Watch “Toxic Hot Seat” documentary FOR FREE

In the beginning of this past August I posted, to give you all a heads up, about a documentary that looks very good, but, off topic, called, “Toxic Hot Seat”. It is about the dangers of flame retardants in the US. In my previous post called “Movie, “Toxic Hot Seat”” I link you to the documentaries website, which remains to still have it’s trailer, among other things. I will be editing that post title to say documentary soon. There is also a very brief trailer on u tube (slightly over 2 mins to be exact) along with a 10 minute and 25 second, Filmmakers Q and A session on u tube about the documentary. Last August, I didn’t know how anyone, including me, could see the movie, realistically.

Sensory Issues, MCS, and Allergies, triggers and symptoms

In the beginning, if you aren’t super aware of your symptoms, and what might cause them. And know that there not normal. How will you know you need any solutions for them right? Or in the case of a loved one knowing, how will they understand, and be sensitive to your needs? Or even in some cases, help you cope and prevent them? Both you and they won’t be able to well, if at all. They also need to understand that numerous others have similar issues. This blog helps with them recognizing your not alone. But, so does this app! Which is mutually available in the apple and android store. The Google play and android market combined has 914 reviews on this app with an overall rating of 4 stars out out of 5. Although this app, doesn’t cover all kinds of symptoms super well, and it may be better suited more for families then individuals. (Next month, if your lucky, I’ll share an app that addresses these other things on my other blog) This one, does, what it does VERY well, without being overwhelming. As long as you turn on it’s notifications and put in your location for the weather forecast. It’s very customizable. So, your (Or your child’s, husbands, ect)) MCS, Roscia, or PSD, symptoms can defiantly easily be added. And the note section is crucial.

It has 1 Zyrtec add but, it doesn’t kill your battery. And it certainly isn’t annoying.

Bye the way, I bought this, researched many similar apps, and started using this one, before I noticed It’s android presence. Recognize symptoms for what they are ( this app may not due that for you, but, other free sources can), find out your causes, share them with your correct doctors, or close friends/ family. And cope or get rid of of them, as effectively as possibly! Because awareness, and others seeing, accepting, and accomodating, you/ your families needs. Are key, in finding solutions.

For the Apple Store the App is called just “Allergy”. For the Google android store it’s called “WebMD Allergy” there both the same. Completely free. And with a dandelion on the icon.

Holidays with PSD and MCS

In the States, once a year there is a holiday that is called Thanksgiving Day. Which if you haven’t heard yet, is today. Where typical foods eaten on it are, Turkey, mashed potato’s, turkey gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, pumpkin egg nog (If your really lucky).  And other things that are chosen buy the cooks of each family/group gathering.  Sometimes people eat under 3 meals a day since the Thanksgiving feast is so, large. And large groups of people who are often close to one another often gather to socialize and catch up with one another. However, throughout the world, there are many other very similar holidays.   Holidays that have the same or similar purpose.  To thank, whatever god you believe in, for the Harvest. And everything else your thankful for.


    In quickly reviewing the URLS in the photo I’ll create a new post for shortly. You can learn more about the other Holidays, people celebrate that are like their own Thanksgiving version. All over the world. At least one of the holidays is a couple days. And atleast a couple are a week long. Most are in August-October.  Except for Kwanzaa (Late December- Jan first) and Tai Pongal (Mid Jan).  Most are for the entire family.

   From what I can tell, some if not all of these holidays have some strong tasting foods, and unusual ones for our palets.  Many with SPD, struggle with change physically, not just with mental transitioning.   So if our brains can handle the social adaptations required without a shutdown or meltdown. It doesn’t mean our whole body can.  Which can defiantly be sometimes a problem, for many of us. Before, during, or after, eating problematic foods these reactions may occur. Sometimes, even up to a year after eating it if it has unhealthy gluten in it.

        Their are also, fragrance, and scent, issues people can be exposed to being around others. Those with PSD sometimes can’t even tolerate the smell of many strong smelling spices or food. I am no exception to this. Some with MCS, can even be hospitalized if exposed too certain chemicals. So, PLEASE be aware of and sensitive to these people especially.  These chemicals are often in household cleaners, clothing detergent, and body and hair products. Not just cologne and perfumes. Their ARE safer alternatives. Fresh lemon for example, in a cleaning product will make me black out. Lavendar if strong enough will do the same.  Among other problems. So, don’t think all organic is the way to go either.

   This year, like some of the more recent previous years. I’m eating on my own. Or atleast eating my own foods. But, with others. Why? Because, I can’t eat must if not any, of whatever others in my party are going to.  No cranberry, onions, sweet peppers, turnips, parsnips, turkey, stuffing, egg nog, or pumpkin anything for me. And no GF stuffing doesn’t work for me either. For one regular (and most rice) isn’t my friend. I have over 100 food intolerances. Some of which, include most spices, including black pepper.   And I NEVER drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages.  Did you know that brain fog is more likely if your exposed to unhealthy gluten?

   In conclusion, please don’t forget to remind people of your needs. Take Care of yourself, BEFORE making others happy. Be aware and accepting of what others needs are, and most importantly take care of each others health. No matter when,  how, or what  you call your holiday.

   And if you have SPD or MCS, diagnosed or not. Know your NOT alone. numerous others struggle during the holiday. But, let’s try to advocate for ourselves and each other. In the end, it will help others who don’t have these challenges, (But who interact with us) happier too.


Why I LOVE online shopping!

This should be a page but, I can’t post any more that will actually appear to you. This is SO sensory related. 

   After starting this post and got to think about it a little more. I decided I should probably first tell you why shopping appeals to many NT Women, but, for us, it simply doesn’t work.! So here’s part 1. The italics can be often the NT speaking/ mindset. The non italics is me/ a potential Aspie/MCS reply. Which may or or may not be an internal mindset response.  If it is internal, the individual may not be aware of its existent cue immediately. 

In store only, card holder, special events!

But online, I can find it cheaper! And I don’t want your unique in store gift anyway. It’s often another bag or perfume.

I mean who doesn’t want a free makeup artist do you up?

Who’s said that I like that you were in charge? How do I know your products are PSD friendly? I bet you don’t even know what PSD is. Am I right?

And don’t you just love that peakinease or lavender room smell?!  (Think VS’s cologne and body products section)?! It’s a free stress reliever too!

Or how about the excitement of style with the crowds of like minded people! Want new friends? There are shopping clubs. Didn’t you hear?

More artificial friends!? Like when did I need more of them!?

2. Learning what’s in style

Wait, are you saying I can’t learn that at home?! You can, and at your own speed. So, it might actually stick this time!

3. The social aspect.

When did shopping become fun!? It requires money, means more space is needed to put it all in, not to mention the social stress, or environment changes!

4. Eating out, Who always wants to cook anyway?

Avoiding GMO, herbicides, pesticides, and hormones buy putting control into my own hands, is far more convenient then the planning and cleaning up of my one time meal. So, no thank you! Not to mention, it’s cheaper, and less of a headache, in the long run too!

5. The sales, Black Friday everyone?

Need I say more?!

6. The bragging rights.

You really think I have friends to brag too? And even if I did, how do you think your going to make me think that shopping is awesome?

7. Sizing footwear okay this one, with SPD I can relate to, but, I’ll teach you in another post exactly how to make this not matter anymore.

8. Impulse shopping addiction anyone? Impulse what? I nearly don’t know the words meaning! I’m a control freak, not impulsive!

9. The personal shopper fan. What do you mean I have to make another professional friend?

10. a. Influencing taste/ trends and B. getting glammed up to go!

As for 1. I don’t care.

2. To much effort

11. No shipping!

What do you mean I have to DRIVE?!

Anxiety Summit, second helping

Trudy Scott is hosting her 2nd, FREE, online Summit coming up September 3rd-16 th 2014. She is a food, mood expert, and a nutritionist. She also, has Pyroluria. Certain supplement, and life style choices,  help tremendously those with ASD/ Certain ADHD types (Please see my other post on my other blog to know which types), and all of society.  Especially with sensory issues. Or things surrounding it. Like your mood.  I listened to her entire first Anxiety Summit. Infact, I bought it!  This time, she’s actually lowering the number of speakers, and giving you an additional 24 hrs to hear each set of speakers. Which means every two days or so you will have the option to hear a new set of speakers! One of whom, is Julie Matthew’s, her old boss!  Check it out here!


Synesthesia is a rare sensory issue that very few of us with ASD have. However, along with being a psychology trained Aspie, Wendy Carson. Does. To be, perfectly honest,  Out of all the sensory issues one may have, this is the one I know the least about. So, after I heard this on this utube video, I was relieved someone with it actually could describe it to you, better then I.  So, if you wish to learn more, click here.  Seeing the World Differently: an Asperger’s Experience Cause, I certainly don’t have this! Thank goodness! 

It’s Domestic Violence month updated

  And if your a women on the spectrum you know how vulnerable we can be. Don’t we? I wanted to share this since this is the reality of the month and that I acknowledge it. Unfortunately, I have way to much on my plate right now to address it. But, next year, I promise to try to. When I should have more time to focus on it then.  I want to really give it the proper attention, it unfortunately DOSEN’T deserve?! Lol. Get it?  (Feel free to comment if your an Aspie if you think I should re-word that last part, I won’t be offended, I promise. But, I’ll go with the majority/ my gut instinct too)  But seriously, I haven’t forgotten about us. 

    I hope you all stay safe. I know how hard that can be, trust me on that at least. Okay? 


   Take Care, 


Sensory Overload Experience

       I’ve been encouraged, (And am excited to share this finally with you all!) at least a few times, mainly buy Aspies if not solely buy them – to share this. Every time I remembered to post it I would loose the link and forget how to find it again. Lol.! Can you ADHD’s or Aspies relate to that? Yea, I thought so! Sensory Overload link

     Although, this video displays an experience many of us have and is very real. All Aspies, despite their willingness to admit it.   Experience sensory overload. Understanding this, and that our overloads aren’t always displayed or experienced exactly this way. No matter how there experienced our Sensory Overloads can be just as painful, if not more so. Then this boy is in the video.   

     A sensory overload experience is uncomparable to most NT experience’s. And as shown (sorta). How we cope with it needs to differ too. Even if, how it’s presented, is somewhat differently or via different triggers, then the boy in this video.  

   Buy the way, the video highlights excellently some of our traditional sensory triggers. The thing is, some of us have gained coping mechanisms/skills (ect.) that make these experiences reduced if not diminished, often. I’m not saying these coping mechanisms make the situation great for us, but, there a big help.  This is EXACTLY what I’m writing my Sensory Solutions book, about. 

    This is a GREAT example of content shared with me, to share with the world. If any of you have,  or know of anymore. PLEASE E-MAIL me or have the owner of it due so, at or share it with me with a private message allowing me to post it on Facebook. I can’t promise to share everything or at a specific speed. Especially on the blogs, So, if the speed is required and not obvious please tell me this in your message. However, I’ll certainly respond to ALL your e-mails and keep you up to date, if I post it.  And off course, I’ll appreciate all of your efforts too! 

    Like always, feel free to ask any questions or comments below.  I love reading and replying. I especially like to know what you all LOVE, verse find just okay.

I hope this helps spread awareness/ make you feel less alone.

Sensory Overload, Vimeo Styled video!


Multiple MCS and EI Resources.

First off, I’d share this in my Facebook MCS community. But, I’m not sure how it be received since the admin might see it as competition. 

I have looked at this somewhat already. However, I haven’t joined yet any of there options. Not sure, if I will either. But, it seams like it could be great if you need anything like ANY of what they offer. Even, if it’s more international, MCS friends!.  At the very least you’ll see your community GROWING in awareness and acceptance. That’s always great! Right? 

   There are basically 4 options. 2 of which are paid, and the others are free. They have a thread formatted sharing/ support group, and it seams very large and somewhat active, a magazine, another support group,  a pen pal service, (and I have seen there sample magazine which seamed pretty good in my opinion.)   And a newsletter. Really cool, right!?  They also say they have special coupons and such but, that seams to possibly be only for members living in the UK possibly. Hope, I didn’t miss any of it’s several services!. Anyway, if your interested in checking it out. And you have MCS, or care for/ help someone who does.  Check it out here- Internationally MCS Focused, CLICK HERE

Women’s Gluten Free Summit update

Due to the sheer number of registrants for this event, which seamed unexpected. There system apperently struggled greatly to keep up. Meaning many people had issues listening when they tried to. They apperently got enough support e- mails about it, to allow day 1 to also be available through the Day 2’s time as well. so, till tomorrow your supposed to be able to access both, day 1 and Day 2. And thus far, honestly. The summit seams as much about food sensitivities as it it does, GF, women’s, concerns. Enjoy ! 

Do you know one of the main reason’s for a leaky gut?

If you’ve been hear long enough, you might. But, are you a women, or in love with one? Do you have (Even if only possibly) gluten intolerance or celiac disease? Anyone with Celiac’s, gluten intolerance, or wheat allergy, needs support and a positive community of like minded educated people to have the BEST healthy lifestyle, they can have, to be at there best 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Eliminating gluten, very likely, won’t need to be your only step to achieve your optimum functioning. However, it should be one of your first steps. If you have ADHD, schizophrenia, ASD, pyroluria, or are part of the majority of my readers. And are a women, or supports one who has any of the above. You need to check out this FREE online conference which is hosted buy a best selling, GF author, who is an international speaker on GF, and who even has a GF online school. Her name, is Jennifer Fugo!

“The Women’s Gluten Free” online conference is free, only till September 12th. And literally just started. Every day there are assigned speakers. About 4, each speaker jam packs there advice into 30 minutes. So your guaranteed, to have more time in your day!
Not only that, I even asked her to arrange the “Could Leaky Gut Be the Reason Your Still Sick?” speaker for my reader’s! She chose the title, I chose the topic, and suggested a speaker for it. I also suggested to her, to address some other food sensitivities in her summit! And now she has, with more then 1 speaker! Which you’ll see if you click the below link and sign up. This topic seriously, (Outside of auto-immune disease and GI,) is not addressed enough in free online conferences. Jennifer and I would love to have you! I’ve teamed up with her team for this, as an affiliate. Don’t you want the right advice to be at your best daily? If so, please click here.

Thank you! And see you there!

Foods Getting a Bad Rep. Esp. in the Food Sensitivity Community

  Some of these foods are only getting a bad rep. Within the food sensitivity/ allergy department, / communities While others, aren’t doing well mainly among the general society as ingrediants, foods,/ drinks. However, with so many people now having some form of food allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity now a days. Including a possible chemical/ additive allergy/intolerance. Maybe one day. There won’t be the seperate communities disliking or having issues only with certain drinks, ingrediants, and foods. Right? One can hope. 

Milk wheat corn and soy. Is that it? 

Milk- mainly were talking about dairy cows milk of any percent. 

Most of it’s bad press is only towards the conventional pasteurized version. The organic version doesn’t apply for most of it. And the raw version, even if pasteurized. I know some specialists rave about it. As great. But, I certainly don’t. And yes, I tried it,  in an organic 1 or 2% version.   

   This doesn’t mostly count for the lactose free version either. 

    What do I drink? I drink some (not a lot daily) of the lactose free, organic 1% or 2%. Preferably the 1%.  If I drink the 2% it fills me up to much. Limiting the rest of my meals nutritional variety. And preventing me from having the option of a 2 nd or tops third glass of it daily. And also, preventing my body from getting too use to it. I drink no other type regularly and never drink ANY non organic milk. When I drink the regular organic ( which tastes different to me in a not as an ideal or healthy way) I take FAST ACT lactate pills which are unflavored and over the counter for my lactose intolerance.

    Without the fast act the dairy does give me abnormal reactions like inflammation.  This is the only common, bad press,  that applies to ALL typical dairy. That isn’t casein allergy related. 

     I believe, and it’s kinda been proven too. That a lot of people esp. if children begin with traditional not organic, lactose free, or “all natural” milk.  Although,  the all natural isn’t great either. Esp. With milk. Especially people with ASD, SPD, roscia, and some other similiar diagnosis’s. And then when reactions are seen it’s caused buy the lactose, additives, chemicals, ect.   If they had the right other combo. Like just organic or lactose free and organic. And not too much of it daily. Unless there is a casein allergy, they should be fine. 

    And although, I haven’t seen research to back all of this paragraph up yet, I bet if someone with Roscia with NO, casein allergy, has inflammation from dairy. If they follow the same procedures, I said above. It would diminish, or atleast greatly improve the inflammation issue. And if the inflammation remained it’s probably caused buy other sources. Including the way you wash your skin. NOT just what you put on it. 

 As for soy, honestly. I’d seriously skip it. It’s not good.  For allot of reasons. Which might get atleast one of it’s own posts. Esp. If neurological issues, or roscia is in the picture. 

  Corn, the bad press is about the NON organic version ONLY. So, get it organic! It’s not a lot of $ frozen, in season. Also, if frozen it’s cooked better and off the cob witch can make it cleaner. Plus it’s in season now. So, enjoy! Did I remind you, no shucking required!?  Yea! 

   1 more thing,  the GMO practice, some traditional corn gets is forbidden in the organic practices.    This doesn’t mean you or your loved one with food sensitivities won’t have a sensitivity to the corn. But, it defiantly, makes it a lot less likely. And if purchased fresh or frozen but, served off the cob. The texture maybe better tolerated or may become not even a problem anymore. I never had issues with it’s texture on or off the cob. But, if someone is very texture picky (Or it’s too much of a pain to get stuck corn or accidental shuck out between the teeth.) Again cooked previously frozen, or fresh off the cob, serving methods. Are ideal with ORGANIC, corn.

 Wheat! And the GF debate – 

Hello! GF, is probably the most popular American diet now. I won’t be shocked if it becomes the new most common American Diet eventually. Especially now, with best selling books out, like,  “Wheat Belly.” Have you seen the number of books and cook books on GF, on Amazon!? It’s impressive,  on how many there are! My take, and reality is. Wheat is a mixed bag. Which would take atleast a couple more posts. I understand it’s gluten issues, and other problems. But, I see it’s good too. Not to mention, all of the most popular, GF flour and bread alternatives aren’t great, either. Having a lot of almond and coconut flour is bad. Not too mention the sugars, soy,/ Xantham gum, (ect.) found in most GF convenient sold products. Like GF breads. Oh, and have you seen the other unhealthy ingrediants in most GF products? Or unhealthy in great quantity. Remember, if you have too much of mostly anything it’s bad. But, a lot of rice or some rice products expose you to a lot of arsenic. You really want a lot of rat poison !?  Other problematic ingrediants in tons of GF products are table salt. ( Did you hear, it’s a known toxin!?  It is! ), tons of rice dependance,  sugar, and Xantham gum. That gum will get on here atleast 1 seperate post. Don’t even get me started on unhealthy GF ingrediants. So many of us have toxicity too/ sensory issues with some of the GF ingrediants. 



Special Diet Types

  According to Julie Matthew’s, the world famous nutritionist, for special needs diets, these are the different types of diets one may go on/need. Since she included the raw food diet, I’m not sure why she didn’t include the FODMAPS diet. The raw food diet is probably not any harder than the FODMAPS diet for someone with special needs to go on. I know however why  I wouldn’t usually recommend the FODMAPS or raw food diet for most of us. But, that’s a different topic. 

   She probably didn’t include it in this list of diets ( that is the Elimination Diet)  since 1. One of it’s main goals differ from all the others.  And 2. It’s a discovery diet. See my next post on details for this  particular diet. 

Gluten-free casein free GFCF

Specific Carbohydrate  SCD

Weston A. Price

Low Oxalate

Raw food

Food sensitivities

Feingold/ Phenol 

Body Ecology


Feast Without Yeast


I add 

The Elimination 


Will Walmart Improve Organic prices?

After Whole Foods declared that over half of the edible items in Walmart were/are forbidden in their stores.

And some of Walmart grocery consumers told them if organic was cheaper they’d bye it!  Walmart decided to sell some organic food. 

Now there about too launch new organic options at a 25% discount then other groceries organics. WOW! The brand,  Wild Oats. You can check it out here! And starting this summer,  Wild Oats will launch at many Walmarts across the US. By the end of the year, I read they will try to expand there organic reduced priced selection. However, I couldn’t find what types of foods they’d be adding organically, or what brand it would be. 

From the link below, it sadely seams to not be all foods. However, if you have the time and a Walmart near you,  (I don’t) and Walmart doesn’t dramatize you sensory wise. I highly encourage you to go to your local Walmart once this brand is released. And encourage the manager. Too widen that brands organic selection of food items. Better yet. Get tons of people (people local to you) who would go there if they did expand there range of organics. And make a survey of those who would go there too buy organic foods, at reduced prices. Leaving (Atleast for some of there current groceries) to become walmart shoppers. 

Obviously, if Sensory Issues, make you hate Walmart. You can ignore most of the above.   Too bad they don’t deliver groceries for free. They should. 

Here’s more info on the Walmart change. Is Walmart changing lives soon? click here

If you go to utube you can watch a very brief video on why this could be bad.  Called “Be Skeptical of Walmarts Organic Food” it’s less then 3 minutes in length and on the video page it is also available to read if you prefer it over watching.. 


Why is this relevant to a sensory solutions site? 

Some food preservatives, additives, hormones, and other chemicals aren’t only cancerous, but, cause behavior changes, and increase your bodies inability to deal with incoming sensory input. Through it’s various forms.  

These chemicals are ONLY guaranteed to be out of (Or most of the chemicals) ALL organic foods.



The Importance of Understanding Food Labels

Below you will find a link to an intelligent comic. The comics are created buy Dan Berger. With the ideas and written explanation buy Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger”. For the most part these can be understood by most teens and adult Aspie’s. Along with others. I say Aspies cause jokes and comics aren’t always well understood buy this population,  especially. But, these are different. Partly because, the majority of them have articles beneath them.  Mike Adams is a non-traditional doctor/ health researcher, So, take some of what he says with a grain of salt. I don’t support everything he says. However, this comic, I particularly love and it’s defiantly sensory educational! I hope you like it as much as I do! In the future,  I’ll share a few more of this sites comics. This comic is called “Honest Food Labels!” Possibly, my favorite comic on this site. 


 Natural News

“Could a Widespread Fragrance Ban Happen?”

Thanks to a variety of allergies and issues one may have with scents, fragrances, and chemicals. It seems some public places are starting to try to accommodate us. Until very recently,  I didn’t know that the public banned scents and fragrances anywhere (Except at 2 week long adult Autism conference’s for mainly if not solely only for those with it). Did you know that before now? I think it’s great for those with ASD who are effected buy it (Including myself), SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), ADHD, allergies, and all the other types of sensory issues one may have. In some ways it’s great for those without it too. Due to the toxins and other dangerous additives and ingrediants even those without the issues would otherwise be exposed too. However, we both know, there’s almost no truly fragrance free and unscented products out their. And I’m certain those in those banned areas. Few, if any use the few products I will recommend in my book. Or the ones I don’t, that fit that bill. So, although less fragrance is better then more. I highly doubt, especially with how many benifit from certain aspects of scents. That society will ever be trully fragrance free and unscented. There in nearly everything, and I think there’s no way to be 100% free of them anywhere. Even if everyone did only use the products I know of that fit that bill.  What do you think? These articles consider this, or state places that are now trying to enforce this. Atleast if your in them, and they need too.

Even Canada has something to say about this. I like that this addresses plants and trees too!

Here is what some NT’s think of this last linked article. I’d love to see your comments to this post. Also, scroll down a bit on the below link to get to the better comments.


These aren’t the only links I found addressing this. However, that’s enough articles for 1 post.   Hope you find this useful.