SPD and SID myths

Sensory Processing Disorder/ Sensory Integration disorder myths and truths. Keep in mind. These are SPD and SID specific except for the second. So, we can obviously have other diagnosis’s too. 

 We very likely have food sensitivities (Which are medically routed). But, we defiantly DON’T have Eating Disorders. 

We don’t have empathy. (This is actually an ASD myth) That doesn’t mean we know how or when to express the empathy appropriately, that we feel it like an NT, or that we seam to have it when we should. 

We may be depressed, but, it’s core routes on why, and representation differ frequently. 

Our structure, need to be right, and critical nature,  aren’t mood related or negative based. At ALL. 

We have allergies. Well, we could have them too. Our avoidance or negative reactions to things AREN’T allergies at all. 


“Hack My Brain” on TV Tonight, ONLY

Please see atleast my first blog post on my other blog, here.  ASAP. About an awesome looking, award winning documentary, which is a TV program from the Science Channel. It is airing about Neuro plasticity in the brain, and might be TONIGHT, only. If you can record it, do so. There playing it TWICE, back to back on the same channels starting at 8 pm EST. Won’t you join me in learning from it?