Need support for your ASD or SPD? OPen- NOW!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the Nourishing Hope for Autism Summit that has everyone talking about the new science that proves there are ways to improve many of some of our challenging symptoms!

The world is being Bamboozled into believing that autism and SPD can be ignored because there’s not much that can help us. Did you know that’s not true? And how many of us there actually are now? Statistics show that 1 in 36 children are now on the autism spectrum. (1 in 28 boys!)

Unfortunately, TODAY is the last day for the discounted purchase option for the Summit.   And they take pay pal credit too!  So  if you need it ( And you likely DO!- trust me. I have It.) be sure not to miss this great bundle price.  Tomorrow the price goes up.

Of the presentations I’ve heard thus far/ the speakers (Most of whom I’ve heard speak on these topics at least once)  are exceptional!

See some of exactly what you’ll end up missing if you don’t claim your free access pass now  HERE. At least to catch a possible free replay.


A SPD Friendly Black Friday!?

Black Friday at any in person location is a nightmare for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, a Sensory Processing Disorder, and like conditions. But what if I told you there was just as good sales online? Without sale sites getting overwhelmed and possibly crashing (Like on Black Friday itself!). What if ? The sales were better then Black Fridays sometimes. Possibly customized to your shopping habits.  And some items were FREE.   And I don’t mean buy one get one free either.Would you be interested THEN!?   Then you NEED to be an Amazon Prime member. And then you NEED to check out this URL’s page listed below ASAP. This is defiantly TIME Sensitive.


You defiantly DO NOT need everything on this page. But, with a 30 day free trial and a 6 month free trial for students.    You can’t AFFORD to NOT check this out. ! Especially since it’s only once a year. And it IS Sensory Friendly and Environmentally, Chemically-Safe!

Your Welcome!

PS.! It’s not just one day either.!

Copy and paste the above URL into your favorite search engine’s search box. And then press enter/go!

Medicinal Supplements Summit

I posted about a Summit I Very HIGHLY recommend!  It’s on my  . That applies to everyone and it started today for FREE! It’s only free for 6-8 days.   So go sign up for it/pay for it  NOW.


This does NOT mean I recommend everything the speakers say.



RECOVERY is required

People with SPD, ADHD, ASD,  any environmental Illness, and many others require more recovery time via sleep, then others. But other things require sleep too- Plants, Flowers, and Animals, if you really think about it.

Without the right amount of quality sleep allot of things alive today would be, well dead, or medically  less healthy. It even effects your Sensory Processing Disorder’s daily tolerance intake. Which can effect what you eat and how you feel physically as well as mentally.  And we do know that Sensory Processing Disorder has a mental component to it. Don’t we?

Therefore go visit here and sign up for, attend, and possibly purchase the Sleep Summit!  Going on NOW!

Sensory Friendly Belts NEEDED

I always have had difficulty finding quality, sensory friendly belts.  Being poor (Like many of us.) This is especially important. How long they last, and the appearance quality matter especially going on interviews.   People with sensory issues (Even as adults) need great size selection.   We bloat more, have digestive issues more likely, and have a higher percentage of certain auto-immune conditions.  Many of which, can make weight fluctuate.  Similar to those with celiacs, colitis, or chron’s disease. Many I’m sure would appreciate high quality belts that fit this criteria.  Also, due to high stress- that also  sometimes have affected our bloats and distensions.

We need them more for practical reason’s not embellishment purposes. To keep slacks and some pants up.  Not to dress up a dress, etc- as much. But, at the same time they MUST be only 3 quarters of an inch wide. Not have a rough texture, and be stylish and affordable.  If you can create this or know someone who could. PLEASE do so ASAP and sell them online. Then contact me. And I promise if they meet the grade. I will buy and help you advertise them.

The female ones need to also be made to wear with low waist styled (Like hip location) pants. And make sure extra small’s and XL and possibly even XXL’s are available without a price increase.

In the past, my posts have influenced, supported/ if not help create.   Certain products. Besides those with disabilities. I also get many supporters visit my blogs as well. Visitors often that are NOT our parents or relatives. My hope. Is this post contributes in similar ways.

We thank you in advance for your concern(s)/efforts. Please contact me. If you need further creation feedback/guidelines.


VS clearance and free Shipping!

Victoria Secret’s clearance sale online, and via catalog started today. The catalog is valid till August 15, 2015, however shop ASAP for top design and size availability.  They sell out fast with 40-75% off tons of merchandise.  Also, because all purchases get a Secret Rewards card, if you ask for one at checkout.  But, only till March 13th. That’s right! Free VS money with your order. And guess what? 11 pm-3 am starting tonight, -3 am Tom EST.  All 25$ and up orders get free regular free shipping. No special code needed(or reduce your expedited shipping cost (useful, esp if- you can only buy one but, aren’t sure of the right size). Remember, returns are free if you return any of the mag. And online purchases to your closest VS store. And they will outbound ship you for free, an outbound exchanged item. 

   If your not an educated shopper, only some of their merchandise is of good too great quality. But, if they had no more sensory friendly merchandise left (Of good or great quality) this post wouldn’t be here.  I checked, today. If your not on their mailing catalog list you need their clearance catalog and to get on their snail mail list ASAP, for their best prices.  But, mags are NOT slowly delivered. There online prices often don’t resemble there clearance (much better prices.) Of numerous items. In this case, I’d buy (they call it Shop) via online, and via catalog. But, order over the phone. They’ll still e-mail you a receit this way. 

  Some popular items. If you pay full price or a sale price the color and size you need maybe avail (Just not at the clearance price).

   They have other deals online. You can go check them out. 

    I’m an Angel VIP, so if you order over the phone, tell them Alexandrea one of their VIP Angel card holders sent you please. Thank you !  I get no payments or rewards for this post. And feel free to mention this blog too! 

Manufacturers goals and product basics

Do you know that the FDA doesn’t require ANY skin, hair, or clothing cleaner companies to abide buy ANY requirements or set definitions of ANY of these Marketing terms and phrases we ALWAYS see on there products? They don’t. The terms and phrases are below with there moral/ definition explanations in my own words. INCLUDING most IMPORTANTLY what they AREN’T stating but, want you to believe.

Sensitive Skin, what they want you to believe – if you have any, all, or any combo of the issues mentioned in my previous post titled or. Blank. This will work for you. Why? Because, it has one or often more then one hypoallergenic ing. In it. Or atleast 1 super ingredient that’s super mild and sometimes GREAT for Sensitive Skin. It also, sometimes means it will be atleast fragrance free OR unscented as well. Occasionally it may mean, it’s un scented and fragrance free.

What it means, read above-

What they omit, or don’t say, unless, u know how to read ing. labels. It may and sometimes has fragrance or scents. It may and usually does have irritants too. However, less then non- sensitive skin products most of the time. It may and 98% of the time does, have other dangerous ingredients in it. So who cares if there’s too anti – irritants in it.!? It has 4 other dangerous ones.

Fragrance free- it means it has no UNNATURAL added Fragrances. It very likely will have natural ones however, called scents. And that defiantly doesn’t stop them from adding any other unhealthyor toxic ing.

What they want you to believe- use me if you have any of the issues we discuss. This product is great FOR ALL!

Unscented- how many of you feel organic everything is best for you? Well, I’m hear to say, you absolutely, couldn’t be more wrong! Smelling citrus for example is lethal. Did u know that?

Scents are natural fragrances or smells that come from often but, not always, added ingredients that are natures smells from the plant, or oil. For ex; .

Just because nature made it, doesn’t mean everyone can respond to the smell normally or that it’s healthy. And just because something Is unscented, it defiantly doesn’t mean it’s FRAGRANCE free or that I’ll recommend it.

What marketers at best want you too think when you see a product claiming it’s unscented. – if you have sensitive skin but this, but, if you have roscia or are super sensitive, don’t. Typically however, they want you too think. The same way as what fragrance free is supposed to encourage you to think.

Hypoallergenic- this term wants you to believe the product with this is for the most sensitive people of them all. It’s tested often to be such. It claims it’s anti irritant(s) will solve any sensitivities you may have. And it will prevent any irritant reactions caused buy any unhealthy ingredients! Wow ! If they really did that I’d have not much to blog about. But, sadly, they don’t do all those things. And who wants a fix!? If you can prevent it from the get go. Follow?

What it doesn’t say- Just cause it says hypoallergenic. Doesn’t mean it’s unscented, healthy, or fragrance free!

So, with that said. Your probably saying, So, what SHOULD I look for? If all those terms are mostly marketing terms meant to fool me! That is a SUPERB question! And one, I will HAPPILY respond too in my next POST. So, please come back to check it out! For a healthier, happier, meltdown reduced life!

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