Environmental Illness Conference’s

http://lindasepp.wordpress.com/2014/05/12/environmental-sensitivities-day-event-in-montreal. For the one in CANADA happening today. 

Coming up this summer there is one on July 7-10th in Las Vegas, Nevada. This one is an annual conference and isn’t likely in the same location every year.  For this one there are a variety of full scholarships available. The scholarships cover the conference a small spending money stipend. Most don’t seam to cover the hotel, travel expenses, and possibly some spending money.

More info about this international conference can be found here ! http://www.neha2014aec.org/about-ifeh

Around that time they also have a seperate training time block for students in the EI field and it’s surrounding career areas. Sadly, I can’t afford to attend anything like this . Even if on a full scholarship.

Scholarship info can be found here, for this upcoming conference- http://www.neha2014aec.org/2014-aec-scholarships.

A US EI conference in 2009 conference called “Healthy People in a Healthy Environment” in Atlanta Georgia. Done buy. the CDC ( Center of Disease Control) had a count of 1,30O nationally recognized attendees. Wow! To see the type of workshop detail they covered go here. http://www.cdc.gov/nceh/conference/

This one was last year in Mass. In the US. I show you past ones, partly, to help you see that environmental health is a huge and real topic, so, you can see the importance of these problems. And to help you find future ones if you can attend them, and they might apply to you, or those around you. Their are others. But, I highly recommend you look at the details of each before signing up. Not all of them will be at your level of understanding, or cover the exact smaller area within environmental health concerns that you may need to know more about.


I have not yet attended any of these.



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