Corn and GF Meds

   Although this is rare. I’m pretty sick, yesterday both on and off anti-nausea meds I threw up 11 times. And the anti nausea meds provided at a clinic, were given through an IV. Yesterday, most of my day was at an urgent care clinic. Which is kinda like a small ER. Without 24 hr service. And isn’t connected to a hospital. This clinic, has a very small bed for all their patients. And off course fluorescent lighting, they just HAD to keep on.  I was so glad my light sensitivity wasn’t significantly effected buy it. 

   Anyway, I have a stomach bug. With added excruciating sharp belly pain which till today, wasn’t given any meds that help that.  That started Friday night. I’ve been in bed most of today.  And pedialyte unflavored is my only drink option, for now. 

    Anyway, I have a rice intolerance, am GF, and have recently developed a corn intolerance. Sadly, Tylenol (which most are GF) aren’t rice or corn free. My mother is trying to get me not care about if foods or meds have any of my intolerances in them. Which off course, isn’t helping. 

   So, since some of us are GF, and corn free. I found this link to find meds we can take. I haven’t checked out her GF Meds link.  But, she has one on this page. 

Meds that are free of gluten and corn

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