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Knowing me, you know I have either allot in common with you or someone you care about. Or have in the past.   This puts me in a very unique position to help you and so many others. But, everyone needs support and excellent education. That’s why I could really use this scholarship to Full Body System’s (FBS).


I’d love your support  if you like my video! Or if you find interesting! I have tons of Sensory Processing Disorder   solutions! And experience in this area specifically already!  Which I’ll share with my clients. The video was only allowed to be 60 seconds so could you please fit in checking it out?  Go here For sharing on Facebook and LinkedIn:

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IBS Awareness Month

In 1997 the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders declared every April to be Irratible Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness Month. The biggest reasons I am very thankful for this. Is because 1. It shows that the traditional medical field admits it’s a legit real issue, 2.  It works towards important entire world accurate awareness and research for it. 3. It helps Sensory Processing Disorders also get a real reputation as well. As you may know in the past (And still some today, Unfortunetly) . Both IBS and SPD at times can be seen as non existant. / Not a big deal. At least according to some traditional medicine mindsets. Regardless, of how wrong. That may be.

IBS is especially bad for those with a combination of SPD with atleast 1 additional co-morbid diagnosis.  So, those who have ASD and SPD for example have particular difficulties with this Digestive Sensory Disorder.  Another words.  IBS is a Sensory disorder and sometimes a sensory Processing Disorder sub type/ branch of SPD. Although, modern or traditional medicine thinks about 25% (Tops) of the world has IBS. Functional medicine actually believes that percent is way to low. And it is in reality higher. I agree, it is higher. I’m not sure. How much though.


Sure IBS may not kill us. But, there still real problems. And it is not only in your head literally not figuratively. If at all.  And even the parts of them that maybe in our head literally. IBS symptoms and needs need just as much recognition and respect as any other parts of these differences.  After all. We can’t ignore the micro biome brain connection. Right!?

What we don’t need is – blaming thoughts, comments, or excuses coming from yourself or ANYONE ELSE. And especially not ignorance or avoidance from others/ the individual with them.

While it’s true IBS has things in common with conditions like Colitis, Chrohns, Irratible Bowel Disease, and certain other conditions. IBS is ignored far more frequently. And that effects everyone with it. Because when it’s ignored, research is less. Seriousness of it seams lower. And the need for awareness, solutions, and services. Are harder to come buy. And as I’ve shown in certain posts. On my blogs.  IBS is certainly not a condition to laugh at or ignore. And NOT just because it could kill.

Here you can find some solid basics on it though.  I don’t love how the below URL states some things. And it’s missing some key facts. But, to be honest. I looked awhile. And couldn’t find any 1 URL that I loved to help you learn about IBS.  But, this url is pretty good.

The other conditions mentioned above get more acceptance from society because in traditional medicine they are thought of as more deadly. Also, sometimes those conditions don’t always change what you can or cannot eat. However, that’s likely, slowly changing too.

Functional medicine  however, treats IBS as a more common condition. Because lifestyle choices and being healthy can often significantly improve (If not cure in the FM mindset) the quality of life of someone with IBS. Also, Functional Medicine exists to serve where traditional medicine fails or could use more work.

Because of the severity of Colitis, Chron’s, and other Irratible Bowel Diseases.  Modern medicine, serve patients with these conditions pretty effectively.

I would say my mindset is Integrative. Which buy the way, (Shh! Don’t tell anybody this. Okay!?) is the best/ only kind to have- if you ask me.! 😉



My book(s), will cover this topic with more depth.

Awareness Weeks and Months

That are in the US that are neurologically, environmentally, or sensory effected ONLY. 


I though some of you might benefit from this. I may not follow it, in when I share stuff though. 

April May and October have the most going on 

January LD’s.  Transferred here. 

February OCD a week only. Other blog then recover/ prep. 


Brain Injuries may move to the other blog 

Nutrition month other blog the GAPS diet is introduced  on this one. 


April – 

ASD or Autism Spectrum conditions April 

IBS. Month, I add other food related non diabetic or specific diet issues. 

Roscia. Transferred to the summer 

Sojourner’s Syndrome an autoimmune disorder   Changing too August.

National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week, ,  

Cancer Fatigue Awareness Day,   Other blog may become a week for me


MCS- and Environmental illness.    

Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, next yr 

Brain Tumor Action Week, next yr other blog 

Blood Cancer Advocacy yr other blog? 

Better Sleep Month, May not include on this blog

Celiac disease is May. Both blogs. The food part only is on this one 

Mental health month switching too December with the depression focus too for special populations only. 



All the following covered on my next blog except the last. 

National Cancer Survivors Day,  

Young Adult Cancer awareness week moved from April 

I create Sleep month transferred here and (Other blog)


1 week sleep too much 

1 week sleep too little 

1 week difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. 

1 week other sleep challenges. Or possibly just an overview of week 1-3 to stay on the topic of sensory issues. 

PTSD 27 th is the awareness day. I’ll make it into a week in JULY .  This Blog 

July this blog 

Roscia other three weeks are Roscia focused

PTSD – both 

August. This blog 


Sojourner’s Syndrome an autoimmune disorder 

And other unusual or non mentioned relevant conditions. Like- 

Passing out condition neurologically based only 

Dizzy issues called 


Childhood Cancer Awareness,  other blog

This blog since their environmental diseases – 

Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness, which are 

Environmental Cancers and blood Cancer types. It’s also blood related cancer Awareness Month. 

It’s also, fatigue cancer awareness not sure if I’m going to cover yet



Breast Cancer Awareness Monthmerchandise chemical prevention month 

Learning Disabilities or LD, including Apraxia, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, and ADHD October. Dyscalculia New PDD ?  tRANsfer to JAn 

Other Skin issues NOT roscia. Like excema/dermatitis too much oil in hair issue. 



Diabetes, especially     Type and prevention 


Other blog – Mental Health Month including 


Depression how it differs in special diagnosis’s. 

Both blogs 

Anxiety how it differs in special populations 





Months not taken or Available 

January LD’s 

June,  Sleep Month 

July Roscia 

August unusual other issues, and co-morbid issues  






Aspies rule Because

   My modesty typically wouldn’t allow this, BUT, this is one of the few safe places for us. That this can be internationally shared. We love sharing (Or atleast I Do!) , but, only if people off the spectrum, can respect this.

     I’m going to post this on my soon to be second actively live blog too. That one is I’ll post it on here when it’s live, with a link in the resourse section atleast. But, I felt those off the ASD spectrum especially could learn from this. And those with it could be inspired.  It can help prepare you for the theme of my Sensory book that I’m creating, too!  Even if just to verify what they already know. 

1Practicality beats ALL

2.  Comfort is KEY 

3.  Honesty RoCks

4. Vain Isin’t in our vocabulary 

5. Different is positive 

6. Thinking differently is our Norm! 

7.  Being always challenged is our goal! 

8. Curiosity is our friend, so is Disney ! 

9. Dedication and loyalty are our Motto. 

10. Modesty is our dictionary!? :() 😉 

11. And being professors is our speciality!

 Therefore were Unique! 

  Again feel free to comment below, doubt, or ask questions. I love being inquisitive! And answering questions. 



PSD people verse NT’s

This site is NOT present to cure anyone. But, after reading this post, can you see the problem here? And for once, folks with PSD aren’t part of it. Here’s some of the truth behind most people’s sensitivities verses those with sensory issues. No matter what causes there sensory issues. This site is NOT for the NT’s with the below mindset either. 

PSD people

The tiniest molecule of something they can’t have can be A MAJOR problem. 

Diversity is far less preferred if at all encouraged in certain ways. 

Being healthy is our priority.

The rules and expectations for PSD folks and sensitivities are often different then an NT’S. 

Toxic ingrediants are nearly everywhere.  


Everyone else 

They might not like it (If they notice), but, if it’s not a universal toxin (known to be or not), it won’t be an issue for them. 

Who said trying something new will make me sick?! I can handle ANYTHING in moderation! Want to test that? I didn’t think so! 

Fitting in is our manual to prioritize. 

Then we’d never have anything in common with folks with sensory issues.  And wouldn’t that be ridiculous! 

Toxic ingrediants?! You mean the FDA or government has no laws preventing my products to be healthy?! Really?! That’s pretty hard to believe. Check my resource section.  You’ll be disappointed, I promise.! 

Note- Number 4 under PSD people here is an example,  I can eat cooked asparagus just fine. It gives me no sensory issues or any other bad reactions. But, I don’t like it.  For people with certain food, smell, or touch sensory issues more likely then not. If they can’t eat something or wear it. It is most likely a sensory issue. Regardless of if they have roscia, excema, ASD, or anything else. But, sometimes (Although, it can be rare, it’s a preference, just like anyone else could have.) Many with PSD (Especially when young) won’t know the difference. 

  Also, if something’s normal for most people but, it’s uncomfortable and not a common enough feeling for someone with PSD. (Or anyone for that matter) can and often will associate the new reaction as bad because it’s not accurately processed or recognized as good or okay. Please see anouther post for an example of this and textures in edible form.