Allergic Living, US and Canada only IMPROVED

For a limited time, Allergic Living Magazine is offering year and two year gift subscriptions for there best rate yet! . The special rate is only available this month. Each year they publish 4 magazines. This is the ONLY SPD/ Environmental Illness, somewhat related magazine, I’m currently highly considering a renewal for at the moment. And the GF and More Food Sensitivities mag. I’m NOT renewing.

I’m looking to renew Allergic Living Mag. now, not only due to the holidays/ great temporary discount, if I can get it gifted to me. It’s also do to the fact that when I called them. And suggested improvements, and told them I wanted to cancel my subscription. Among other info. They not only changed my mind to try it longer, they promised they’d incorporate my suggestions into there future magazines immediately. And after recently getting there latest one. (The first one published that was created after our discussion) thus far, they have delivered some on that promise! Do you know how hard it is to change my mind and please me sometimes? This one, being some of those times.

However, I must say, most magazines I’m not that found of. And I’ve tried SEVERAL in different categories. Regardless of there topics. I also should say, that a lot of the info found in magazines (With a few exceptions at most) repeat tons of info you can find elsewhere, or info you can come up with not too much difficultly on your own. A lot of which, can be accessed for FREE.

But, back to this magazine. Their single, listed, issue price is 5.95 each. There CURRENT normal prices for subscriptions are, 19.99 for 1 yr, and 29.99 for two years, 8 issues. As a gift you can give it or receive a 2 yr subscription for about 27.$ and a 1 yr for about 18$ normally. This is in US currency only. However, for a limited time you can gift give or receive it for 19.99 for two years or 14.99 for 1 year. Which is atleast 50% off when purchasing the two yr plan! The two yr plan is 2.50 per issue which is under there production costs to make and send you each magazine. The 1 year discounted cost is a little under 3.50 an issue with tax. See the description below in the link below for more details. This is one of a very small number of magazines (That I can tell) sold in the US, that address MCS/ mold issues sometimes. I’d love for some of you effected buy MCS who subscribe, to contact there editor to include more about these issues in any of there magazines. However, before doing so, you need to learn first what they have already covered along those lines. But, you probably knew that. Now didn’t you?

The only other way to access this magazine is buying it before they sell out. At certain Whole Foods across the country and possibly in Canada. However, they price it above 5$ a magazine.

Best price for allergy magazine

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Sensory Issues, MCS, and Allergies, triggers and symptoms

In the beginning, if you aren’t super aware of your symptoms, and what might cause them. And know that there not normal. How will you know you need any solutions for them right? Or in the case of a loved one knowing, how will they understand, and be sensitive to your needs? Or even in some cases, help you cope and prevent them? Both you and they won’t be able to well, if at all. They also need to understand that numerous others have similar issues. This blog helps with them recognizing your not alone. But, so does this app! Which is mutually available in the apple and android store. The Google play and android market combined has 914 reviews on this app with an overall rating of 4 stars out out of 5. Although this app, doesn’t cover all kinds of symptoms super well, and it may be better suited more for families then individuals. (Next month, if your lucky, I’ll share an app that addresses these other things on my other blog) This one, does, what it does VERY well, without being overwhelming. As long as you turn on it’s notifications and put in your location for the weather forecast. It’s very customizable. So, your (Or your child’s, husbands, ect)) MCS, Roscia, or PSD, symptoms can defiantly easily be added. And the note section is crucial.

It has 1 Zyrtec add but, it doesn’t kill your battery. And it certainly isn’t annoying.

Bye the way, I bought this, researched many similar apps, and started using this one, before I noticed It’s android presence. Recognize symptoms for what they are ( this app may not due that for you, but, other free sources can), find out your causes, share them with your correct doctors, or close friends/ family. And cope or get rid of of them, as effectively as possibly! Because awareness, and others seeing, accepting, and accomodating, you/ your families needs. Are key, in finding solutions.

For the Apple Store the App is called just “Allergy”. For the Google android store it’s called “WebMD Allergy” there both the same. Completely free. And with a dandelion on the icon.

Inside Asperger’s Looking Out

My top Sensory/PSD/ASD book is called, “Inside Asperger’s Looking Out”  but, can you guess from my last two book recommendations from my other blog who is the author of this book? If you guessed Kathy Hoopman, you’re right! Your so smart ! If not, no worries! 

    This is great for all ages and types of people. Except maybe your boss,  co-workers, or future potential employers.  This is a MUST read for anyone who is considering to accept they have it, to friends and family that support them.  To dates and boyfriends to help them get you in a POSITIVE but, realistic manner.  This book, along with the listed one below, are great at explaining what you have to other’s. I honestly, don’t understand, why it’s not a Bestseller like Kathy Hoopman’s,  “All Cat’s Have Asperger’s” book. These two are the ONLY ASD books, I bring on 1 of my first couple dates, so we can read them together, or I’ll read it to the guy. There always a big hit with everyone who I tell this too! Who share with me or a group what they think after buying it. And I’ve shared these recommendations to many others as well.   I only have 1 more ASD essential reading book to recommend that is of a generally considered broad ASD topic in my mind. I’ll share that one next month. Likely, on my other blog. 


    Please share like always, in the comments section what you think of any of my book recommendations, how they helped you, or anyone you bought any for. ( With there permission, off course! ) I’d love to hear about it! And I’m sure I’m not the only one.  However, please make sure if you comment after a post.  Make sure the book(s) you comment in,  are for the same diagnostic population as those the book was initially made for.   Thanks!


  Enjoy it! Take care. 

A Review of a MCS Friendly Salon in Australia !?

  This post is about this blog post, the ideas around it. And my review of it. Which may never unfortunately post. On that posts blog site.

  Without ? I LOVE what this salon is ATTEMPTING to do, But, without ?. It Is NOT sensory friendly.  I read this this morning and, found it via a Facebook link in one of my MCS Facebook group’s. It’s pretty disturbing. Unfortunetly, this is getting too common for me. Telling companies that claim they have great sensitive skin, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, or unscented products. When it’s the farthest from the truth in most cases. This one isn’t an exception. 


    First take what I’ve taught you and visit the product lines website. The companies products they only EXCLUSIVELY use. Without looking at ingrediants labeling, which I did mostly too not get sued, honestly. They say organic. What do we know about that?  We know that means, yes. There might not be synthetic fragrances but, that doesn’t eliminate everything else. Right? I know, I’m correct. And this has been proven many places elsewhere. 

   Now, I’m not saying there claiming to be completely toxic free,  because they aren’t. Nor am I saying that they are or aren’t less toxic then any other hair salons.  And I’m certainly not visiting! Atleast not that I’m aware of anyhow! 

   Let’s have an example shall we ?  Check out there “Sensitive- Skin– Gentle Face Cleanser”   It’s in parenthesis too show that’s what they claim it is. Not what we hopefully know it as . And if you don’t, you will soon if you do your research. Gentle Face-Cleanser”.

Ignoring there first two ingrediants for a second. There third is this

Or better yet try this ingrediant term explanation.

   As for the rest of the ingredients in that particular product. OMG! Most are not sensory friendly. Do you see that?! Now, I’m afraid to see there non-sensitive skin products ingredient lists. Aren’t you?

   I really hope there entire establishment atleast seas my blog. Don’t you?

  I commented on the blog. If my comment is approved. I’ll take it down here. But, let’s be honest. You can’t honestly tell me AFTER reading it and the blog entry that you think they’ll accept it. Do you?!

  My Submitted Comment- 

 I’m a sensory solutions expert in the US! I have many diagnoses that effect my Sensory Processing Disorder, and other sensory effected diagnoses. I have a new blog that talks about sensory issues, MCS, ASD, and most importantly for you, ingredients. Even though it’s new, it has over 40 posts and at least nearly double that in comments. You can see it here! . I just researched the line of products you ONLY carry. I went on the La VITA Nuova company website. I saw all the ingredients for most of their Sensitive skin and unscented products. With the exception of possibly there organic Shea butter balm,. The others are NOT sensory friendly for everyone, sadly. I study ingredients. I should know. I love the idea that you want to be more customer friendly to those with negative reactions to many products. However, those don’t cut it.

  Any thoughts come from this post? Please share them, if so!