide the highest quality possible content wise. So over all, I find it a much smarter formatting idea. Especially, for someone with dyslexia,  who needs structure. Agree?! 

Who am I ? & Why do I care ?

I’m 33 and have SPD among other diagnosis. However, as of this writing SPD isn’t a separate diagnosis yet. Some of my other issues are ASD ( although, I prefer to refer to it as Asperger’s), Dyslexia, hyperinsomnia, IBS, and ADD. I’m only sharing this with you so you could see part of what has driven me to become an expert in what I know. But, like I said, this was only part of it, and off course, this blog is about helping YOU all . And me secondary. That and societies desperately needed time to catch up more with dealing better with the challenges tackled within this site, is a big reason on why it’s taken so long to publish it.

And still with all that waiting, although, I’m proud of societies progress that we’ve made in creating sensory solutions. We still have a ways to go, unfortunately.

As for why else do I care? If you haven’t noticed, as a whole, Aspies are the kindest high functioning folks bare none. And therefore, my desire to help you grow and improve ( IF you take appropriate action) is at an all time high. And I REALLY want feedback and constructive criticism.

Thank you!

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Formatting- Reading is Optional

Lol!   I mean isn’t this whole blog optional !?   :/   I hope not. But, this is. 

Okay, I seriously don’t think you need to read this but, since part of this blogs mission is to be aspie honest, here we go. 

When in creation or edit mode this blog is not formatted in the way that you see it entirely. The lines are longer for the most part. 

Also, highlighting, coloring, styling, and font type is far from easy to set. And I can never set any of it to automatically to be that way. Because of that it takes a long time to get it to look how you see it. So I recognize that sometimes the words are on two lines. 

The spacing is awkward,  the font looks bold when it shouldn’t be,  or too much of it looks bold,  and the font just suddenly changes. 

Although the app, which this is created in (due to being on the iPad)  is a steal and I do kinda recommend it,  (It is the only way I can afford to make the font a decent size, and the color options there,)  there are some incredibly annoying, and difficult features of it. And doing things often like font changing and color altering is nearly impossible to alter. 

My computer savyness level. If an advanced computer tech with an American bachelors degree would be rated at a 10. I would say my skills are at best a 7.  

 So, please know I’m aware of all of this. And am working on it as much as I can. But, I felt sharing the content, etc, was far more important then perfecting the blogs format and weirdness.  Now don’t you agree;) ? That takes priority to some degree. 

  As for the color choices please see my post on post color. If you didn’t see my initial speal for my guest blog entry on Facebook or via email.